(Closed) Do you see engagement rings as status symbol?

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  • poll: Is your ring a status symbol?

    Yes, my ring is a status symbol

    No, my ring is not a status symbol

    People often view my ring as a status symbol, and I like it that way

    People often view my ring as a status symbol, and I wish they didn't

    I wish people viewed my ring as a status symbol

    I couldn't care less either way.

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    Everything you put on your body is a status symbol – whether you like it or not.

    • name brand clothes
    • name brand shoes
    • jewelry
    • hair cuts
    • makeup
    • having your nails done
    • car you drive
    • house you live in

    Anything that presents to the outside world gives cues to society of your ‘status’.  It shows what you can afford, where you put your money, where your priorities are.  And the more you care about ‘how’ you look the more people will judge you.  Sorry ladies, that’s how it is…We judge books by their cover at first glance.

    If you see a woman with a 3ct ring in luboutins, talking on a iPhone 5 on Wall Street you will think of her differently than a woman wearing 0.5ct ring, running shoes, in the grocery store.


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    @Bridey77:  No, certainly not.  I think its very sad that anyone views their ring in that way.

    My engagement ring was a gift of love and commitment from my now husband.  I love the ring itself because its beautiful but I love more what it represents.   I could not care less how anyone else views it.  

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    @Bridey77:  The only status I view an e-ring wearer would be “married/engaged”.  🙂

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  Disagree. 

    There are people who borrow heavily on credit to get a big ring.  There are people with significant savngs who happily choose a modest ring.  

    Anyone can borrow to appear to have more than they actually do.  Lots of people place more importance on savings or other things than jewelry.  

    Thinking you can determine someone’s wealth or social status based on a ring is silly.  

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    I didn’t read all the comments but traditionally engagement rings were intended to be status symbols. The man bought the best ring he could to prove to her family and to society that he was able to take care of her. This is a fact, there is no opinion here. If you have a 5ct ring it’s a status symbol, if you accepted a ring pop that’s a status symbol.

    If they weren’t a status symbol, society wouldn’t require a ring before you got married because you’re not “ready” in regards to money, status, age, whatever.

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    I don’t see a ring or any expensive item as a status symbol, and I really don’t care how others see mine. What people wear can be deceiving if you try to look for a “status” indication in it.  In my city, not long ago, a nursing student who is also a single mom spent $2,300 out of her tax return on a Celine bag.  I work out of Public Assistance offices and I see a parade of expensive bags, clothing, tech gadgets and jewelry worn by applicants.  I also know of people that go into debt to get high end items.  On the other hand, affluent people I know are mostly frugal and low key in terms of what they wear.  

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    @Zhabeego:  I didn’t say it was an accurate indicator of wealth- just that it absolutely is an indicator just like all other outward cues. The way we dress and carry ourselves sends a message whether we agree or not. I wasn’t saying people should cater their choices based on this- just stating a fact. 

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    Yes, an Engagement Ring is a status symbol in our society.  Maybe I’m misinterpreting what you meant by “status symbol” but based on my experience and what I’ve seen around me, an Ering and your relationship status means a lot and can definitely affect how you’re viewed/judged by others around you.

    With my Ering, I get along better with my female coworkers.  Not that I was experiencing a lot of struggle before, but once I got engaged and had this ring on my finger, it’s like I joined the ranks of the “married/settled” women club.  There is this unspoken comrarderie among women who are “off the market” and it feels a little different being included in all their discussions around our experiences of being married vs. participating in the discussions as a single woman.  Plus it’s even more so if you have kids too. 

    Additionally, when it comes to male colleagues this ring plays a big part in how they interact with me.  Before, without a ring on my finger, I had a much higher rate of men flirting with me and trying to catch my attention (regardless of their relationship status).  It was even more irritating and annoying with the way they “talked” down to me at times because they believed I was a young inexperienced single girl, and I had to work twice as hard to gain their respect.  Now, with this ring on my finger men do not flirt and smile with me as much (thank god that sh*t was super irritating) and I have a much easier time talking to them on a professional level.

    But putting aside all this bullsh*t, overall I LOVE being engaged!!  Just being able to wear my gorgeous ring every day given to me by an awesome man as a symbol of his love and commitment to me, honestly makes me unbelievably and ridiculously happy.  Laughing

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    @Bridey77:  Personally, no I don’t consider my ring as a status symbol, I think that is ridiculous, but unfortunately, other people will judge me and either say “wow, her DH must make a lot of money” or “eekk, I feel bad for her its not big enough”…

    its really sad that people judge based on size. its like yea, its 1.25 but the specs are amazing. I would rather have a average size stone with amazing specs, than a large stone with crappy specs.

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    Um…I see them as a symbol of marriage status. Does that count?

    Honestly I rarely notice anyone else’s ring. Most people in this area don’t have large rings anyway, so if I did see someone with a huge rock I would probably assume it’s fake.

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    @MrsBuesleBee:  +1

    Everything is a status symbol, so yes.  

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    I think it’s hard not to think of some rings as status symbols. If you look at some rings, it’s obvious they cost a lot of money, and then people make assumptions about wealth. Not necessarily accurate assumptions, but assumptions nonetheless.

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    I am new here but have seen a lot of rally big rings (are they all diamonds?) and I would think that at least some of them were bought with the intention of being a status symbol. The poll results say different though.

    I don’t regard mine as one.

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    @Bridey77:  I voted I couldn’t care less, but I bought the ring as a status symbol. But not a ”wealth” status symbol, just a social symbol. I would have been perfectly fine with a ringless engagement. We just liked to have a piece of jewelry to wear when we go out, that shows people we are committed into a relationship (it’s a recognizable symbol on that matter). But what others would think about my ring, if it’s too big, too small, too this or that : I couldn’t care less ! It was so unimportant to us on that matter (appearances), that we couldn’t justify spending even 200$ on a ring. We just went with our tiny budget and shopped for something we’d like to wear (I say we because Fiance also has a ring and he wears his too), because to us it was just an accessory to put on our hand, but the accessory symbolized the fact we were into a serious relationship. However, the ring’s worth doesn’t represent in any way the quality of our relationship, of our commitment and our love. Even if my ring was worth 10K, it still wouldn’t represent anything other than the fact I have a SO.

    I’m not emotionally attached to my ring either. I like it and I like it’s significance, but I could always replace it with another one later, and I wouldn’t feel it’s a problem. I like to change my other accessories from time to time, why not my jewelry ? As long as it’s on the correct finger, people will get it. 

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    @Bridey77:  I see engagement rings as a symbol of love from your fiance’ to you. Everyone’s taste is different, some women expect larger rings, some women prefer smaller rings, colored stones, diamonds, yellow gold, white gold, etc. That being said I think judging anyone’s ring as a status symbol is foolish. Those same people using their ring as  a “status symbol” are probably the same people judging you based off the car you drive.


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