(Closed) Do you love or hate your in-law’s??

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  • Wedding: January 2012

@macbookbee123: I Love mine too!  I think that no matter what happens if you love your hubby you will work it out and TRY to ignore the negative…it can be hard but it’s worth a dramafree future =)

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Bumble bee
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My in-laws treat me better than my own family does. It’s not that my sisters are mean to me, it’s just that my FSIL’s are soooo nice. I wanna say they are nicer. They are really happy thier bro/son is getting married, they really accept me. Even his cousins really include me in everything too. My son got a ton of gifts from family members we havent even MET yet and ones that we’ve only met once or twice. Love his family!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: April 2013

I LOVE them! They’re so fun, we have a ton in common, and they get along great with my family as well. No complaints about mine 🙂 

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Honey bee
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One side is so great. I honestly enjoy them as much as my own family. The other side things are pretty tense. My mother in law can be a very hurtful person and has done things in the past that really hurt DH. So I am 50/50.

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Sugar bee

I absolutely ADORE mine! It didn’t start out that way – I never disliked them outright, but his mom was VERY iffy when we started dating because Fiance is her baby and she wasn’t ready to let go. She was of course cordial to me, but never very friendly and definitely didn’t support the relationship the way, say, people in my family did throughout the years.

A family tragedy is actually what started the turnaround. FI’s father sadly passed away very suddenly 2 years ago, and I think my support of him and his family during that time showed her I was for real. She softened toward me after that, and in the years since we’ve grown to be fond of one another. Looking back, I know that I didn’t help the situation much in the beginning because I was very shy and barely spoke to her or FI’s dad (the latter part I will always regret – he died in September of the year I was supposed to come home with Fiance for Thanksgiving for the first time). Not much to base an impression on!

The rest of his family and I have always gotten on VERY well, and I just feel so blessed because they are the kind of family I always wanted growing up. I’m so happy to know my children will have them as great-aunts, grandparents, uncles, etc.

It makes me sad when I hear that people don’t get along with their FI’s family (or vice versa). But I know you can’t choose your family, and often you end up nothing like your family. Fiance tolerates my family, for sure, but he doesn’t like many of them and I can’t really say I blame him.

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Bumble bee
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I love my in-laws. Future Mother-In-Law is really nice and protective of me, she even brags in front of her sister about the nice and responsible girl I am. Future Father-In-Law is great, he’s fun and esay going and has a great relationship with Fiance, they’re very alike so everytime I see Future Father-In-Law I see a part of my Fiance (a good one), how can I not like him?


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Sugar bee
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I think I’m in the minority when I say I’m in the “grey” area. Fiance doesn’t have a super close relationship with his family so things have been pretty easy on me.  

A little off topic but I nearly cried a few days ago when Fiance told me he loved my family. <3

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

I love mine!! They felt like family from the very begining….and they treat me and DD the same way!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: November 2011

Love! I have two families now. <3 There is good and bad, like any family, but it’s mostly good and I love them.

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Sugar Beekeeper
  • Wedding: October 2011

I love my in laws. My Mother-In-Law and I are very close. She always tells me how I’m the daughter she never had. My Father-In-Law is a man of few words but he’s a great guy who would do anything for us. I definitely lucked out in the IL department. Some of friends have the IL’s from hell and I know how shitty it can be.

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  • Wedding: May 2013

I have always loved my future in-laws as people—they’re a warm, accepting, and supportive family, which admittedly contrasts somewhat with my disfunctional relationship with my parents. And they make it obvious where my fiance inhereited his amazing sense of humor! I will say that the only time I’ve ever been really irritated with my Future Mother-In-Law was wedding-related…I was asking her advice about something early in our engagement and she (I think teasingly) started warning me not to be a Bridezilla. Just seemed like a strange comment in the context of my asking her option, which as I understand it is the polar opposite of “Bridezilla” behavior.

I do feel resentful about the cost breakdown of the wedding, but I’m trying not to let that affect my relationship with his family. We’re not doing it “traditionally” in that my parents are not paying for the whole thing—they gave me a very modest sum to contribute to the wedding. My fiance’s parents, however, are really clinging to tradition in paying for the rehearsal dinner, and making a BIG deal about how generous that is. It would make sense if we were financing it traditionally, but we’re not…I honestly couldn’t care less about the rehearsal dinner and would much rather have family over to my house for pizza instead, and use the money his parents were going to spend on something I actually want, like a nice photographer. I think they should pay for our honeymoon, or at least have asked our opinions about what mattered most to us.

Oh well! I know I’m incredibly lucky compared to some of the folks whose stories I have read on the Bee….

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Sugar Beekeeper

My future in-laws come from a completely different point of view in life and so often they don’t get me, my priorities, desires/hopes/dreams etc. This has made relating to them and building a relationship somewhat difficult over the years and they have blatantly favored my FI’s SIL as she is more like them.

However, I do like them and they are good people so really I cannot complain. It just takes a bit more effort on our parts.

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I love mine! my Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law are fantastic people! = )

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