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    So you had a bad time especially because you couldn’t eat gluten and you expect that others who can should have hated Europe too?

    FYI, Netherlands != Europe. Also, most people who adore travelling love being out of their comfort zones.

    I’m from Asia, and because he visited me there a couple times, Darling Husband has fallen in love with the cultures and so we’ve been making a lot of trips to the continent. I’m up for anywhere though, I want to travel the world.

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    I’m the type of traveler that loves to try new things and adapts very easy to other cultures. If I had an unlimited budget I would go in every place there is to go and live there for a couple of months. 

    FH and I went to a mini vacation last year to my hometown in Eastern Europe and he friggin loved it

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    @Pinkmoon:  I am a lazy traveller. I wouldn’t want to trek around Europe either, and you are right, I have never met anyone else who feels the same. We love to go to the Caribbean and have vacations that are all about relaxing, sex, and trying new things together (yay scuba diving and parasailing). We just like to unwind, unplug, and be together in a beautiful, picturesque setting.

    Having said that, we are Russian so we do go to Russia to see family at least once a year. I still feel this falls under my lazy traveller category because I get to stay with family, have them cook, take us places, and have a true vacation as we define it. They always spoil us when we go because they don’t see us as often as they’d like to.

    Other than the Caribbean, we like Australia, Hawaii, and anywhere else with a nice beach and Western feel. Call me unadventurous, but I don’t like stepping too far outside of my comfort zone. For example, I love animals so a safari in Africa sounds so cool…but I’d be scared out of my flipping mind to actually go through with it.

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    @Pinkmoon:  I have an intense fear of flying- but I love to travel so I suck it up and pray the whole time we are in the air that I make it safely on ground again!

    I have been all over the US, been to Europe twice, Mexico/ Carrib several times– and will be going to the BVI, Puerto Rico and a few other islands later on this year for a family cruise.

    Darling Husband and I really want to go to Ireland and Boston sometime in the next year– so hopefully that will happen.

    I feel like I live in one of the best parts of the US that people enjoy travelling to, so I like weekend staycations and visiting nearby cities/areas if I am feeling like I want to see something new. However; nothing beats being home after a long day of travel!

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    @strawbs:  Good point. I think true traveling and vacations are very different. I like vacations, lol. We also like mini vacations, such as weekends away to hike, swim, boat, golf, fish, etc. They are all destinations we can realistically drive to and still enjoy the weekend (hopefully long weekend).

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    I loooove locations that have a mixture of adventure, culture and relaxation. I love South East Asia. The cuisine. The culture (they have TREES that are older than the United States!). I also love that other countries are a hop, skip, and a jump away.

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    @Mrs_Amanda:  +1, also terrified of flying. I hate, hate, and dread that part of the whole experience.

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    I love travelling!  Which I was loaded so I could do more of it.  I like to do adventurous stuff for a couple days (snorkel/dive, hike/backpack, jeep tours, boating, etc) and then veg the eff out for a couple days.

    I’ve been to Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina – Spain, Portugal – Thailand, Laos.  Would love to go back to Thailand and to Vietnam next!

    @BlushingBrideNYC:  I agree, SE Asia is my alltime favorite so far!!!


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    I used to love traveling. And I would like to love to again… but honestly I sort of don’t. 

    A few years ago I LOVED traveling. I’d go on vacation any chance I got. In the U.S., beaches, Mexico, Europe. The idea of it thrilled me and I always had a fabulous time and even sleeping in hostels and missing planes and having to take buses around Europe did nothing to dissuade me from this love. 

    Now? I sort of never want to go anywhere ever again. Which is so weird for me. I never used to understand how anyone could NOT like to travel. But I think it is a combination of just really liking my home life and also having responsibilities at home. First of all, I used to live in shitty apartments. Now I live in a nice house that I would rather sleep in than any fancy hotel. Also I have a cat that has an autoimmune disease and stress (like us being gone) can bring on attacks. We’ve almost lost him twice so now the idea of going anywhere immediately makes me feel like: Is it worth risking his life for? Which takes the fun out of it.

    Also– I didn’t use to have much else to spend my money on. Any money I had went to traveling. Now I have a house and things I’d like to do to that house and a savings account and I really like all of those things. We are kicking around the idea of going to Europe next summer and its so hard to not think like: Would I rather have 2 week trip to Europe or hire someone to fence in our back yard and build us an amazing patio that we can enjoy every 3 seasons/year? 

    So yea, it is something I struggle with now. i see the value in travel. And I want to WANT to do it. I just sort of don’t actually want to. 

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    @Pinkmoon:  It is a shame that you would swear off of Europe because you didn’t love one part of Europe. There is such diversity between countries there that it’s hard to paint the whole continent with one brush. You might love Ireland or France or Spain or Italy or Hungary, even though you hated Holland, they are all very different. I noticed you are from Canada. Saying you don’t like all of Europe because you didn’t love Holland, is equivalent to saying you don’t like all of Canada because you went to NFLD and everyone there drank too much and ate cod and kissed fish and you thought it was freaky, or saying you don’t like Canada because you visited Saskatchewan and you hate Canada because it is so flat (when you could have gone to BC and experienced the mountains if that is what you are into).

    Ultimately travel for me is about two things 1) relaxation or 2) opening myself up to new experiences. I like both types of travel and generally do both one type of trip per year, with the relaxation trip in the winter (to get away from the snow) and the culture trip in the summer or fall. I could never give up either because I feel like I have become the person I am by trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone, and experiencing all that the world (and life) has to offer.

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    I’m a traveler, and so is my husband. It’s one of the biggest hings we have in common. We’ve been to eight countries– and have returned to a few 3-4 times–but I haven’t made it to Mexico or Canada yet. We’re going on my first beach vacation to Cabo in two weeks! We went to France and Italy on our honeymoon. Those are our respectivr favorire countries. I’ve also been to about half of the U.S.

    I grew up traveling around the U.S. with my family, and my first time out of the country was when I was 18, to visit Israel with my grandma. I studied abroad in France and loved it. My husband hasn’t been to as many places in the U.S., but his grandpa took him all over Europe. He studied abroad in Italy. Both of my husband’s siblings have lived abroad at points in their lives–his brother lived in Australia and once married lived in South Korea, and his sister married a british guy and they only recently moved back from England. Both of us have made friends from other countries and it gives us an excuse to visit. 🙂 We both value experiencing other cultures, seeing what is out there and travel really is one of our main budget points. We collect miles, stay with friends and really save to go on trips to other places as much as we can. We both work for ourselves/flexible bosses, so we can work from anywhere over the last two years, and that’s made a difference too–but even when we both had 9-5 jobs, we’d save our vacation time to go abroad.

    We have a lot of other places we want to visit. We’re having a baby in November, but we’ve already planned one abroad trip for next year. I know my Mother-In-Law would love to come with us, we could leave our baby with her and Father-In-Law, or we’ll just bring him! We’ve got a lot of friends that have babies and travel internationally. AND… there are lots of cool places to visit in the U.S.!


    I think if everyone that loved to travel only loved Europe, that would suck. it would be really overcrowded! There are lots of other places to go. 🙂 It’s my favorite, but I had a really good experience there. If you go somewhere new, do your research–find out how that country works, the culture, the food… that way you won’t be caught off guard.

    ETA – my new SIL feels the same way you do about Europe, except she’s never been. She’s been to Antigua… and that’s it. She likes going to the river, and going to the beach. For her though, she could care less if she ever left the country. Which is a shame because my brother is in the military, loves to travel abroad and he was excited about getting stationed abroad… but she has no intention of ever moving with him anywhere away from her home town. It’s a shame. They’re newlyweds… I hope they figure that one out.



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    I have been to 22 countries and 5 continents. I love to travel and am pretty willing to go anywhere (except places that are dangerous. I don’t really want to go to Egypt right now). 

    I’ve done the beach vacations, but I get bored on those quickly (and I am a ghost so me and days and days of sun don’t mix). My mom likes adventure vacations so we’ve done the Galápagos Islands and the Amazon. I did a China trip in grad school for a month – getting used to the food was a bit interesting (fish eyes???) but it was such a great experience! Fiance hates the beach (he’s even paler than me. I didn’t know that was possible) but he loves Europe – the architecture, the food, etc.


    depending on what kind of travel I want, I go with different people 🙂 


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