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  • poll: Do you or your smoke weed (marijuana)? Choose all that apply.

    We both smoke weed less than once a week.

    We both smoke weed several times a week.

    We both smoke weed every day/nearly every day.

    I smoke weed less than once a week.

    I smoke weed several times a week.

    I smoke weed every day/nearly every day.

    I don't smoke weed.

    SO smokes weed less than once a week.

    SO smokes weed several times a week.

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    @AnonBeeLee: that makes total sense, but it’s not surprising that that study wasnt well shared! while intoxicated with marijuana, I would say from my own experience  I would likely be hella paranoid about taking other drugs.

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    @Birdee106:  “it amazes me that grown men still smoke weed.”

    My thoughts exactly 🙂

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    @hidingmyface:  It’s crazy to me how many people drink alcohol beverages to the point of obliteration on a regular basis.  If you ask me, pot is much better than alcohol and should be legalized.  It doesn’t cause hangovers, it doesn’t cause cancer, it isn’t physically addicting, it doesn’t cause aggression like people try to say it does – but alcohol is ALL those and more.  I’m not a pothead although I’m sure I sound like one, but I don’t think pot is any worse than alcohol and I think alcohol is the worst thing in the world because it’s terrible for you, but legal and socially acceptable. 

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    Neither of us. Don’t plan on ever trying it either. 

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    I am always surprised that people can be so strongly against it…I think it is an amazing tool for certain things…I smoke it a little to help me sleep at night…way way better than taking sleeping pills in my opnion…people dont get violent on it like alcohol…I think it should be legal everywhere…waiting for the backlash now;)

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    We smoke every once in a while. I suffer from PTSD, social anxiety, and fairly regular panic attacks. I find that marijuana helps me greatly. I prefer to use it in my home and at times where I know I won’t be driving. That’s just my personal preference. Fiance was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last year. I cannot begin to tell you how much weed helped him with his pain, stress, and appetite. Had we lived in CA or CO, it would have been prescribed to him by a doctor.

    I have no issue with weed whatsoever and I don’t think less of the people who choose to use it or choose not to partake. I do wish everyone would educate themselves about it though.

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    I would, especially since it would possibly help my medical issues without a lot of the nasty side effects, but it is SERIOUS BUSINESS illegal where I live (Korea) and my job tests regularly. 

    Weed is less harmful than alcohol in both the short and long term in every possible way, less addictive than alcohol, and less generally impairing than alcohol. And yet alcohol is legal and weed isn’t in most places. It’s just messed up. 

    The heaviest smoker I know has an amazing job and earns tons of money, is in physically ideal shape, is creative and interesting, has many hobbies, and generally has an enviable life. I’ve known a couple smokers who burnt out but it had nothing to do with weed, and they are in the minority. 

    I think if you want to do something like that, you should. You’re not hurting anyone and it’s pleasurable. The spartan attitude of “no greasy food, no alcohol, no sugar, etc.” is just insane to me. I like my pleasurable things. If weed were legal, I’d probably like that too. It’s not about having a crutch, it’s about just doing stuff you like to do. 

    I think the “smoke” and even to some degree the smell issues can be resolved with a vaporizer, am I wrong? 

    It’s ok to find weed gross, just like my friend finds alcohol gross – but she doesn’t trash talk people who like it, or even avoid situations where other people are enjoying it, she just chooses not to partake. I think the mature thing with weed is to do the same. 

    I do agree with the people that say that doing something illegal when you have kids is a little irresponsible. It should be legal. If I were someone who enjoyed weed and had a lot of responsibility, I’d move to a place that it’s legal. 

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    We both smoke weed once a week – usually on the weekends just before we go to bed. We’ve never had issues with it nor has it ever negatively impacted on our lives, careers or relationships.

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    I think a poll asking all of the supporters of the illegality of marijuana if they’ve ever smoked before would be super interesting.

    I also agree with PP’s in that most of the people who are hating on it probably have never tried it before.  Not everything that is illegal is bad.  Women voting used to be illegal!

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    @atlshawt0515:  Agreed. It’s no different than a regular smoker having a cigarette to relax or a drink. We smoke everyday but we are both college grads with jobs and in no way shape or form are juvenile or immature because we enjoy some greenery!

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    I have a couple of times. I’ve never bought any, but if someone is offering me some, then sure. Fiance I think has once or twice.


    My dad is turning 50 this year and he smokes. I know tons of older people that smoke, so I dont see it as a “juvenile” thing that you just do as a teenager.

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    Fiance and i both have medical cards (we live in a medical legal state) so we’re kind of stoners as far as the general population goes.  we smoke daily.  that being said we are soon to move out of state and neither of us has any concern about giving it up.  i’ve smoked heavily and not at all in large intervals so i know calling it quits (at least for me and FI) is literally as easily said as done.  i don’t get tested for my job, and it’s legal as far as the state is concerned, so it’s pretty much just something we do to make TV more fun to watch.

    i don’t want to judge parents who smoke, but i know it wouldn’t be a functional set up for me.  i do always find it funny how people throw out D.A.R.E.-style “facts” about weed to justify not smoking.  it’s just a choice not to smoke, you don’t have to justify it.

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    DH and I never have and never will. 

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    Hubby did in high school and college, but stopped after college, because he no longer found the appeal.   I have never tried it, because I just don’t have the desire to.  I don’t like the smell and probably wouldn’t like how it made me feel; I don’t like the feel of being drunk either.  I really don’t have a problem with people doing it, as long as you’re responsible.  My Brother-In-Law, for example, is a 27 year old, live-at-home-with-mommy pothead that has gotten into worse drugs and has been in trouble with the law multiple times for possession…that.is.not.responsible.use. 

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