(Closed) Do you need a washing machine to have a baby?

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  • poll: How important is an in-home washer/dryer to having a baby/child?
    I have a baby, I have a W/D, and it is essential. : (25 votes)
    23 %
    I have a baby, I have a W/D, and it is NOT essential. : (4 votes)
    4 %
    I have a baby, I do NOT have a W/D, and I wish I did. : (1 votes)
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    I have a baby, I do NOT have a W/D, and I don't mind it. : (2 votes)
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    I do not have a baby but I think an in-home W/D is essential. : (61 votes)
    56 %
    I do not have a baby but I do NOT think an in-home W/D is essential. : (14 votes)
    13 %
    Other (please explain). : (1 votes)
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    I don’t have a baby, but my thoughts are that it would be feasible to not have an in-home unit if there were units in the building. I know many people who lived in the apartment complex where I live now when they had one or two babies, and our apartment buildings have units in the building. My building has two available on each floor. I think it can get tricky to go to a laundromat. But hopefully some bees will chime in with their experiences, since I’m speaking from other people’s experiences. 

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    I don’t have a baby but my sister lives in Manhattan and pays what she considers a reason price to have her clothes washed and folded for her. They come and pick it up and drop it back off all nice and folded…if you have the income, it might be helpful in those first fews months where outfits are changed hourly!

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    When my fiance and I were looking to buy a W/D last year, I saw several good reviews for compact washing machines that people used to wash loads of baby clothes. They’re small, cheap, and don’t require a W/D hookup.

    Like this: http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?productId=202665764&storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&ci_sku=202665764&ci_kw=%7bkeyword%7d&kwd=%7bkeyword%7d&cm_mmc=shopping-_-googleads-_-pla-_-202665764&ci_gpa=pla#.UCMa2E1lT2Q

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    Ok let me start off by saying I don’t have a kid but I was 7 when my little sister was born. Don’t babies spit up, pee, poop, and get food on everything? I’m pretty sure my mom did laundry almost every day when my sister was a baby. And it would be a pain in the butt to have to drive to the laundromat to wash a few things that the baby got dirty each day (or every few days). I guess its probably doable, but I hate going to the laundromat so maybe I’m exaggerating how gross babies are. (I do like babies I just think they’re messy.)

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    A washer/dryer is a must. With an infant you are constantly doing washing.  I wash more clothes now then I did before we had munchkin

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    Absolutely not, but I imagine life is easier that way. My mother did not have a unit in the house when my sisters and I were growing up.

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    It certainly makes it easier…

    We had our first baby mid-1980s, after shortly moving from an apartment with a Communal Laundry Room to a townhouse where we were able to have our own Washer & Dryer (so we bought brand new appliances)

    Having a Washer & Dryer in our place was 100% easier than I imagine it would be elsewhere on-site, or at an Off-site Laundromat (that one really sucks IMO… I was happy when my Ex-H and I got married and moved to an apartment that had an on-site Laundry Room in the basement)

    Truth is, a baby makes for a good lot of dirty stuff… not unusual to change their “outfit” a couple of times a day.  PLUS, baby items are best done seperately, and washed in a much gentler detergent (Ivory Snow) as their skin is sooo delicate, and they can be prone to allergies.

    So it was comforting to know that the baby’s stuff was getting done in a NEW and clean machine that only was exposed to OUR stuff (God only knows what a commercial washing machine has been used for before you)

    The convenience of having a Washer & Dryer in our Townhouse, and being able to do laundry whenever (24/7) is great… we had a 2 story Townhouse, and with a NEW Baby I found I was up often late, or even in middle of the night, it was nice to have the option to throw in a load on the ground floor when Hubby was asleep upstairs.

    I’ve never looked back ever since… don’t imagine I could go back to a Communal Laundry option or a Laundromat

    EDIT TO ADD – As others have noted, you can find portable Washers & Dryers (very similar to portable Dishwashers) in that they hook right up to your taps… certainly one alternative if you aren’t in a position to move.  I haven’t used one but bet they’d work well… we had a portable DW in our first apartment after we got married… it was a god-send considering neither of us liked doing the dishes.  When we bought our first house… we got both a W&D and a Destination Wedding… we were in heaven, lol


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    It’s not even feasible for Darling Husband and I to not have an in unit washer and dryer so if you ask me, it would be impossible to be without one with a baby. I know that may people don’t have them and deal but it would absolutely never fly for me. I see how much laundry my friends and family members with small children have and it’s absolute insanity. Those without a w/d spend hours a week at the laundromat which isn’t exactly ideal when time is already an issue for them. 

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    I have a now 5 year old and while, yes in a pinch you can do laundry in the sink, but that’s only for emergency situations (not wanting to let something sit longer than a few minutes). I think having a washer and dryer will save your sanity and make one task a lot easier.

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    No she doesn’t have a baby and you make a really good point. I have to use sensitive soap so it would probably be a problem. I love the ideas that the other bees have said though! Maybe you can use the service for your clothes (*cough* sweat pants lol) and the portable for the daily baby stuff. Good luck with TTC!

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    I wish that you get some responses from peopel who actually have babies! I don’t yet, but I will soon and I’ve been trying to take notes on this sort of thing.

    My impression is yes, you do laundry all the time, and a laundrymat would be, in my mind, a PITA. You CAN do things that will help stave off doing laundry all the time–buy multiples (like 4 crib sheets instead of 2) so that you can prolong the time in between sessions, and some gentle detergent for occasional handwashing (for the REAL messes!). Some people get so many clothes that the baby hardly even wears anything twice anyway. Get tons and tons of burp cloths, bibs, and blankets (you can never have enough anyway). And if you have close, understanding friends/family in the area you *could* hint that a great shower gift would be an offer to take your laundry for you 1-2 times…I mean, if your apartment doesn’t have w/d or hookups and you don’t want to move, then what are your options, really?

    But before you write off the wash ‘n fold service, you might ask them first if they do have a specialized baby service and/or if they will use your chosen detergent. You can also ask them what kind of detergent they use normally–I have some friends with babies that have ultra-sensitive skin, but I also have friends who’s babies haven’t had any sort of reaction to everyday detergents, and you dont’ know yet what kind of baby you’ll have. Everyday detergents (All, Tide, Gain etc.) are not the same as the industrial ones that most mats use, but like I said, there’s no harm in asking.

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