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Blushing bee
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What do you do? I’m a forensic analyst for the New York City police department. 

How did you get into it? I studied forensic science and chemistry in college and always had an interest in law. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation? Of course some days are stressful, but for the most part I love my job! 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? My biggest recommendation is to study chemistry. A chemistry degree can be used in soooo many fields!! Also, forensics is NOTHING like you see on tv. lol 

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be? I would have loved to open up my own pastry shop. Maybe someday when I retire 🙂 

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Busy Beekeeper
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What do you do? I’m a Civil Enginer, currently working on road designs and drainage.

How did you get into it? I started off college with the plan of being a pharmacist, however, I HATED organic chemistry. My advisor pointed out that I took calculus and physics classes and my extra gen eds and suggested I look into engineering.

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation? It’s not something I would do if I hit the jackpot this week but I like it. My company is fantastic, benefits are great and the pay is pretty decent.

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? Interships and co-ops!!! I switched into engineering a bit late and then was stupid about looking at internships during the summer (I liked my cozy lab jobs). It took me a bit longer than others to find a job due to my inexperience. 

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be? I saw a dog walker the other day and found myself really wishing I could do something with animals. I don’t think I would want to be a vet so maybe an animal trainer who also cares for/walks dogs? That sounds just about perfect!

I’m so sorry to hear you hate your job. I have been there and had Sundays in the past where I was in tears because I just didn’t want to go back. Have you been looking at other jobs?

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Helper bee
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Excited To Bee:  So funny that you mention running away to a tropical place to “find yourself”. My Fiance are currently watching Caribbean Life on HGTV and were just discussing why don’t we just run away and live on an island for the rest of our lives?! Maybe someday… 

I work at as a legal assistant for a small law firm. I got into because I started as the receptionist, then when a position opened up for a legal assistant my boss offered me the job and I jumped at it. I don’t HATE my job, but it definitely isn’t my dream job. It can get repetitive and boring at times, and sometimes I don’t feel like I’m not working to full potential and feel like I could be do so much more. If I could open up my own business I would open up a no-kill animal shelter, I love animals!

What would you do if you owned your own business? 

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Bumble bee

What do you do?  I’m a mental health therapist

How did you get into it?  I have a background in social work, homeless youth case management, and chemical dependency treatment

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation?  I love it, I wanted to get out of case management soooo badly, it was like the same type of work but with no boundaries and unrealistic expecations.  Now I do the work I love, but people respect my boundaries, to some extent.

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field?  You need a masters, and my advice is to get a clinical internship during your grad program, I did not and spent 2 years post grad trying to find an externship that would give me the clinical experience for entry level therapy.

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be?

Private practice- specialty DBT and adolescents


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Bumble bee
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I’m a research analyst. Focus is on health research. (I do a lot of data mining, prepare data for sending to national cohorts, and present the limitations and capabilities of the data on file for study feasibility.)

I got into this field by climbing a ladder. I was a sample lady and cashier while going to school for an AS in Web Development. I used my experience working independently at my sample job to get an office job at a small business shipping orders, taking phone calls, and managing stock. I used my experience there to get a an office job at a big insurance company. They paid for part of my schooling to get a BS in management information systems. Once I graduated, I got a job at a health insurance company developing customer reports and researching data anomolies. It sucked to develop reports used to find ways to rip people off, so I found my current job.

I love my job. It’s great using my skills in a way that impacts lives.

Had it not been for my work experience, I would have had a hard time landing this job. I think somebody looking for a job in health research analytics should have a masters degree and experience in computer programming. Ideally, their major should have been in biostatistics or something health and informative related.

I would open a small coffee shop if I had my own business. 🙂

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Busy bee
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What do you do?     I am a scratch baker at wegman

How did you get into it?    4 years ago I applied to wegmans because I wasn’t ready for college and needed a job. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation?    theres always rough days but overall I love what I do. I make good money, I have benefits, and it’s a fun job. 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field?    Just apply online lmao 

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be?     A bakery! I loveeeee everything about sweets 


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Blushing bee
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What do you do? Preschool teacher 

How did you get into it? I majored in English in college. To make money in school, I taught swim classes to young kids, and one of the parents mentioned I should serioulsy consider being a teacher. It never occured to me before then, so I first started working in an early childhood center and then eventually got the connections I needed to work at a private school in boston. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation? Love love love. The kids are so sweet. the schedule is amazing- 8-3:30 mon-friday. Of course with young children there are various challenges, mostly behavioural and it can be downright tiring. I have to say though, i’ll take a sassy three year old over a sassy adult any day. I do get paid summers off and all school vacations, I feel I have a very good work/life balance. 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? Either pursue an education masters degree or find out how to start in a private school, often you can be grandfathered in first

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be? I’d open a non profit school for kids with sensory processing issues who don’t qualify for special education resources in a public school, in a nut shell. 


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Helper bee
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Excited To Bee:  

What do you do? I’m an industrial hygienist (short video summing up what I do: http://abih.org/what-is-a-cih-video)

How did you get into it? By accident, actually (and literally). I studied microbiology in undergrad, was involved in a minor lab accident (small volume acid spill) and met the industrial hygienists at my workplace. Hated working in the lab, thought what they did was cool. Ended up getting a masters in industrial hygiene.

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation? Some days I dread going in (I’m in consulting and some of my projects are…stressful), but most of the time I enjoy it. I can definitely do this for the rest of my life.

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? If you can find an internship or shadowing opportunity, definitely go that route first. My company takes on two interns each semester and two in the summer. Experience is the best way to know if you’d like doing this job, especially in consulting where you’re doing something different every day.

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be? Maybe not open a business, but if I could be a paid twitch streamer or something along those lines, that might be fun. 


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Buzzing bee

What do you do?    I work in a costume shop, am a project lead sometimes and help with administrative dutes. 

How did you get into it?  I went to college for technical theatre, traveled the country after graduation working at various theaters stitching and doing wardrobe (ie helping actors with quick changes during the show and doing laundry). When my husband and I moved to our current city almost 3 years ago I applied for a job ad on craigslist. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation?   Both? There are portions I enjoy, but the owner runs it like a hobby instead of a business so its not very stable. It could be a dream job/company but I am constantly worried about whether or not I am gonna get paid. 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? Sew a lot, take internships. A degree is nice but not required. If you do get hired, be open to criticisms, being told how they want you to sew something. There are many ways to do one task, but you have to do it the way your current employer wants you to, not necessarily how you would do it at home. This sounds obvious, but we have constant issues with this. How people sew at home takes longer, and we end up not making as much of or any profit due to too many labor hours being put into a project. 

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be? I’ve thought about selling baked goods or spice blends but don’t wannt deal with the food laws. Lol. I’d love to be able to make a living replicating amazing costumes from cool video games (Assassins Creed), movies or tv. Better yet, i’d love a business where I get paid to watch tv on my couch or sit next to a pool sipping a daquiri surrounded by a herd of kittens (totally taken from another thread recently and I love this idea!) 



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Busy bee
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I am a mental health therapist.

I was working in youth ministry and found that just wasn’t the right fit. Several different pieces came together pointing me towards counseling including a recognition that listening is a gift of mine.

I love it!

For someone wanting to go into counseling, I would recommend researching counseling and social work to see which would be a better fit. Also, do not rush through your graduate program. There is a level of self reflection that other fields don’t have that can’t be rushed.

I would like to soneday do some counseling in churches on the side. I love what I do, but sometimes I feel like there is a spirituality piece that I am not always able to address with clients in a secular setting.

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Bumble bee

I’l play!

What do I do?~ I’m a school psychologist

How did I get into it? ~ Well, I started out with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, then got a MS in Counseling, then got another master’s in school psychology. I did some research and found out that there were lots of anticipated vacancies in the profession, so when I graduated neither myself of my fellow students had any difficulty finding work.

Do I love it?~ most days, I really really like it. Like the kids and families I work with, love the staff at my school, my principal is no less than amazing. Not everyone has it as good as I do, so I consider myself very fortunate. that said, my caseload is very high and it isn’t always easy to get everything done, so I work some long hours!… but working in the school system means more vacatin time than many other people, so I can’t complain.

Recommendations for others?~ There  are lots of jobs available for school psychologists so you will be in an in demand profession. I had multiple offers when I graduated so that was awesome.

If I was to open a business? ~ surprisingly, I like everything to do with weddings 🙂 so I think I would look at being a wedding planner.

Mrs. Bullwinkle- I am so sad to hear that forensics is nothing like you see on TV! I love the idea of being a forensic analyst…. although my vision of what the job actually is is probably based on the plethora of hours I spent watching Dexter! LOL!!!



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Bee Keeper
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What do you do? I’m a probation officer. 

How did you get into it? I did my internship as a school based juvenile probation officer in the inner city and loved it. We moved after graduation last year for FI’s job and this was the only job I could find in my field. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation? It is literally taking every single thing in me not to walk in on Wednesday and put in my two weeks. We leave for Hawaii on Friday for our wedding and I do not want to come back. I have a pretty good relationship with many of my probationers, but with a case load of over 250, there are a ton of idiots. I also work with a bunch of negative, toxic, assholes. I actually plan on quitting in a couple of months to become a substitute teacher and start working on my master’s in school counseling. I’m glad to see there’s a couple of those on this board and love it! 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field? DON’T DO IT!!!!

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be?

 I would open up a clothing boutique. We just bought a house, but we won’t be here forever. Me and Fiance actually looked in to starting one, but we know we won’t be here in 5 years so there’s no point right now. 

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Sugar bee
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What do you do?

I work in student services at various colleges. Over the years, I have worked for Disabled Student Services, Extended Opportunity Program (for economically and educationally disadventaged students), and the Tutorial Center. 

How did you get into it?

I fell through the cracks as a high school student due to having an undiagnosed learning disability. In community college, my LD was instantly recognized, I was referred to the services I needed, and ended up graduating at the top of my class both in community college and in the four-year program I attended afterwards. It was such a huge boost to my self-esteem that I decided to pay it forward and return to help other students. 

Do you love it, or dream of sending in your resignation?

I love what I do and the students I serve, but whether or not I dream of sending in my resignation depends on my team. In the best of my positions, my team was lovely, respectful, and worked well together, with the exception of That One Asshole ™, who we did our best to deal with. I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks after I got laid off in the recession because I was so devastated, and I still think of that position as the best one I ever had. In the worst, my team bickered, stepped on each others’ toes, tattled on each other over stupid infractions that didn’t matter, and underminded each others’ work while our manager acted like Cool Mom from Mean Girls and turned a blind eye to it all. Was so relieved when I had the opportunity to resign from that one. 

Any recommendations for someone looking to get in your field?

It helps if you’ve attended the type of college you’d like to work at (for example, I attended a community college and a private Catholic school, so it’s very hard for me to get an interview at a large public university). 

Know that if you apply for a State position, the interviewing process is very different from the corporate world and you will be answering standardized questions in front of a panel of several people rather than having an organic conversation about who you are and what you have to offer the organization. Be prepared to say as much as you can about each question, but stay on-topic, the hiring committee hates it when you ramble! Also, your committee values honesty more than “selling yourself”, so if they ask you to describe a skill or an experience you lack, just tell the truth. 

There is a high chance that you will be asked to demonstrate your skills with a test. Be prepared for that. 

For fun, if you could open a business (anything your heart desires) what would it be?

I would open a no-kill cat rescue/adoption agency like Cat House on the Kings. I love cats!


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