(Closed) Do you or your SO talk in your sleep?

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Honey bee
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I will mumble something now and then, but Darling Husband definitely talks in his sleep – I mean full sentences and so on. It’s hilarious because you can have a whole conversation with him and he’s so funny when he’s sleep-talking.

I’ve learned to answer him because he gets really agitated if I don’t respond. No matter what he is talking about, usually if I just tell him “It’s okay. Go back to sleep and we’ll deal with it in the morning,” he’ll settle down.

ETA – Funniest convo? Probably when he kept trying to make me sit up because “the spell will only work if you sit up” or when he actually tried to get out of bed because “we need more red wine.”

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Sugar Beekeeper
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LMAO We both have. Not a lot, but it’s happened.

When he still worked at 5:30AM, he’d have to go to bed super early and take sleeping meds. I was watching tv and he came out into the living room and just stood there. I looked over and said, “Hi, babe. What’s up?” and he didn’t really respond. I asked if he wanted to go back to bed and he nodded and just stood there. I had to escort him back and tuck him in.

I do not remember this at all, but apparently I had gone to sleep and he was next to me reading, and I turned over and looked at him, eyes open and mumbled something. He asked what I was saying, and I was like, “I’M SLEEPING! ATTACK ME!” NO idea what that was about lmao.

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dh talks in his sleep all the time!! Most hilarious convo was a few years ago. I’m reading and he’s asleep and he says 

Him: what are we going to name her?

(not ttc or anything) 

Me:name who babe?’

Him:our daughter.

Me:whatever you want!

him:*long drawn out exaggerated sigh* lucky me! 

Turns over and continues sleeping. -__-


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Bumble bee
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LOL!!  We both do….  A lot.  At least every other night, one of us will wake the other one up with talking.  I also sometimes have night terrors, so every now and then my lucky husband gets to wake up to me laying in bed next to him screaming bloody murder!!

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My Fiance talks in his sleep occasionally, but it’s always with gestures too. So one night I woke up with his hand covering my entire face, asking if I had the list, and another night he just yelled out “PRISON!” our of no where.

So far my favorite was last week when we were both sound asleep and he started tickling me (something he does incessantly when he’s awake) and I started to laugh. Apparently this hurt his feelings, and he said “What are you laughing at?” and rolled over, clearly mad at me. He had no memory of it in the morning. 

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Honey bee
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My Fiance says that sometimes I laugh in my sleep and it scares the crap out of him, haha. Scary little children in movies really creep him out and I guess he associates my giggling in my sleep to that, lol.


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@desthebride:  Darling Husband doesn’t have any stories of me sleep talking (that I know of anyway….) but once upon a time he was very much asleep and my cat was walking around meowing and Darling Husband said “Is he going to eat me?!”

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oh gosh, I have full converstations with people while im asleep.  I don’t remember a thing but my mom used to tell me about them and now my husband does. he thinks its hilarious.

usually whatever i’m talking about has to do with my dream that night.  I can never remember what he tells me I do but I remember waking myself up once because i was crying really hard.  he was awake comforting me and said ‘are you actually awake this time?’. I guess i was crying because something “wasn’t done” but wouldn’t elaborate further and then I started getting mad at him for not knowing what I meant and yelling, ‘It’s not done!” and then i busted out in tears.  I have no idea.

I also wake up mad at him for something he didn’t do (and something I can;t remember) but i dreamed about.  It’s really hard for me to forgive him for this mysterious thing he did in my dream!


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Busy bee
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I talk in my sleep all the time lol. The other day my hubby told me I sat up and was saying all kinds of crazy stuff. I have full convos with him all the time to as well as sleep walk.

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@vorpalette:  my sister sleep walks too. once, she walked down 2 flights of stairs (not normal for her, usually she just walks into another room on the same level) into the living room where my mom and I were watching tv and doing homework.  we know better than to “wake” her or touch her so we usually tell her to go back to sleep and all is good.  this time though we werent sure what to do since she walked down stairs so my mom said ‘go upstairs sophie and go back to bed’ and every time she took a step up a stair, she would turn to look at us and say things like ‘you guys are so unfair!’, ‘i can’t believe you!’, ‘im so mad at you’, ‘you never include me!’,etc. so she finally makes it up to the second floor and we hear a crash.  we run up there and shes decided to just go to sleep in the hallway. we had to wait until she was really asleep (like 20 minutes) and drag her into her room. we couldn’t lift her up so we just put her on the floor. she woke up in her bed so she must have sleep walked back into her bed. 

It was comical and bizarre.  she has no recollection but I always wondered why she was so mad at us! We were both doing homework!

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Helper bee

My SO talks in his sleep AND sleep walks.  Every 4-6 months he has an incident where he wakes up, thinks something is attacking him and starts pulling apart some pieces of furniture pretty violently.  (He is never violent when he’s awake, and he has never attacked me.)  Its funny after the fact, but usually pretty scary when it happens.  

For instance, we were once camping and he sitting in the darkness whispering, “they are out there, they are out there.”  It was like something out of a horror movie.  At the time, we’d only been together about 6 mos, and I didn’t realize he was sleep walking.  So we both got up, and he got out the flashlight, and he started “showing me” the things.  I didn’t see anything, but I knew something was up when he started screaming and trying to rip apart the tent.  He just kept shouting NO and clawing at the tent poles.  I had to hold his face in my hands and tell him he was dreaming (so he wouldn’t bring the tent down on us in the middle of the night).  He woke up all our friends with his screams, and it took him about 5 minutes to get him out of it.  I kept insisting he was dreaming and he got mad and kept telling me he was saving us.  Everyone made fun of him for it the rest of the trip and it WAS pretty funny once he woke up. He realized he was sleep walking and the next day I couldn’t stop cracking up.

Since then I’ve learned that its better to agree with him when he sleepwalks.  Otherwise, he gets more agitated.  As long as he isn’t doing permenant damage to anything, I just let him go and agree that whatever it is is trying to get him.  Usually he’s attacking the bed or curtains, and I can deal with it.  He snaps out of it in 3-5 minutes.    








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I do from time to time.

On my 21st birthday, Fiance came and took me to dinner, then to the liquor store, where I bought a bottle of whiskey because I was legal and could. Apparently, in the middle of the night that night, I started sleep singing John Mayer’s song “Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey” which my Fiance found HILARIOUS and still teases me about. 

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Sugar bee
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Because I have been known to talk in my sleep, Fiance thought I was doing just that the other night when he found me searching around on the bed, asked me what was wrong and I said “I think I ate my earplugs”

I was mostly awake, and no I didn’t eat an earplug. 🙂 
But I was REALLY worried that I may have (they fell out and under the bed)

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These posts are making me laugh so much!


Fiance and I are in a LDR (military) but when we are together, and do sleep together, he usually wakes me up with gibberish. I can never understand it, I just say ok baby lay down n sleep and he does. One time I think he started talking to me about cheese? I have no idea lol. One time he gave me a heart attack. We were sleeping in a bottom bunk of bunk beds, and I hear loud creaking that woke me. He literally just sat up in his sleep and started stretching. I called him and he just laid back down. 


Can’t wait for the real fun to begin when we live together


And usually we sleep with each other on the phone. But after 4 hours, the phone hangs up. So we determined I wasn’t on the phone when he swore he heard me say “I love you”. He woke up saying I love you too then realized I wasn’t even there.


Sleep stories are definitely fascinating

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