(Closed) Do you really believe that guys really "are too busy" to text you?

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Sugar bee
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Not texting back when a person is at work is not a big deal, if you expect someone to reply to you in a certain time frame while at work that is asking too much.  Yes some people do have time lunch break etc, but that still doesn’t mean they have to respond to you before they get home.  I’m at work, you know I’m at work, unless someone is dying leave me alone.

All this cell phone technology and now everyone expects everybody to be instantly available at a moments notice.  Just relax.

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Sugar bee
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Seriously I would be annoyed if someone texted me all the time or expected me to text them all the time. Way to clingy for me personally.

I also think there a big difference between texting all day every day, and showing interest.


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Sugar bee

@chicagoworkinggirl:  yeah a few hours go by, maybe he is too busy. A day or longer then nope. You can poop and text…just sayin… hahha

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Busy bee
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@chicagoworkinggirl:  Yeah, and it’s the same the other way round too. Girls only respond to guys they actually like 🙂

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Busy bee
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Somedays at my old job, I was too busy to text.  I got paid to work, not to wait for a buzz on my phone from a boyfriend.  Somedays I had the time, and would.  But other days, I was literally running around like crazy and hardly would have time to get to the bathroom, and no matter who it was, it wouldn’t be a priority to text someone back.  

To be fair, my life doesn’t revolve around texting, and I would always make sure that my work was done before screwing around at work.  

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Helper bee
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@chicagoworkinggirl:  I agree with you, it’s not difficult to send a text to someone you’re interested in. In fact, in those early stages the difficult part is usually NOT sending them a text every time you think about them. Lol! The last guy I was involved with before Darling Husband was so weird with that. He would text me pretty often at first and then eventually he would go days without texting/responding. He was also really sporadic because one week he’d be interested in hanging out a bunch and then like 3 weeks straight he would be elusive about getting together. I was like uhh okay. Then Darling Husband came along and it was a totally different story. We seriously used to talk all day and he was ALWAYS trying to get together and vice versa. I realized that past guy wasn’t as interested as I once thought. 

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Helper bee
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@chicagoworkinggirl:  ur absolutely right about if you want to reach someone you will do it. I have been with SO for 10 years and he always makes sure to text me or call me that same day. I do get worried when i dont hear from him if he doesnt text within a period of time. 

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I have a cell phone that I use all the time at work (reading emails in meetings etc.) but I still don’t get around to texting people back until it’s later in the day.  There are generally a lot of urgent things to attend to, unfortunately. 

In general, I’d be more wary of someone who never texted when it wasn’t work time, as there would be no excuses except for placing a low priority on talking to me.


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Sugar bee
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@chicagoworkinggirl:  Yep. I totally agree.  There are definitely times (and jobs) where you’re just too busy to text while in the middle of something.  There are hours on end at work where I don’t even look at my phone.  But once the work day is done or there’s a break/lunch people are able to return a text if they really want to talk to the person. I might not have a marathon text session, but I can certainly return a text or two. 

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yeah once a week is abnormally busy. i would say hes just not that into you either. or keeping you on the back pole. I also think these days its a call really says something. so one messely text. no he doesnt really like you. i mean if it was 3 text a week. then i would say maybe hes playing hard to get or too busy but one. yeah he just doesnt care.

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Bumble bee

My SO now texts me first thing in the morning, during the day and at night. And I know he is into me.

My ex was terrible at texting and I hated it. Once we were living together he pretty much stopped. I’m so glad I’m not with him anymore. He wasn’t busy either.

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Buzzing bee

@chicagoworkinggirl:  I don’t think being interested in someone means texting all the time. I do think that some people are too busy to text during the work day. Not everyone works an office job with access to a phone and/or computer. However, I think if someone is into someone else, that person will make time to text the other person a reasonable amount in a reasonable timeframe. And make time for them in other ways too.

My SO is constantly doing something in the lab or designing something or talking/working with someone or in class. Yes, he texts me when he can, but after following him around while visiting him, I’m really not surprised he doesn’t text me back immediately most of the time. He gets back to me within a few hours and makes time for me in general, and that is what matters to me. If he has been running around all day and I’ve texted him a few times with no replies, he usually apologizes and says he has been busy, which I also appreciate.

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Blushing bee
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My SO hates texting. While I think it’s definitely true that wanting to stay in touch as much as possible – especially in the beginning – is a clear sign of being in love I wouldn’t extend it much further. If my SO is traveling for work he’ll simply be too busy to call or email or text. Sometimes I won’t hear from him for a whole day. He will work 15 hours days when on the road so I can’t really blame him, I know he’s actually busy because I’ve been with him a couple of times so I’ve seen for myself. Most of the time he’ll call to say goodnight and check in on me though. We usually catch up once he’s back or on the phone or skype while he’s away if he has time. Never been a problem. We’re just not really texters. 😀

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Busy bee
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@chicagoworkinggirl:  With my husbands current job I often won’t get a reply to a text for a few hours if not only when he leaves work. If I put urgent in the message he will reply as soon as he gets to read it (sometimes an hour later) but if its really urgent i’ll phone him. Our deal is I don’t phone unless I need to talk to him so if he sees my number he answers. There are days he is solidly on the phone for 4 hours literally. So yes I believe people can be too busy. I know his work load and I know how swamped he is so I dont take it personally. For instance its been about 4 hours since i sent him a message and im still waiting for a response but i know he has meetings this morning so its doubtful i’ll hear from him until he eats lunch (if he eats lunch without replying to urgent emails).

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