(Closed) Do you mind people touching your bump?

posted 7 years ago in Pregnancy
  • poll: My bump is...

    there for anyone who wants to touch it (no asking needed!)

    available for touching but please ask first

    only for family members and extremely close friends

    for my husband and children only

    for no one but me


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    @FromA2B2013:  i’m due in 4 weeks and have only had ONE stranger touch me, and we were at a party and she was super friendly and I didn’t feel weird about it at all.

    I LOVE people touching and sending their good vibes to my baby, and like I said, everyone has asked. 🙂

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    Not yet pregnant but definitely trying! I wouldn’t mind, as long as you ask first. The baby and I would welcome all the love and good vibes 🙂


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    I can’t fathom why in the world people think it is acceptable to touch a pregnant woman’s belly without asking, especially if she’s a complete stranger!  I wasn’t comfortable touching SIL’s and she put my hand on it in the first place so I could feel the baby move.


    This is definitely one aspect of pregnancy I’m not looking forward to. I envision myself buying a shirt like @LittleRedOwl posted and being snarky to strangers who think its ok to molest my belly simply because I’m gestating a human being. 


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    I’ve only touched 2 pregnant bellies, ever (that I can remember), and both of those times it was prompted by the mother-to-be (good friends of mine). I LOVE babies and am fascinated by pregnancy, but touching the bump was really weird for me…it felt all tight and stretchy and just very personal. I honestly can’t imagine ever asking to touch someone’s bump except mayyybe my sisters-in-law when they’re pregnant, let alone touching without asking! I’m not a big hugger or touchy-feely in general though, except with DH. 

    When I’m pregnant (in the future), I would think it was sweet for DH to touch my belly and probably wouldn’t mind my family or really close friends doing it. If they got too handsy I wouldn’t like it but an occasional touch would be ok I guess. If a random person touched me I think it would really weird me out and I would have some kind of involutary reaction (like moving away or saying “what are you doing?”) haha. 

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    @FromA2B2013:  I haven’t got a lot of it actually but I don’t really mind. I kind of like it.

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    I don’t have a bump yet, but I will *totally* be reaching over and touching the belly of anyone who tries to touch without asking… muah hah ha… I can’t wait to see their reaction!

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    I do mind an awful lot but I’m too scared of offending people to say anything. It makes me really uncomfortable and I have no idea why people think it’s okay to just touch my belly without asking! Particularly when he’s not moving at the time. I know his patterns pretty well by now so I know when he’s absolutely not going to kick.

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    @Cory_loves_this_girl:  +1. I’m not pregnant yet either but I know when the times comes, I’ll feel the same way. People are doing it with the best of intentions and mean it in a kind way!

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    Omg! I’m the lady who wants to touch the belly…..but then quickly realized at about 16 weeks that I hate people touching my belly! Oh no!

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    @FromA2B2013:  web I was pregnant people would literally just come up and GRAB my belly. Like back the hell up!!!!! I hate that, I don’t even ask to touch people’s bellys.

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    @FromA2B2013:  with these haywire hormones it honestly depends on my mood

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    I am 15 weeks pregnant and have now had 2 people touch my stomach.  The first I was furious about.  It was a middle aged female neighbour who is a friend of my husband.  I was 7 weeks pregnant and she went in for a hug (I allow her to politely hug me from time to time but don’t like it).  As she is hugging me she DROPPED HER HAND and grabbed me on the lower abdomen.  I am petite and at that time, still had a completely flat stomach.  


    I was so gobsmacked I didn’t say anything at the time but got the hell out of there. I’ve kept a good few feet away from her each time we’ve spoken since.

    The 2nd person was my grandma, which I did expect  since she has no personal boundaries.  We were sitting at a cafe opposite my parents and she reaches over and started slapping my (tiny) belly affectionately but very firmly.  I didn’t move away but just said straight to her “If you keep doing that, I’m likely to throw up on you, I still have morning sickness.” She was annoyed with me but I just said I couldn’t help it if I was nauseus and she got over it.

    I still can’t believe how some people are desperate to touch my belly.  I have never touched anyone’s belly or even asked to, except my own sister, once or twice (she has 3 children).  Each time I asked first.

    Even more interesting than people being desperate to touch your belly, the fact that they are offended if you refuse or recoil.  The sense of entitlement is amazing.

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    I’m in an unusual situation because I do alterations out of my home so I have new strangers (all of them female, mostly brides) coming into my house everyday.  And since by the time I’m done pinning them, we’re not really strangers anymore, I wonder if at some point I’ll start getting my bump touched (hasn’t happened yet).  If they do touch the bump, I’ll have to just let them do it, otherwise I might seem rude and I don’t want to offend my own customers!! 

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    I thought itd really bother me but it actually didnt. It was only people i knew though, no strangers tried to touch it

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    I hated it and would step out of the way if I saw hands coming my way. But if people that I knew asked, I let them because I felt rude saying no… I still felt so awkward and hated it though.

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