(Closed) Do you still e-stalk your SO’s ex?

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I used to stay in touch with MY ex.  Never in person, he lives in a different city now.  But we used to email and let each other know how we were.   We both work in emergency services, and used to talk shop once in a while.  I am not interested in a relationship with him, and we went through a lot together.  I was with him when his Mum died, and helped plan the funeral because the rest of his family abandoned him and left it on his shoulders.  He was 24 at the time.  My parents always ask how he is, and what he’s up to.

I thought it would be possible for us to remain friends.

He recently got a girlfriend.  I was so happy for him, I want him to be happy.  But he went wierd…..THEN i realised that to her I was the annoying ex.  The one that would randomly send a text saying “Hi, hows your day?”.  The one that gave her no peace to enjoy for boyfriend.  The one that was a constant presence like a shadow.

At that moment I deleted him from EVERYTHING, phone FB, address book GONE.  I didn’t tell him, I didn’t make a scene, I just cut it off.

Gee, I hope she isn’t e stalking me…………………..

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I look at hers from time to time, because its funny.

She was pissed he left her for me, so she tryed being and EMT and a firefighter, and all she ever does is bitch about how hard it is.

I got preg, and then shortly after she barly knew a guy and she was preg.. I lost the baby, and got perg again.. When It came out she trying saying she wanted another one with the guy she was with, and everyone would coment on my page on how small i was and she would get pissed guz she had gotten sooo big.

I got engaged in October, at the ed of that month she asked the guy she was with to marry her…

I changed my hair style, she now has the new/ old stlye I had… New pics have yet to show up

So from time to time its funny to see what she does

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My SO started dating me 2.5 years or so after him and his ‘one and only biggie’ ex broke up.  I don’t mind her at all and do agree with my peers who have met or know her through friends/university that she is quite attractive.  I do e-stalk her from time to time, but its moreso out of curiosity than jealousy or negative feelings. 

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Nope, not at all.

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Still?  Try never.  I had better things to do with my time (and my FI!) than look up the girl who’s now out of the picture.

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the last ex my Darling Husband had before meeting me had been three years prior and they only dated for two months. I did message her on FB once because I was so curious to see who her other mutual friend was – turns out it was my biggest “small world” situation xD

other than that, no I never stalked her. everything I know about her, my Darling Husband told me .. with bits filled in by his family.

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No, I like to think: out of sight, out of mind. Guys tend to say and do silly things when they’re in love, and I rather not think about what they did together in the past. She was in the past for a reason, and now he’s with me!

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Stalk is a strong word, looking at a picture or looking around a place they’re likely to be isn’t the same as checking her status daily or waiting outside her house on a regular basis LOL. I looked up FI’s ex once, in the beginning because he talked about her (when asked) and made her out to be such a troll I had to see what she looked like since he had no pictures. I saw her, said ‘Eh, I’m definitely prettier’ and that was it. It actually was a good thing, because when I eventually met her I knew which one she was and knew to avoid her, which I did. My exes are all still my FB friends, because we split on friendly terms. I don’t actively seek out their pages, but di see the occasional post or pic when it shows up on mywall. I tend to scroll right past. I genuinely couldn’t care less what he’s up to, just thankful he’s someone else’s problem now LOL.

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ugh….I looked her up on facebook when we first started dating, just to see what she looked like.  She was the total opposite of me, short with blond hair and petite…I’m 6’0 with brown hair.  I haven’t looked since then, though!

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My DH’s last ex was my bridesmaid in our wedding. So yeah, we talk. But me and Darling Husband started dating in highschool so their relationship before ours was not serious at all. It’s always funny though when I see stuff about SO’s exes and I’m like yea well my SO’s ex is my best friend! ha ha

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@the_future_mrs:  lol! i love that picture! I have to admit I do. We got off to a rocky start because she’s an emotional attention wh00000re when she’s not with somebody. Like He’d be over having dinner and she’d be busy texting him about how much her life sucks because her man left her. Then when we’d have problems he’d go to her for advice, like seriously dude, she DOES NOT need to know OUR business and that relationship didn’t work, that’s the LAST place you should be going for some dang advice. So I made him choose. her friendship or my love. So I occasionally check her out to make sure she’s not friending him anywhere and that her sucky little life stay that way. i know, i’m a real *witch* sometimes.

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Funnily enough this post didn’t make me stalk either my ex or FI’s ex (I don’t need to, FI’s best friend and our best man is married to the ex’s younger sister who I adore), but it did make me wonder if my ex’s current girlfriend ever looks at my page???  I don’t put anything on FB I wouldn’t tell the world, including pictures, so the thought doesn’t bother me as much as it amuses me.  I never even thought about her until now, LOL.

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No, not since he cut off communication with them about a year ago. 

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SuperFine never had a girlfriend before me, so there is nothing to snoop.

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