(Closed) Do you pretend your moissanite is a diamond?

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Blushing bee
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I have a moissanite ring as well and I love it.  Deciding to have a moissanite ring had nothing to do with money but was for ethical reasons.  Anyone who knows me, is not surprised that I don’t have a diamond ring.  I never pass it off as diamond (obviously) but I dont tell every single person that it is moissanite.  Usually people will comment on how nice the ring is and I just say thank you.  If they make a comment that makes me think they believe my ring is a diamond, I do correct them. 

But yes, like some pp mentionned it is annoying that people think we chose moissanite because we couldn’t afford diamonds or regard my ring as meaningless.  It’s as if diamond was the only choice for engagement rings.  I dislike it when people ask if I’m gonna get a real ring.  But I’ll never be ashamed of my moissanite ring.  I just love it so much!

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Helper bee
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@drummerbride:  . “All it means when the man forks out all that extra cash on a ring is that they weren’t smart enough to put it towards a wedding instead” 

WOW! Seriously offensive. So because I have a very large diamond ring my fiance is stupid for buying it?

One thing that always amazes me is how easily people forget the wedding is one day, a few hours that honestly, you wont even remember 10 years down the road. The ring is on your hand for life.

Weddings in general are a waste of money for one fleeting day. If you’re going to argue that money for a ring should be put towards flowers, food and decor instead, then you might also consider that money spent on those things would be better spent on a house.

I have a large, expensive ring. We are having a small wedding because we choose to. Neither one means we’re “not smart enough to put it towards a wedding instead” and I resent you implying so.

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Busy Beekeeper

I don’t pretend it’s a diamond, but I think it’s absolutely hysterical how huffy people get about those that do.

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It is so tacky to brag about anything at all.  My friend just got engaged and all she does is say look how sparks and look at my diamong and omg he spent so much money and i don’t get where he is coming with all this money from.  I love her to pieces, so i let her go on with her bragging.  It doesn’t make me feel bad about me, but i feel bad for her that she feels this is a necessity to make herself feel better or make her Fiance sound like the man he isn’t.  I just listen and let her brag, if that’s what makes her happy.  It is again so tacky but some people need to feed on that to make themselves feel worth or wanted or happy.  Just let her do it.  Whatever helps her sleep at night! right?

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Buzzing bee
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I dislike any sort of lying and passing things off as things they aren’t.

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Helper bee
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  @Eglantine:  “The only reason anyone should care is if you fear your own diamond will seem less impressive if others are passing off big moissies as diamonds”

This is how I feel about 90% of people who complain about this sort of thing. Just let it go, it doesnt affect you!

I have a moissanite, and I love it. My fiance and I decided against diamonds for ethical reasons. Most of my friends are like-minded (they tend to be veeery leftist) and so I was proud to tell them all about it. With that said, people can be very judgemental. Like pp’s have said, many people will consider it a “fake” ring. So because of that I don’t bring it up with most people, unless I feel like they will be positive about it. There is just no purpose in inviting negativity about something I love!

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Busy bee
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@mrsmay07:  People were so negative and so judgemental, someone would compliment me on it, then I’d say it was a CZ and suddenly it became a cheap fake.

THIS!  This is why, when DH buys me a ring (I never got one, but I want a moissanite 3 stong ring), I will not tell people it isn’t a diamond.  I won’t say it IS one, but I’m not going to say that it isn’t.  I don’t want to deal with the judgemental behavior and the negativity.  If it were a culteral norm to have stones other than diamonds as an engagement ring, then I would tell people it was moisanite.  

However, the OP’s friend is just plain tacky.  All there is to it.

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Busy bee
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@Lily-Grace202:  You sound really catty. Even though I don’t agree with your friend (she should be proud of what she has and OWN it!) it’s not your place to be upset or judgemental about it. It’s her ring and her choice. As a “friend” of yours, you should just get over it, or if you’re so concerned, have a conversation with her about it – but posting on a message board about it isn’t what I would expect a good friend to do.

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Buzzing bee
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@CountryRose:  I suppose it’s not okay to be pissy when someone passes themselves off as a CEO of a company when they’re a CTO or CFO? only difference is the middle letter!

I don’t care whether it’s a diamond or not a diamond, it is what it is and lying about it makes you tacky. people who are judgmental when it isn’t a diamond can FO anyway.

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Honey bee
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I would be annoyed with her behavior, too, whether it was a diamond or a moissy, but this is just one of those situations where you have to let her do what she wants and ignore her when she starts going on and on about her “huge diamond”

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Buzzing bee
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Well seeing as her ring as zero effect on you I am in the why do you even care? camp. 

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Busy bee
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I don’t pretend it is a diamond but I no longer advertise that it is a moissanite. I realized nobody really cares about gemstones like I do. I don’t want people to cover their ears hearing me going on about how cool SiC is and how eco friendly, etc.

If someone asks I tell them, otherwise, I just mind my own business.

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I think the issue here is not the fact that she tries to pass it off as a diamond, but the way in which she does it. For all the reasons @Mrsns07 outlined I would never have a problem with someone not being truthful, but it’s the bragging that would irritate me. The fact is, by constantly talking about how much her ring is worth, she is probably making people feel the very way she doesn’t want to feel about herself!

Anyway, my nan used to say that you can always tell that someone is lying when they give TOO many details, too willingly…!

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Sugar bee
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It’s pretty obnoxious to brag about material posessions, and it’s pretty funny that she’s not only bragging about it, but lying about what it is and how much it cost.  Does she realize how foolish she looks?  Especially since she’s bragging he spent sooooo much and he’d never be able to afford it?  It’s just weird behavior.


As for “passing it”, I’d like a moissy band someday.  I wouldn’t advertise it as moissy, but if someone thought it was diamond, I would correct them.

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Worker bee

I don’t have a moissanite or a diamond.

I think when people see a clear gem (whether that be moissanite, CZ, white topaz) that has been set in a ring on the left hand, it is assumed to be a diamond. Without asking they won’t know that it’s not a diamond. So to correct every person that says ‘what a lovely diamond’ would probably get a little tiresome. So I can’t begrudge people for not making it obvious to everyone that looks at that it is not a diamond.

And as for your friend who was bragging about her moissanite being an expensive diamond – I do feel for her. She feels like she has to in order to be accepted, and that’s not right IMO.

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