(Closed) Do you REALLY have a budget? Like a serious, for real no fudge budge?

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  • poll: Come on, can't you squeeze a few extra pennies out?

    No way! I have a budget and there's no budging!

    For sure! There is a little wiggle room in my math.

    As if! We're so broke we can even afford to make a budget.

    Ew! B-words! I don't have a budget and I'm soooo glad for that! Woot woot!

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    Yeah, we really don’t even have enough money to make a budget at this point. Despite the 130-person guest list, this wedding will not be costing much. Almost everything will be DIY, we aren’t hiring a DJ, make-up and hair, catering, etc. I’ve got friends who are willing to pitch in for their services as a wedding gift, so I’ll be getting them small presents to thank them for helping us out on our special day. We’re having a picnic on a Sunday afternoon so that we can provide sandwiches, a few bottles of wine, and some light snacks, and a pie bar (all homemade by my mom). I’m doing my own music and really, the only thing that we’ll need to stretch for to pay is a tent so that we can dance!

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    I voted for the fourth option. It’s worded in kind of a bratty/humorous way, but it was the most applicable.

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    I didn’t vote because I didn’t think there was an option that really applied to me! Or at least I feel like  @SomedayHisBride: where the 4th option is probably the answer but the “nyah nyah” tone is not really how we feel about things…

    Fiance & I know we are super fortunate. Not only have we both kicked ass on the career front & been able to save more than most people our age, we have parents who have kicked ass on the career front as well and have been super generous with us even though we don’t need them to be. They are very sweet and insist on contributing and keep telling us to use our savings for our eventual shared home and future children’s needs/college/etc. I’ve learned over time not to look a gift horse in the mouth although when I was younger I was very “no I’m soooo independent!” so we are being gracious in accepting their generosity for our wedding.

    But with that said….it’s just one day! Of course we want to have a gorgeous wedding and show our guests a great time but at the same time we’re not just throwing caution to the wind as far as the budget is concerned – we’re definitely being responsible with how we’re spending (doing our research, taking multiple vendor quotes) even though we are highly flexible. We know we’re lucky that any DIY’s that we’re doing are because we have creative/artistic interests & not because the budget requires it.

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    I had an initial budget, but my Future Mother-In-Law and Fiance keep adding more and more expensive things, starting with the venue that was 3x more expensive than my top choice. But, his folks are paying the majority, so it is hard to argue with. It just makes it tough to know where I should be focusing on saving, as she keeps saying things like “don’t worry about the money, if there’s something you really want, we’ll make it happen.”

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    I started my budget from the bottom up. Meaning I listed out everything we were going to pay for in detail, gave each thing a rough starting price, and added it all up. I made a few tweaks until it all looked good and the total was a number I could live with. Then I called that my budget. As we’ve done research and booked things I’ve had to make more tweaks here and there, but overall it hasn’t changed much. And the total is still less than we could spend, so if it goes up a bit now that we’re getting toward the end, that’s totally fine.

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    I’m using Wedding Wire’s tool for budgeting.  I first had Wedding Wire put together the budget for me and than adjusted where we needed to based on our wedding.  I than started getting quotes from vendors to get a better idea of what the real numbers would be like and updating the budget as I realized what I could get for what amount of money.  Now, I have a realistic numbers on paper (well online) and try to stick to that (and get whatever discounts I can).  Our budget was never a hard-set number (my parents are giving us a huge chunk of the reception/catering costs) and we have savings, but more like – okay – this vendor just gave me a quote for 2x our DJ budget – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN vs. okay this is $50 more than our DJ budget – but we <3 this dude – lets do it!

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    We have a budget of $12,000. So far we’ve been able to save of a couple of things which means maybe we will be able to use that extra money to have a bar or something!! That’s the plan so far! Having no alcohol isnt a huge issue for our family and friends, but it would be nice to have some 🙂

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    we didn’t really have a budget… it was more like we tried to get a good deal on everything without sacrificing what we wanted, and then it cost what it cost.

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