(Closed) Do you orgasm?

posted 6 years ago in Intimacy
  • poll: Do you?
    I'm a virgin : (8 votes)
    1 %
    I've never had an orgasm : (32 votes)
    4 %
    I can only orgasm with oral/fingers/masturbation : (261 votes)
    33 %
    I only orgasm during sex : (36 votes)
    5 %
    I can..ahem..squirt : (69 votes)
    9 %
    I can orgasm any which way : (169 votes)
    21 %
    I can have multiple orgasms : (199 votes)
    25 %
    O! My glorious nipples! Yes i'm the 1% : (17 votes)
    2 %
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    i was thinking of making this thread myself. lol

    mostly oral and well by myself or assistance. and i can multiple but this year was the first year i didnt need anything but sex.(no stimulation) and im 27. only with my husband (before him i never did at all) he was pretty determained to help with that. lol

    very interesting. so i talked to my friend who i visited from out of town and asked her. she had said yeah every way. but later confesed she couldnt ever… shes 24. but she never really talked to anyone about it. well when i was in college someone told me you have to learn to please yourself before any one else can. but that said. our other friend started having multiple in high school. just from sex. so everyone is different.

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    I voted “oral or masturbation” but I prefer DH’s fingers. The perks of dating a musician with excellent finger dexterity, lmao. I can have multiples as well (clitoral and vaginal).

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    @FutureMRS3lastnames:  Wow, now I feel special if I’m in the 1%. But I have to be really in the mood.

    As for the rare times it happens during intercourse, I count that as clitoral because I only get there if I get an angle where I can rub her against him.

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    Unfortunatly only through rubbing/fingers/oral! Ergh! I shouldnt complain… before Fiance it was NOTHING. I mean NOTHING… (except DIY)… but I almost feel a numb sort of sensation with sex, almost like too much is going on for me to concentrate on the feeling.

    When Fiance gave me the O through oral, I was in shock for a good 5 minutes. He couldnt beleive that I had never liked it before… now I love it! What the heck were my other partners doing????

    I think if I can go from NOTHING to oral O’s… then hopefully penetration will follow…. but still nothing… and not to be crude but my man is huge – so penetration is always a little sore… which kind of puts me off.

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    I can check off pretty much anything other than “virgin” & “never had one”. I’m pretty lucky, I guess, except SO won’t stop unless I verbally tell him to, which is sometimes…. difficult…. and it gets to be too much. I kicked him in the face once because I couldn’t get out the words “Enough! Stop!” 


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    I definitely need manual/oral stimulation. My issue is that once I get to the “almost there” point, I need continuous stimulation at at constant speed and pressure, which is very difficult to get with anything other than manual/oral. That being said, we have fantastic sex where I get “almost there”…I’m totally not disappointed if I don’t orgasm because it’s still amazing! It’s tough because I’m a fan of a good quickie, but we need some foreplay time to get in my orgasm. But when we do, Fiance will make sure I get what I need before we move on to sex. And a good time was had by all!


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    @thenewmrsmax:  You might find this interesting http://www.livescience.com/19579-vaginal-orgasm-debate.html

    Your post made me curious, that’s the best article I could find. G spot orgasms stimulate a different part of the brain than clitoral orgasms so new studies are now busting the myth that they’re one in the same. I’ve had both and they feel very different. Idk if you meant that you have to touch the clitoris to help you get to orgasm but my g spot orgasms have not all been while simultaneously touching my clitoris.

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    @Pixie26:  Omg! I’m not alone! I have to try realllllllllly hard if I want to orgasm with him. Zero sex drive. It sucks 🙁

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    @caramelcupcake:  You sound like me, too! I feel like he’s too big for me so #1 it always hurts and #2 there’s no way I could orgasm because there’s just too much going on that I can’t exactly feel it in that sort of way. I’ve NEVER met anyone who describes this the same way I do!! How do you tolerate sex? Not that I dislike it, but I don’t look forward to it. I just sort of do it out of obligation.

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    @OnceUponATime:  it def does suck 🙁 even if i try, which i pretty much gave up on, still nothing. it makes sex a chore and very disappointing.

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    You forgot an option…in your sleep. I’ve woken up to some really good orgasms. I can pretty much orgasm any which way – anal, oral, intercourse, nipples, etc. 

    There are some benefits to being 40!

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    @mtbikelover:  OMG I also orgasm in my sleep and wake up to them sometimes!  I have never talked to another woman who has this happen! : )  Until about a year ago I absolutely needed direct clit stimulation, but in the last year or so something has changed and I’ve been able to cum from penetration or any of the manula/oral ways.  I’m glad that throughout my life my orgasms just seem to be getting better and more earth-shattering! 

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