(Closed) Do You Pass Gas in Front of Your SO?

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  • poll: Do You Pass Gas in Front of Your SO?

    Yes, all the time

    Yes, but only if I don't think he'll hear/smell

    Only if I'm sick and can't help it

    No, bathroom business is for the bathroom

    I might do it in my sleep, I don't know

    Other, explain

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    Also might I add I would never marry a man who thought it was unladylike to pass gas. It is human, just like a sneeze. I mean seriously one day we will be old and changing each others diapers. lol If I couldn’t be my true self around the one person in this world who I vowed to be with for better or worse, I would be totally miserable. Due to a bad car wreck a few years ago I had to give my husband bed baths. He could hide nothing from me at that point, and he was 100% comfortable. I know I would be the same God forbid something ever happen to me. He has held my hair back in times of sickness so I wouldn’t get puke in my hair, and I passed gas more in that moment than I had my entire life. Thank God I didn’t have to feel shameful, embarrassed, or unladylike. My husband is a complete gentleman. He took care if me, and that was that. 🙂

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    @lia22:  Hahaha 😉 

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    For those who don’t do it, yall must raarely have gas! Or maybe I just have more than average, lol. If I went to the bathroom or removed myself from Fiance everytime I felt the urge it would be ridiculous! Especially after eating a big meal…it’s just not realistic. I don’t necessarily find farts funny, but I also don’t find them enjoyable to hold in if you don’t have to. This man is going to see me give birth in the future, so there’s really not much I feel needs to be hidden or censored.

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    Eh yeah and for those who are in the camp it’s unlady like.  LOL try having a baby boy for a child.  He most definately is male and thinks when he farts it’s funny and he is only 20 months. His laugh is to cute which makes mommy/daddy laugh. I am in the camp it is human nature so yeah.



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    @MlleDarcy:  +1

    Sorry, I have to agree with this. There is a thread on “How to have a successful marriage” and there are 2 articles referenced in it. Both of these outside articles make comment to how you shouldn’t pass gas or go to the bathroom with the door open. It’s NOT about ‘not being able to be yourself’, it’s about respecting your SO and not having them associate you with bodily functions. Its about, even after years together, making an effort to look good for them all the time. Every relationship is different, I don’t judge those couples who think farts are funny or compete who can stink up a room more, I’m not in a relationship with you, so to say me “i can’t be myself in front of him because I won’t pass gas” is incorrect and rather judgmental, it’s about making an effort for him, about not ‘letting myself go’ and keeping a little mystery. My boyfriend is a doctor so he knows better than anyone that it’s human nature, doesn’t mean he needs to see it. 


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    @dragon_tattoo:  +1000 

    It isn’t that I “can’t be myself,” people. This is who I am and who I’ve always been. Decorum is important to me. FH too. I don’t feel like I have to hide a part of myself, because that is a part of humanity that is private. I don’t feel ashamed, it’s a bathroom matter and that is where it stays. And no, our children will not do it. Being a boy is not a free pass to be gross.

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    Fiance and I have been together for about a year and a half, and he has ripped farts in front of me since the day I met him (although he was actually embarrassed the first time). Now he doesn’t care, although I’ve tried to encourage him to at least excuse himself afterwards. I’ve been known to rip a few but was either due to having eaten something I shouldn’t (gluten) or being sick.

    Having grown up with a father that was unable to burp, and therefore farted a LOT when I was a kid growing up, I guess I became used to males farting, although I do wonder if Fiance hasn’t surpassed my dad in sheer number of toots! LOL Laughing

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    I try not to, but it has happened, as normal bodily functions tend to do. FH has also done it in front of me, but it’s never been a “HAHAHA honey, smell my farts!” thing. It happens and we usually just ignore it. I’m in the medical field, so I don’t see passing gas as anything other than something that’s natural. FH and I don’t leave the door open when we use the bathroom or anything, but I’m not going to let my stomach cramp up and hurt because I won’t pass gas around FH. 

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    I also just wanted to add that yes, I still look good for my husband. I always dress up and make an effort. But yes, he will see me not looking so good, too. If people who know me saw me the week I had a miscarriage they wouldn’t have known who I was. My husband on the other hand took care of me, and still told me how beautiful I looked. I can change clothes in front of my husband an the man gets horny. But I understand couples are different and that is okay, too. I just wouldn’t want my relationship to be that way. And that is all I have to add to this thread. 🙂 different strokes for different folks!

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    I do! I remember when we first moved in together all those years ago and I was too shy to fart around him. I realized I would NEVER FART AGAIN.


    Thankfully, that only lasted a week.

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    It’s probably terrible but we do it all the time. I just feel like if I’m going to marry the guy I shouldn’t be afraid to pass gas in front of him. 

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    @MlleDarcy:  Couldn’t agree more 

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    @BookaholicBee:  This x a million.

    Don’t find it funny, do find it gross, and don’t understand anyone who does.  To me, it would be like finding pissing in public funny.

    @MlleDarcy:  Also agree x a million.  You summed up how I feel about it!




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    I usually can’t even if i want to. Fiance won’t do it around me either if he can help it and if he cant he has air freshener at the ready. Its not that we can’t “be ourselves”, because its part of who I am to *not* pass gas indiscreetly, him too. We dont find it funny to gross each other out. No judgement on those who do! By all means blast yourselves away, if thats your thing 🙂 but yeah dont judge others who dont share your view of how funny it is.

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