(Closed) Do you show it when you dislike someone ?

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    Helper bee

    Typically, people have no idea if I don’t like them. I’m apparently an expert about playing nice. Also, my fiance still can’t tell when I am mad at him, even when I am trying really hard to show him that I am mad. However, my sister just broke up with this jerk who was the jerkiest jerk who ever did jerk- and EVERYONE knew that I didn’t like him at all. He tried to choke my dog on multiple ocassions and the momma bear in me came out. Nobody messes with my pooch. I never told him that I didn’t like him, but I went through a ton of effort to avoid him and I was never warm when I saw him. I’m just over the moon happy that my sister is now free to see better people! 

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    Helper bee
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    I can’t help show it, I have a very transparent feeling that I can’t hide x


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    Helper bee
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    barnes66:  If it’s a person like a boss or coworker, someone I have to play nice with, then I hide my dislike very well.

    Any one else? I’m pretty frank about my opinion of another with body language and such.

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    Honey bee

    barnes66:  I think I make it very clear when I don’t like someone. I don’t roll my eyes or say mean things or anything like that, but I just show disinterest. I’ll say hello and all that because I’m not disrespectful, but anything beyond that, no. Just nope. I hate being phony. 

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    Bumble bee
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    I’m civil and polite, but I certainly won’t be fake friendly. Anyone with any level of perception would be able to see the difference. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    I think it’s 50/50. I previously had a co-worker who made it very obvious she didn’t like me, don’t know why I hadn’t even said one word to her yet. That dislike became uncomfortable and mutual. Oddly enough, the more we worked one on one the more common ground and resolution was found. Screw it, I have no respect for people who make snap judgements before they even meet me. That one was obvious. Others though… Maybe I have a good game face but the people I dislike tend to be surprised when they find out. I told someone off a couple weeks ago (it was polite and deserved) and she was shocked! How did she not know it was coming? I think some are overly sensitive while others are simply blind.

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    Bumble bee

    Yes. I am really working on my poker face, and failing. We went out to dinner the other night with my husband’s friend and is extremely irritating wife. I was congratulating myself for hiding my annoyance with her, until I got a fb message this morning from her asking if she had done anything wrong, because she could tell I was upset. Would acting lessons help? I feel bad that every emotion shows in my face and voice. 

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    Sugar bee

    Lets just say that most people can tell if I don’t care for them,I am pretty black and white. I either like you or I don’t 😛

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    Honey bee
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    Whenever I find myself disliking someone, I try to figure out why I don’t like them. As in, what is the deep reason? Surely it goes beyond “they are annoying” — after all, plenty of people are annoying but I like them just fine. Can it be brought back to something within myself that I can maybe have some control over? If not, is there something else about the person that is redeemable and that makes me more able to get past my feelings of revulsion towards them?

    … the keyword to all this being “try to.” It’s really, really hard, and I struggle with it a lot. The end result is that I can talk myself out of disliking most people, but the few that I can’t talk myself out of, well … it’s pretty damn serious at that point. And I really can’t fake it with those people. I mean, if you dislike someone so deeply that you can’t even find a redeeming quality about them to cling to, then you’re not gonna be able to rise above basic politeness when dealing with them. If that.

    Such is life.

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    Sugar bee

    barnes66:  silent treatment. If they talk to me it’s like yea ok cool alright. One word responses and that is all. I don’t need to talk to people i don’t like. Most people can tell if i don’t like them because i M very talkative to people i like so you can see the difference.

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    barnes66:  Even when I try to maintain a nice demeanor, if I don’t like someone, it shows. I’ve been told that my facial expressions are hilariously telling.

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    Busy bee
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    Unfortunately I sometimes do…  I’ve been trying really hard to do better…

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    I dont bother hiding my feelings much.If I dont like someone he/she will know about it. I’m not one of those sneaky people who smile in your face and backstab you when you turn awaay. With me you gonna know where we stand from the get-go. I’m the same with my peers and superiors, but it works! I’m at same job for 6 years and all is good

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