(Closed) Do you regularly do freezer meals?

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@missjewels:  I don’t spend any full days cooking, but when I cook I usually make enough for several meals. If I mke chili or soup I make a full pot full and freeze several containers to eat at a later date. Ditto with lasagne.

If I roast a chicken, I make soup stock from the carcass and freeze the stock.

For me, it’s not necessary to give up a day off to cook for the rest of the week.

Putting a meal on the table doesn’t take that long- 30-40 m minutes should do it for most days when we would have chicken, pork tenderloin, fish etc with vegetables and salad.


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Yeah, I’m like julies. Often when I cook I make big portions so that I can either have leftovers the next day or I can freeze. Soon enough I have a pretty decent number of meals. But this is more for the off day that I don’t want to cook, maybe once a week. I don’t have freezer meals every night.

I did have a friend though who prepared EVERY weekday meal on the weekends. It was insane. She would just do a huge patch of pasta salad and have that every day for lunch. For dinner she did similar things. It meant she cooked a ton on Sunday, but it was easy for her during the week. I wouldn’t be able to do it because I need some variety.

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I don’t regularly make actual freezer meals. Our freezer is overflowing with just frozen meats, veggies and all of my SO’s frozen crap food that I won’t touch. I will sometimes buy a bigger piece of steak or something that I know we can’t eat all at once, chop it up for specific recipes and freeze it that way, but never all mixed together or already prepared. I should probably start since cooking is annoying after work, but meh.

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Nope. But I am trying to get in the habit of making extra when I cook to freeze and save for a night when I am too busy to cook.

I put huge value in having home cooked meals for my family, so I end up full-out cooking nightly, with few exceptions. Which I am really proud of.

However, having a healthier option than microwave pizza on nights when there simply is not enough time would be wonderful.

Get one of those vacuume seal machines. My mom had one when I was growing up and she used to go to town with that thing. SHe vacuume sealed anything and everything and froze it. It really does keep things tasting fresh as can be, even when they are re heated

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I do half and half. Once in a while I’ll do a big batch of soup, stew or bolognese sauce and freeze two-person servings in freezer bags. Then I marinade and freeze steaks, chicken and pork chops again in two-person servings. That way I only have to grill or bake the meat, add an easy veggie side (steamed broccoli, grilled asparagus, salad, etc) and then a small serving of a healthy carb (brown rice, baked sweet potato, etc). 

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I don’t do proper freezer meals but I do prep foods and throw them in the freezer for later.

For example I’ll get a bunch of fresh spinach when it’s on sale, wash it, chop it and put it in bags in the freezer. Later I can throw everything into a dish or the crock pot.

Also when I’m making labor intensive stuff like pizza dough I’ll make a few batches and throw the extra in the freezer. 

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What I usually do is make “full” versions of dinners, even though it’s just us two, so we always have leftovers for lunches the next day, and if it’s something freezable we’ll pack it up and stick it in there before we even sit down to what we’ve portioned off for ourselves for dinner.  Right now we have a freezerful of dinners for those nights when we just want to heat and serve.  It works beautifully!

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When I lived in Minnesota there was a company called “Let’s Dish” and I loved it!  You could go in, prep up to 12 meals of 6 servings, and then fill your freezer.  If you did 12 at a time it worked out to like $3 a serving.  They had new menus every month.  I miss it so much, I’m too lazy to figure that all out on my own so I don’t really do that now.

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I usually cook every day, but once in a while, there’s no time or I’m just too tired so I’ll use something from the freezer. So from time to time I make a big batch of something to I have enough leftovers to freeze and restock my freezer meals for emergency days.

I always have soup on hand, not because I love it that much, but because I get a basket of veggies delivered bi-weekly so whatever I have left from the previous week, I make a soup with so it doesn’t go to waste. It’s very handy for lunches – Darling Husband will leave with a mason jar of soup that he can keep at work and have a bowl every day.

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Not regularly, but I’ve recently started stocking up to prepare for maternity leave.  I have to say that I really like it.  I make a double batch of something like a casserole, or put ingrediens for a crockpot meal together in a ziploc.  It’s not too much extra time or money, and I use what we have on hand already in the deep freeze or pantry.  I’m looking forward to having this stuff to grab down the road!

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I definitely want to start doing this more often!  Sometimes I make lasagna or chicken pot pie ahead of time and freeze it.  For stuff like meatballs, pasta sauce, soup and chili I make a big batch and freeze half of it for later.

I like the idea of seasoning/prepping meat and portioning it out in the freezer for later.  It’s nice to buy a big pack of chicken breasts, but I hate just throwing the whole pack in the freezer… I’ll have to try the season/portion way next time.

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Not really… but when I make bigger dishes, like chili, or lasagne, we’ll eat them a few times and then I freeze the rest in individual portions.  It’s always exciting when I realize I have something ready to go in the freezer!

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I don’t make a day of meal prep, but each time i go grocery shopping (about every 2-3 weeks) I marinate and freeze the meat, and do veggie prep so that weeknight meals are quicker.

Honestly, i use my crockpot 2-3 times a week, and each of those give us at least a couple meals, so I rarely have to cook after work.

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No, but I double recipes so I can freeze them afterwards for lunches.

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