(Closed) Do you or your SO smoke weed?

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  • poll: Do you or your smoke weed (marijuana)? Choose all that apply.

    We both smoke weed less than once a week.

    We both smoke weed several times a week.

    We both smoke weed every day/nearly every day.

    I smoke weed less than once a week.

    I smoke weed several times a week.

    I smoke weed every day/nearly every day.

    I don't smoke weed.

    SO smokes weed less than once a week.

    SO smokes weed several times a week.

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    @BeckyS0:  Interesting fact, but the Food and Drug Administration is one of the agencies that determines which classification a drug is in. That agency is heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. It’s in their best interest to keep marijuana classified the way it is, because marijuana sales would directly impact the sales of certain prescription drugs. The main isomer found in marijuana has been isolated and is sold by a pharmaceutical company under the name Marinol and it is available by prescription and considered to be a non-narcotic, even though (unlike “pure” cannabis) it has documented cases of overdose. 

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    You need an option for:

    “We’ve both tried it, but neither of us use it”.

    We have both tried weed (me when I was 14 and him about 17) and neither of us liked it, or think it’s something that should be a normal part of life.

    Neither of us want to try it again (or become regular users) but yes, we’ve tried it.

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    Neither of us smoke, but weed is decriminalized in my town and I can’t believe that smoking it is still such a big deal. 

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    We do not.  My husband holds a high security clearance.  Smoking a joint is not worth risking his job.  Also not worth having my kids taken away over.

    However, I do think it should be legalized and taxed. 

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    Neither of us smoke weed.

    When I was younger (14-17) I was a major stoner, and used to smoke it about 4 times a week or more. I became super paranoid, and started suffering from anxiety, insomnia and my depression got worse. I also lacked motivation and used to wag school, and stopped going to class or I’d just turn up blazed. All of my friends smoked weed, and I realised that I had a problem, and that I was turning into one of those people who just speak about it ALL of the time, and that I was becoming lazy. I also started using other harder drugs (acid, mushies, e, ketamine, solvents) All of my friends who smoked it have either become seriously mentally ill (depression/schizophrenia/ psychosis) or have got into legal trouble, or are sitting on the benefit using all of their money on their addictions. I count myself so lucky that I didn’t end up like them, because I was going that way!

    Fiance used to smoke it quite a bit when he was younger too, and started smoking every night because he struggled to get to sleep. His ex was a major stoner and it really turned him against it.

    When we first started dating we used to smoke occassionally, but I hated it because I got panic attacks, and would feel really hot and like I couldn’t breathe. I mixed weed with anti-depressants once and it made me green so bad. Ugh! We’ve decided that we don’t want to smoke weed, and we’ve stayed smoke free for most of our 5 year long relationship.

    However, in 2011 we started doing drugs recreationally (MDMA, E, weed) and we stopped doing everything mid-last year because I realised that every weekend we needed drugs, and would be on the hunt for drugs. I also feel that it is inappropriate for me to use drugs, even weed or artificial weed or salvia, because I’m a teacher in training.

    Drug addiction and alcoholism runs in my family(great great grandad, great grandad, grandad, mother, brother, aunt), and I’d rather not take the risk at all!I’ve also seen what it does to people, and a lot of my loved ones have had their lives ruined by marijuana. My 19 year old brother is currently addicted, and has been diagnosed with schizophrenia/psychosis, and it is saddening to watch. FI’s brother is also schizophrenic, and isn’t allowed to work, or study, and was diagnosed in August 2011. A few close friends of mine have also suffered from marijuana induced mental illness, and others have moved on to harder drugs (just as I did).

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    Neither of us have EVER smoked ANYTHING! Not even in college!

    But we’ve agreed that when we’re old and retired, we’re going to move to the tropics and become HUGE stoners, and I’m going to spend all my time baking us cookies!

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    I used to smoke almost daily for about two years with an ex. Honestly, I would amoke more often than I do now (a few times a year with SO) if I had better access to it.

    MJ has such a bad association to it becauseit is a “gateway drug.” Well imo, if it was regulated and legal, than than notion would dissappear, because do you know where most people get their weed from? drug dealers. And what do drug dealers do? Deal more than just weed. THEY are the gateways.

    If alcohol was a new invention  it  would certainly be illegal in today’s world. Weed is NOT physically addicting. Take weed away from a stoner for a week and all that will happen is he or she will lose weight and possibly be a bit more productive. They will not be constantly focusing on their next fix, there will be no physical withdrawal symptoms, they won’t be irritable as a result. You can not die from consuming too much weed , like you can with booze. The absolute worst that will happen is that you will puke, and you need to consume AN ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS amount for that to happen.

    I could go on, but I’m on the bus and typing from my phone is stupid hard. 

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    For anyone who doesn’t like the “smoking” aspect of it, I recommend trying a vaporizer. That’s what I use. We light up frequently, and we live in CA so we get it legally.

    I don’t mind that a lot of people are puritans about it. But from personal experience I think the US would have a much more effective computer warfare squad if they realized how large a percentage of the really good hackers have smoked pot and never finished college.

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    I smoke every day!

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    Neither of us do.

    Fi never has, at all.

    I haven’t since I was 20.

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    I don’t smoke; Fiance is a pretty heavy user. It used to be the only thing we would get into arguments about. It took a loooong time but we have an agreement about it now.

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    I do not smoke. I have in the past (not often – maybe 10 times total, if that). I’m just at a point in my life where I’m done with that stuff. My SO would smoke weed recreationally (maybe once or twice a month) if he could. However, his job doesn’t allow it and does random drug testing. 

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    @masterteee2013:  It is legal in a state or 2. How would if affect you exactly if it was legal all over?

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    @Mischka:  I know so many options but not one where probably the majority fall lol!

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