(Closed) Do you let your pets on the counter/table?

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@pengoala:  haha “like”

i have to admit, i am guilty of this.  i do draw the line at letting my cats eat off my plate though. they get swapped away if they even attempt to put their noses in my plate.  And if i am in the midst of cooking/prepping food on the counter, i obviously don’t let them up there then. 

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Guilty.  I do tell him to get off and shoo him away but it never seems to deter him from getting right back up there.

This is my baby Vincent.

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Our cats aren’t allowed on the counter and don’t go up there. When they were kittens and tried it they got chased off and now they don’t go up there anymore. I do wash the counters off really good before cooking just in case though. Our kitchen table that we don’t eat at EVER is a different story though. They use it as a step to the half wall/ledge thats beside it because thats where they sleep all the time…jump up onto chair, jump up onto table, jump up to ledge.

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I have siamese too! …2 of them. We have tried and tried to get them to stay off the kitchen table but I finally gave up. We did succeed in keeping them off the counters though (at least while we are home).

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Well, I dont cause my dog is 85 lbs.  But he’s not allowed on furniture or the bed either for the same reason.  I’m a clean freak, I dont wear my shoes around the house or ever sit in the bed in street clothes.. so a pets feet is not allowed all over either.

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Homegirl pretty much goes where she wants except not the kitchen counters.

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My cats do jump up on the counters… Yes I run them off… Yes I have tried to train them not to… No it has not worked… I clean it and move on… No big deal…

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I shoo her everytime she goes on the counter. She just does it. I am working on training her!

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My first thought to this question is that they let themselves on the counter and tables. No matter how many times we say “no” and “bad” they do it.

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My sister and her boyfriend have two cats. The oldest one, Luci is the only one that would ever go on the counter or table (and get in trouble if caught). The younger one, Steve, doesn’t really care for people food, and the only “table” she ever goes up on is the one for the laundry (which is actually allowed).

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I just don’t get cats…How is it okay to “try” to train them but they just don’t listen, so you let them do whatever they want because they’re “just so cute.” My dog is gorgeous, but if she sticks her nose on the counter where it doesn’t belong, she gets popped on it. Believe it didn’t take her long to learn what she should and shouldn’t do. Having an animal walk around on your kitchen counters is gross.

ETA: Tone was probably harsher than I meant it to sound.

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No.  They know they’re not supposed to be up there, but they go anyway.  Then they jump down and run away when we come to move them or squirt them with the water bottle.  

I’ve taken to running and yelling obnoxiously, hoping that the ensuing loud noise that follows will help.  I don’t think it’s going to.

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Busy bee

Ew, no. My rabbits can’t get up there anyway, but if they could…no.

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Since when do cats need to be “let” to do anything? LOL 

I never allowed our dog on the counters or tables, but you just can’t train a cat in the same way.  I sternly say “NO” in my intimidating voice when I catch my cat where she is not supposed to be, and sometimes that is enough to get her down.  Sometimes I have to actually get up and move her.  But I can’t do much when she is at home alone, and cleaning counters quickly before use is normal practice anyways. 

Also, cats are CLEAN animals.  They bathe themselves meticulously.  Every time my kitty goes in her box, she spend 10+ minutes cleaning off her paws and then the rest of her fur.  She is more hygenic than many people that work in my office building lol.

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@star_dust:  You have a cutie. 🙂


I havent let any of my pets up there. But once in awhile they have snuck up there.

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