(Closed) Do You Or Your SO Have A Disorder? How Does It Affect Your Relationship?

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  • poll: I or my SO has a disorder....
    I have a disorder, it does NOT affect the relationship : (34 votes)
    14 %
    He/She has a disorder, it does NOT affect the relationship : (14 votes)
    6 %
    I have a disorder, it DEFINITELY affects the relationship : (62 votes)
    25 %
    He/She has a disorder, it DEFINITELY affects the relationship : (23 votes)
    9 %
    Neither of us has a disorder, but this topic interests me : (40 votes)
    16 %
    One/both of us has a disorder, and this topic interests me : (37 votes)
    15 %
    I love cookies! :) : (36 votes)
    15 %
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    @Sweet_Tea:  I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). I have learned how to control my GAD mostly, but it only affects our relationship when I can’t “get over” something. I have a tendency to obsess and ruminate on things that can’t be changed. Fiance has been such a lamb in dealing with me when I am really anxious.

    Also, please note that ODD is a childhood diagnosis and should have no bearing on how an adult behaves. An adult would never get the diagnosis of ODD.

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    I’ve suffered from psoriasis my entire life. When I first met Fiance my skin was really bad. . . the psoriasis was covering more than 50% of my body. When he tried making advances the first couple of times I stopped him. . . I wanted to tell him about it first. He thought I wasn’t interested! I then told him/showed him my skin and he was like “really?!” He didn’t care! He was actually able to put me on his health insurance as a domestic partner so I could finally go to the dermatologist to hopefully get it taken care of. I found the right medicine and now my skin is mostly clear!

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    @Sweet_Tea:  I don’t really know which of these to click bc I would say it mildly affects our relationship. I have on and off depression and anxiety & it affects our dynamic a bit, mainly because I don’t want to socialize or go out often. I am a homebody when I’m going through a depression stage (I haven’t figured out what makes it worse sometimes and better others & can’t afford the only medication I have ever found that REALLY makes it better because I don’t have health insurance) but luckily my SO isn’t a social butterfly & doesn’t mind staying at home when I feel the need. My friends are also pretty understanding about it, I can seem quite flaky sometimes which I hate but if my depression gets bad I just don’t even want to leave the house

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    I suffer from mild to major atypical depression. It has definitely taken a toll on Fiance during its baaaad times. Luckily, I’m in a good place now, but know it could get bad again (and probably will at some point!). He is great about being supportive and encouraging me to seek help, but it’s really hard for him to watch me go through it. I also tend to withdraw from him during bad spells and that doesn’t help either of us.

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    I suffer from mild depression and GAD (general anxiety disorder). They’ve been lifelong struggles, relating from severe childhood trauma and a couple of more recently traumas during my adulthood. It’s been a HUGE struggle to work through them, but I’m getting better every day and my SO is a huge part of my current recovery. He soothes my anxiety so much and makes me feel stronger just by being in my life. It sometimes affects things because I get really anxious about the future or what he thinks – and my depression has made our recent long distance very difficult.

    But overall, I’d say it does not negatively affect the relationship.

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    I would say mildly affects, too. I have BPD type 2, where I lean toward depression than mania, and if I forget to take my medication, I become completely despondent and can wreck things if I’m not careful. Luckily Fiance understands this and doesn’t let me slip too far down the hole and will remind me to take my medication. Thankfully, it is very well controled with medication and when I’m on my meds, I am far less depressed than if I am untreated.

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    I am perfectly healthy, but my Darling Husband is a veteran and I voted that the disorders stemming from his deployment have definitely affected our relationship in both good and bad ways

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    do night terrors count? its a sleep disorder but not quite the same as everyone else is tlaking about (depression, anxiety)

    my fi has a lot of patience. when i wake up screaming because for whatever reason i dnot recognise him. or when im hammering at the walls because i feel that its urgent to leave the room but i cant work out where the door is etc


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    I have diagnosed OCD and used to take medication for it. Over the years I have slowly gone off the medication and things were ok for awhile, however recently with moving my OCD has been getting worse but hopefully after things calm down it will too. SO only noticed it recently with the move but it’s nothing we can’t handle.

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    My Darling Husband has depression tht he takes medication for. The only time I notice anything at all is when he stops taking his medication for a little while. He has said that being with me has made a big difference, and he is hopeful that he will be able to stop taking medication over time. Even if he has to be on medication for life, it doesn’t deter me at all. He is the most loving man I know.

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    @Sweet_Tea:  gotcha! I thought “definitely” suggested “strongly” so that’s why I didn’t vote. I understand now =)

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    i have bipolar disorder II with rapid cycling. it affected our relationship in the beginning because i wasn’t on medication at the time. about a year into it, i was getting worse (and we almost broke up because of it) and knew i needed to go back to the psychiatrist and get on meds. i had been on them before with a different doc but he had put me on lithium and it made me a fat zombie so i stopped taking it. he never followed up with me. the 2nd time around, i found an amazing psychiatrist and she put me on lamictal. i had no side effects (other than some dizzyness at the beginning) and she checks in on me to make sure i’m doing ok. it’s been 4 years on this med and my moods are fairly regulated (meds can’t stop mood swings completely). when i do experience any mania or depression, it’s way less severe and Darling Husband knows how to react.

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