(Closed) Do you show it when you dislike someone ?

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    I try and be polite and respectful to everyone. It really bugs me when people are OTT friendly with people they don’t like and then slam them afterwards. If you don’t like them – fair enough. You don’t have to like everyone. But don’t be fake. 

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    It really depends. Like co workers or my friend’s wife, I’ll remain civil and put a fake smile on, but other I’m pretty open about it. Slightly disclude them from conversations, avoid eye contact, that sort of thing.

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    I’m a pretty direct person and authenticity is very important to me. I would like to think I am polite to everyone but I don’t worry unecessarily about hiding my feelings about people. If I dislike them I don’t engage with them. 

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    I keep it civil and polite, but I don’t pretend we’re friends. The only exception is a boss or similar – I’ll do my best to smile and be friendly even if I can’t stand them.

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    No. Never. Be kind and polite. I wouldn’t be fake and pretend to be their best friend either. But as our mothers all say, “if you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all”. So true.

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    Apparently I do. Here  was me thinking I was poker faced and when this topic came  up some time ago, and I said so, my sister and  friends all fell about laughing and came up with instances of me showing  everything from uninterest   ( sorry to be pedantic but it’s not disinterest,  than means being unbiassed) to disgust plainly on my face . Oh dear….

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    I’m pretty transparent.  My feelings show on my face. But I try to still do the social norms like greet the other person. 

    i once saw a girl just flatly ignore someone she apparently didn’t like. They were not more than 10 feet apart in the same room for a little gathering.  Talk about awkward. Everyone was wondering what was wrong with her. 

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    barnes66:  I try not to, especially in a professional context. I believe my own hard work and professionalism will take me further and that there’s just no point in being too blunt about how I feel about a coworker. You never know who they’re friends with, and I don’t want to risk losing opportunities because I dislike someone and said something I shouldn’t have.

    On a personal level, it takes more effort, but I tend to hide it too. It’s weird because I don’t think I’m a fake person, at all. I’m usually quite transparent when it comes to my feelings. But the few people I happen to dislike are 2 of my friends’ SOs, and I feel it’s inappropriate for me to show I dislike them. It’s my friends’ choice to have them as their partner, not mine. They didn’t ask for my opinion, and until they do, I restrain from telling them exactly how I feel. 

    I’m not pretending to be super friends with them, but I try acting like I would normally : tell jokes, smile, while suffering in silence. 😀

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    yes if i dislike someone and if its because they wronged me then yes they will know.I wont be rude or give them dirty looks or anything like that.I just wont talk to them be near them.I am sure they can tell

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    As I get older I’m able to mask my disdain for certain people less and less. A little dislike I can cover fairly well but if I really don’t like someone I find it struggling to maintain that composure. 

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    I think it depends.  If it’s someone at work, for example, I do find that it is usually best to be at least polite and cordial, but there are very few (maybe 4 or 5) people out of hundreds at my job, who I really do not like bc of something rude they did to me.  I don’t act like a bitch but I don’t act all nicey-nice either.  But I can get away with not interacting with them. 

    If your co-worker has apologized and then is now nice to you then why not just say hi?  You don’t have to be buddies, but saying hi doesn’t hurt anything.  In fact now you are the rude one if you can’t say hi or look at her.  I would need someone to say or do something MUCH worse.  Furthermore, someone of us would LOVE to get an apology.  She apologized and your deal is that you didn’t buy it?  Um, wow.  Not sure what to say to that, except get over it.

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    barnes66:  I don’t show it unless I want them to know that I dislike them. Sometimes I am more obvious about it because I want them to improve their behavior.

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    I normally do not show it. I am not fake but everyone is a human being even if they offended you (and apologized!). Just acknowledge her and look at her.

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