(Closed) do you let your man see you without makeup??

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  • poll: Do you let your guy see you "sans fards"

    NO WAY!!!

    All the time, he does'nt mind

    Every once in a while...

    Only when I wake up, before I put on my make-up :)

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    Nowadays, I rarely wear make up! I love the feeling of not wearing it! Then when I do wear it, it makes me feel good :]

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    So disagree with you hisgirl, but I DO see your point. I actually brought the same thing you just said up to DH while we were dating once bc a friend of mine said the same thing and he disagreed too.  FWIW you can be all done up with NO makeup. Makeup to me is gross and I, along with many guys I know, find it weird when a girl that wears makeup religously then goes without looks like a whole different person. I almost did not recognize one of my friends one day bc she had no make up and usually is all done up to the nines! I felt bad and sometimes makeup looks some look much older than they are.

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    I am constantly without makeup…waking up, working out, hanging out at home…he prefers me without makeup…says it doesnt enhance my natural beauty lol =)

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    he always sees me without makeup.. but then again we have been living together for over 3 years now.. he has seen me at my worst and still loves me for me

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    In fact, on the rare occasions that we Do get to go out with adults, sans child, and I actually take a few extra minutes to throw on some mascara or something he complains that I bothered putting on the ‘paint.’

    He is staunchly against makeup, in any form. The only thing he’s slightly partial to is lipstick, and even then he often comments on how ‘gaudy’ it looks.

    I’ve never been a huge fan of/competent user of makeup, so it’s easier for me to just go in my skin, and he likes it that way.

    i think it would be silly to ‘never’ let him see me without makeup — it’d be like wearing a mask 24/7, and a pretty difficult shtick to keep up.

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    I actually STOPPED wearing eyeshadow and lipstick and blush and just wear powder and mascara now because my fiance says he thinks I am beautiful “without all that stuff”. I mean, I haven’t been ordered to stop, and when I feel like, I gussy myself, but it’s nice to know that my honey knows natural is how I was born so why all the make up if he thinks I’m beautiful?

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    I wear makeup more than the average girl, but I will be makeupless in front of Fiance. Especially since I got eyelash extensions (best thing EVER!!) I now wear a lot less makeup in general and when we are just hanging around the house won’t put anything on!

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    I rarely wear makeup even though I love the stuff. I have the sort of skin that really doesn’t need foundation, powder etc. I put it on if we are going out to a club or a nice restaurant, or if I am trying to actually look my age but otherwise I don’t bother.

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    He sees me without makeup all the time.  He thinks I”m beautiful either way, which is good b/c I will never give myself enough time in the morning to put on more than sunscreen (I like my sleep too much).  

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    He sees me in the morning without makeup. I usually wear it to bed because of laziness. I take off my eye makeup for martial arts (since it runs), but leave on the coverup and blush.

    He says I look pretty without my makeup, but for me I just always want to look cute and pretty. Or if anyone shows up unexpectedly then I’m presentable. I never lounge around in my PJs and always make a point to look nice even if it is just the two of us home alone.

    To me, dressing nice and putting on makeup says “I care enough about myself to look great all the time. And because I love you I will make the effort to look my best.” I always want to be my FI’s “girlfriend” even when we get married. Being a girlfriend to me means always looking cute, adorable, and being sweet/flirty. That is just me though. My sister walks around in PJs without makeup on all the time and I don’t think less of her. To each their own, right? 🙂

    And while that all sounds high maintenance it takes me all of 10 minutes to do my hair and put on my day makeup. I usually wear coverup, blush, eye shadow, and eye liner with a little loose powder. Foundation never appealed to me and I reserve mascara and lipstick for special occassions.

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    I only wear makeup once a week, if that.  He insists that he likes it that way because it makes it more “special” when I do wear it.  I agree.  Plus, in my office, the cuture isn’t to wear a full face of makeup… so it makes it easier to go natural.

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    Fiance and I went to law school together.  My makeup application was very sporadic in law school.  Some days I would wear it, other days not.  Fiance and I started out as friends, so he saw me without makeup all the time (and still does).  With other guys I have dated- I would wear makeup for the first few weeks while just going out on dates.  After that, not so much.

    Perhaps it is a generational thing.  I have never seen my Future Mother-In-Law without a full face of makeup.  This includes the year she was very ill with cancer and receiving chemo treatments, and also during a week-long beach vacation in the tropics.  She doesn’t wear it too heavy, and I think she would still look great without it… but I think it is just her comfort level.

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    i can’ t believe in 2010 there are women that still think that way. Strange. I’m all for looking and feeling your best. Make up is an enhancement, but to plot that your man should never see without make up is freaking ridiculous to me. Like really? If I was with a man that had the nerve to even suggest that to me, that would be the end of it. My Fiance has witnessed my super caked on makeup days (when I have a function) and my barefaced got a few period pimple dates and states in between. OH WELL. He loves me regardless

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    My Fiance sees me without makeup before I go to bed & when I wake up in the morning… but during the day, I’ve got a full face of makeup on.

    With that being said… my Fiance also saw me hugging the toilet, sobbing and heaving, after getting a wicked case of the flu last summer. (10lbs lost in one day… I was hoping for the sweet release of death at that point) After that, I’m sure I always look like a beauty queen with or without makeup. lol

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    I used to wear stage makeup when I was dancing and it kind of ruined the allure so I rarely wear any these days. I wear a bit for events but skip the lipstick as my guy hates it – thank goodness for tinted lip balms!

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