Do you plan to wear your E-ring after marriage?

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Busy bee
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mel2 :  I do not wear jewelery all the time either. Occasionally a necklace or earrings for a special event. However I have worn a promise ring my fiance gave to me back on our 3 year dating aniversary. I’ve worn that ring every day of my life for the last 8 years and will likely continue to do so until the day I die.

I will definitely do the same with my engagement ring. I know it is expensive and flashy to wear all the time, but I figure, for the money he spent and all the time my fiance and I have been together prior to getting married (which will be just short of 12 years), I’m going to wear that thing every day of my damn life! ^_^

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Bumble bee
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I definitely intend to keep wearing my engagement ring after I get married, but I am definitely a jewelry person. 

I think in the long run, you will like having an engagement ring. You might not wear it everyday once you are married, but having the option to wear it for special occasions is nice. Also, you can always get a smaller center stone, which won’t catch or knock on things as much as a larger stone, and something with a low setting as opposed to a cathedral or higher setting would help that too.

I know women who still wear their e-rings 20 years later, or those like my mom who doesn’t wear her original set at all. 

If you want to test whether you’d like to wear an engagement like ring, why not get a cheap CZ one that’s similar to the real one you want? That way you can wear it for a while, see if you would want to keep wearing it, see if you’d want to get a different sized center stone, etc. 


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Sugar bee
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I’ve never been a jewellery person and my engagement ring is the only piece of jewellery that I wear, except earrings and a necklace if I’m getting completed dolled up for a swanky event. 

I wear my engagement ring every day (only take it off to play soccer and when doing rigorous hikes or swimming in a lake or ocean). When we first got engaged I would take it off to shower and before bed, but I’d forget to put it back on and eventually I just got used to always having it on. It now feels super weird when I do have it off. 

I intend to continue wearing both my engagement ring and my wedding band after the wedding. Haven’t chosen my band yet, but I’m hoping to find something that sits comfortably with the e-ring.

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Sugar bee
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mel2 :  Most people continue to wear their enagement ring after getting married but that doesn’t mean that you have to. I wouldn’t see the point of getting one (or investing much in one) if it’s just going to sit in your jewely box and not get any use. I feel naked without my set and plan to wear both rings for as long as I live 🙂 

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Busy bee
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Oh yes I do! I’m such a ring junkie. I choose an engagement ring that’s suited to my current style, really laid back and fun. So I didn’t quite consider how it’d age. I mean I don’t know if I’ll die tomorrow, why not enjoy as is. If I don’t like it one day I’ll stack. 😀 ehehe

I think you should feel free to not even get a ring with a stone that people call engagement ring. A simple wedding band is also an ering in my opinion. It’s about the timing, and it’s all on our brains. You’re engaged if you commit to someone to get married. 

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Busy bee

I thought I was going to, but I don’t wear it. Nor do I wear my wedding band. I’m not a jewelry person. I work out in the morning then go straight to work, so wearing a ring is actually more bothersome to me. 

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Blushing bee

Just get a smaller ring, you dont NEED a wedding band. there are so many rings out there go out and pick one together, I just did this because I am like you and I was able to decide what I wanted and what was practical for ME.  You can still have a small ring be beautiful

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Buzzing bee
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I think a lot of people just wear a band after they get married. I think it’s nice to start out with an e ring and a band because you never know if you’ll end up liking both! 

I feel like everyone I know that only wears a band either is super active or has been married a while. Me and all of my friends around the same age wear both. 

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Bumble bee
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I wear my band every day but not engagement ring. My engagement ring is an heirloom and I don’t want to wear it to gym etc. Can’t imagine lifting weights is good for its wear. 

A lot of women in my mum’s generation just wear their band.

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Bumble bee

I was/am not a jewelry person either.  My engagement ring and wedding band are pretty much the only things I wear for jewelry.  I wear them together all the time as I love the way they look together and I love being able to see my diamond everyday still.

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Bumble bee
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Absolutely, and I’m the kind of person that literally NEVER wore rings before getting engaged. Even though it’s a bit of a chunkier ring, I’ve never had a problem with it getting in the way, and it only took about a week or so before I even forgot I was wearing it. Not only would I think it a huge waste of money to spend that much on a ring just to never wear it, but I’d feel guilty about the sentimental aspect of it too. A lot of care and thought went into picking it out, I’d feel like I was snubbing my husband if I stopped wearing it for no good reason. 

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Blushing bee
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I wear my engagement ring and my band every day. It’s happened a couple of times where I forgot to put them back on after showering and was sad every time I looked at my ring finger all day lol

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Helper bee

I am intentionally getting a wedding band that can be worn on its own for occasions I don’t feel like wearing both rings. I’m assuming that most days I’ll wear both (my e-ring is a custom 1ct relatively low-set solitaire) but I do want the option of less bling sometimes so I’m going to choose my band with that in mind.

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Busy bee
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I’ll most likely were my ering with my band but I did choose a band that would look nice by itself so I can wear it on it’s own. 

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