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Honey bee
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i had a beagle growing up. he was very sweet and didn’t require us to be too active with him. he was a little overweight, but probably weighed 30-40 pounds.

he had arthritis (they told us to expect it when he was a puppy), but it wasn’t too bad until he was pretty old. he lived until he was 15, and for the last 2 years he had trouble going up and down the stairs.

one con is the amount of noise they can make if you live in an apartment. they howl instead of bark, which can be loud. he liked to howl at birds that flew over our backyard.

if you plan to keep a beagle in the backyard, expect them to hunt. my dog frequently would show up at the backdoor with a dead bird in his mouth.

eta: if you plan to spay or neuter, there’s not really a difference between boy and girl dogs.

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Beagles are SOOO cute & very loving, but they are one of the most difficult dogs to train.

I had a beagle years ago and have known others who have them too. We all had difficulty in the training process. Mostly, this is because the Beagles sense of smell is so strong (being a hunting dog,) that they become distracted extremely easily. They find it hard to focus & listen to you; which makes trainig more difficult.

Also, beagles make a very loud kind of squeaky/ high pitched bark/howl. It isn’t the typical dog yelp, but rather this loud high pitched bark.

My old dog used to do this bark/howl all of the time, which resulted in me having to give him away, b/c no matter what I did, when I would leave him alone he would make this sound for hours and my neighbors were complaining. Thankfully, I found a wonderful family who lived on a farm, so that he could do his little high pitched yelp bark all day long! I still miss the little guy though 🙁

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Blushing bee
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I have had a beagle for a year and a half. They are very active dogs so you defintely have to exercise them daily. If you have a yard it’s perfect for beagles because they are prefectly content “exploring.” Beagles are a little bit stubborn so it is harder to train them….it just takes a little more time. Also, they are one of the sweetest, people friendly dog breeds. ETA: I know beagles are known to howl, however, mine rarely does. I think I’ve heard him howl twice? maybe  [attachment=1661272,206537]

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Sugar bee

One of our dogs is a beagle mix and a lot of the puppies we foster were beagle mixes, so I don’t know about pure beagles but I have enjoyed the beagle mutts.  I agree with the others that the bark/howl can be annoying though we got ours to only do it once in awhile without using a bark collar, I don’t know if others would be as easy though.  Definately has a big chase/hunt instinct though that was apparent from the time she was about 3 months old and have lots of energy.  They are very sweet and all the ones we’ve had have been quite faithful, even when they’re just temporary visitors, but again I’ve just had mixes so I’m not sure which are the beagle traits.

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Helper bee
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My parents have a beagle – my Mom found him wandering around her office in the middle of a freezing cold Michigan winter and brought him home, so my parents didn’t really have an opportunity to train him.  He’s pretty stubborn about most things so I can understand why people say they’re hard to train!  He doesn’t have tons of energy but like any dog a walk is still necessary – the only downside to their Beago (that’s his very un-creative name) is that he goes CRAZY when he sees other dogs, and he really pulls on his leash if he finds a scent that he wants to follow while out on a walk.  He’s not really yippy but when he sees something he wants to bark at, he howls like a maniac.  They’re wonderful dogs!

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Bee Keeper

I have a beagle/shih tzu mix…does that count? She’s getting spayed tomorrow and is just 7 months old. She’s high energy (more than we expected), has been a breeze to train, explores our yard on a daily basis (no treasures to my door yet,tho), but she’s a happy,happy puppy. She loves everyone, will lick you to death for no reason, loves to chew anything and everything, and sings to her ball (which we love). We aren’t sure what she’ll eventually look like, so haven’t had her groomed as yet, but the vet said she’ll only get to be about 15 lbs. Perfect for us.

This was taken the first day we brought her home.

This is at 4 months. Now she won’t sit still long enough to get her picture.

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Buzzing bee

We have a beagle. He really is the sweetest dog. He was quite hyper when younger but about two we noticed a difference in his behavior. While still active, he wasn’t crazy anymore. 

I know most beagles howl but ours really doesn’t. He’ll only bark when the other beagle in our complex walks by or if he feels we’re ignoring him. He’s actually quite quiet for a beagle. 

He’s also great with children and other animals. Ours has been around a cousin’s todler and played right along. He and our cat also play with each other. They’re just good natured dogs. 

Exercise is also important for beagles, as they tend gain a lot of weight. You don’t have to go crazy with exercise but make sure the dog gets some. 

Overall I highly recommend beagles! Here’s our Indiana. 


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Blushing bee
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@SuperKate: So cute! I have to agree about the overweight thing. Most beagles tend to be overwieght due to lack of exercise. It’s important for them to get out of the house daily! And getting them spayed or nuetered helps calm them down too.

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I think beagles are great if they get their exercise and proper diet. They are very loud though with the howling. FI’s mom has a beagle, and he’s a bit of a pudge and will howl and howl and howl. I think it’s good the neighbors are older folks, because I know I can hear him from outside but they’ve never said anything. Great for families with a lot of outdoor space/time to play with them. 

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Busy bee
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I too had a beagle growing up.  They are known for their howling when left alone, but they’re also fiercely loyal & great around kids.  They are hounds though, so they will always follow their noses, so they’re not the type of dogs you let off the leash, unless they’re fenced in 🙂  Our beagle lived to be about 15 years old.

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Bumble bee
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Yes!! We are full-on beagle fanatics!

Our girls are our life! They are laxy bones couch potatoes for the most part, but LOVE to go for walks. It is really really important to have a securely fenced yard and always keep them on a leash. Hundreds of years of breeding have made beagles who will follow their nose, at any cost. Living in the city, this isn’t really a problem because we’d never let them run free here anyway.

Our girls have very different voices. Mocha (the black one) is LOUD when someone she knows arrives (like when hubby gets home). She bays for about 5 minutes then is done. Rosy only barks/bays when she smells a bunny or a cat. Her voice is higher pitched and she is quiet when my hubby gets home. We lived in an apartment with them with no problems.

I would agree beagles are stubborn. They’re not the type of dog to teach lots of tricks to. Ours have basic manners and walk well on the leash (Rosy wears a “Gentle Leader”) and are great around people and kids.

Hope this helps!! Rescue and save a life!  🙂


This is Mocha, she’s 5. We got her from my husband’s cousin who used her to hunt bunnies but didn’t want to see her go to another kennel when he was getting rid of some dogs. She’s what they call a “bluetick” beagle.

This is Rosy. We think she is between 2 and 3 years old. We adopted her from a Pittsburgh beagle rescue who saved her from a high-kill shelter in WV.

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Sugar bee
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I love my beagle Lucy!!  Very hard to train, gets into (and eats) everything, and will run away any chance she gets.  But soooo cuddley and loving!  Luckily mine doesn’t howl!


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Honey bee
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I still have beagle nightmares because of a roommate… that dog never listened, pee’d everywhere, ate everything (including carpet) howled constantly for anything. Even trained ones will howl… so you have to really be on top of them, exercise them a lot, and be ok with a lot of noise. 

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Blushing bee
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This is my parents beagle (he’s pretty old thats why his face is so light) He is the biggest sweetheart, never barks, although I have heard that beagles are known for being very loud normally. He does have a hound dog’s nose though so he always wants to know what your eating or doing! He is definitely a “mans best friend” as he is OBSESSED with my dad!– follows him everywhere even just around the house lol! Probably doesn’t help that my dad babys him so much.

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