Do you set a budget for Christmas gifts? Do you ever go over it?

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My Fiance and I set a max amount. If I found something like $20 over that limit, I would let him know and we would adjust the budget. If I found something way over, I would say it’s part of his birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s day…The 4 holidays are within 1 month and 2 weeks of each other so this time of year I buy him a lot of gifts lol.

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We set budgets and try our best not to go over them.

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We don’t really do ‘surprise’ gifts for each other so there isn’t really a budget.  We usually end up finding something big around holiday that we want and splurge (anywhere from 250-1000) and call it our gift to ourself.  I already bought myself my “Xmas” and “birthday” gift to myself 2 months ago when I splurged on a new watch and handbag.  He got himself a super nice office chair last week and I told him “merry christmas” when the box arrived.  

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No not really. Ever since DF’s siblings started having children his family only gifts to the children now. So we don’t buy for any adult family members on his side.

We have 4 nieces/nephews under the age of 9 and I am the gift selector. While I have no set budget, I figure I tend to spend between $25-35 per child.

My family is so small as to be almost nonexistent, so I only buy something for my mother. We don’t exchange presents with any adult friends.

Dear Fiance and I have no particular limit on each other and buy whatever we fancy. I would guess we are usually in the $200ish range for each other, but that is pretty fluid and some years has been much higher if we have a specific large/expensive present in mind. Also we normally travel somewhere around the holidays. For example, we are going hiking in AZ in December of this year and I am finally upgrading my older Canon to a new DSLR (which I told Dear Fiance would be gift enough for me this year). That in itself is a pretty pricey item as well as some extras/accessories I have bought to go along with it. He has insisted he still plans to get me some gifts to open.


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Each year I set per person budgets and each year I go over. I think I just won’t even bother this year lol

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We only set budgets for each other – usually $500-$700 without including stockings. Sometimes we go over. 

With everyone else, I try to stick under $150 unless I find something I like for them that’s more. 

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Every year I go over it. Now we don’t do gifts lol.

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For outside of Darling Husband and I, I try to stick to a budget of like $25 a person. Usually I find things for a bit under for my brother, sister in law, nieces, nephews, sister. My mother and grandmother I love to spoil, and so I tend to get them something a bit more expensive. My grandmother’s this year was $35, my mom’s is looking like $65 (I haven’t found exactly what I want). 

For Darling Husband, I loooovvveee to spoil him. So I try to keep it to 4-5 things I know he really wants, and they all tend to be around $40-$50 each. 

Overall, we keep Christmas pretty light on gifts. I start Christmas shopping pretty early or as soon as I see something I know someone would like, so I don’t have a big hit in November/December. 

For instance, I bought my brother and 2 presents for Darling Husband in April and July and just tucked them away.

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heatherdanyel :   we set a budget per person. So while I set the initial budget I always go over. I always see things or little extra wrap ups for people. 

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I blindly spend until I’m broke.

I have wonderful friends who always over spend on us and it makes me feel bad to not get them “as much” so I usually just keep buying stuff hoping not to look cheap or like I don’t care about them.

My Dad and my husband always want expensive shit 😂 One year my dad legitimately asked to have the seats in his truck recovered in ostrich. Needless to say, he got something else.

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I usually have a rough number in my head I use when looking for gifts ($20-40 for friends, $50-100 for immediate family members, $200-$250 for FI).

I don’t really budget? (eg. “I have $500 allotted to spend on gifts and not a penny over!”)

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Wow, I guess we don’t do much for gifts compared to you guys.

We spend about $30-$40 per parent or sibling, and about $20 per grandparent. We have a $50 budget for each other. We do not exchange gifts with any friends. We all tend to buy things for ourselves as we need them/want them, so gifts are usually just ‘fun’ stuff.

We really don’t go over the budgets. If it was a few dollars, sure, but not more than that.

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We set a personal budget and try hard Timor to go over it. We buy gifts for parents, grandparents, night nieces and nephews. We also buy for our siblings that don’t have children

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With my husband and I we usually decide if we want to buy somethings larger we both want, go do something, or get each other gifts. Last year was our first Christmas being married so we spent a little bit more on each other. This year we decided to do gifts, or one gift however it works out, that fit in a stocking with $100 budget. 

For others, on my side of the family we finally got everyone to agree to only buy for children because with everyone being married now and having kids theres just too many people. So I usually try to spend $50 per kid. I do usually go a little bit over but not by a ton. Like I for sure would not do over $100 per kid. On my husbands side there’s less people so we do about $50 per kid also and then roughly $25-30 per adult is the ballpark goal. 

I would love if DHs side of the family would get on board the buy for only kids train. It’s not really about the money I just kind of hate the consumerism surrounding Christmas. I work hard keeping clutter and unnecessary things out of my house. For example, kitchen gadgets that do one thing like a waffle iron. No no no. I don’t need a hundred things that do ONE thing each. And then people buy you these things because they don’t know what to get you (so guilty of doing this myself to others) and you feel oblligated to keep it because it was a gift. Okay rant over lol.

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