(Closed) Do you take off your shoes before walking into your home?

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  • poll: Do you take off your shoes before walking into your home?
    Everyone takes off their shoes before entering : (117 votes)
    42 %
    Only people living in the house take off their shoes : (66 votes)
    24 %
    We don't take off our shoes before walking in : (97 votes)
    35 %
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    We ALWAYS take our shoes off as we come in the house. My husband’s family don’t do this in their home, but I was brought up taking them off, and so were all my childhood friends. I actually went to a school where everyone was required to take their shoes off at the door and change into indoor shoes/slippers. When Darling Husband and I moved in together, it didn’t take long to convert him to a shoes offwind of guy.

    As far as visitors, I much prefer it if they take their shoes off, but I’m not a crazy person about it. Usually when people come in and see our shoes at the entry, they followsuit, but if they don’t, that’s ok. Also, if they astiff they should take them off, I usually say something like “if you like,” or “it’s up to you.” People who ask usually end up taking them off, which is cool.

    I do think it helps keep our carpets cleaner, but I also sometimes think the carpet smells a bit of feet whenever I get lazy about vacuuming Undecided. I guess you can never win.

    The topic of strict shoes off houses make me think of the episode in SATC when Carrie’s shoes get stolen. Funny stuff.

    *edited to add… Its funny, but now that I think of it, I can’t think of a single friend or family member other than DH’s parents and grandma who don’t have a no shoe policy. 

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    I live in an area where we have ice and snow for a good part of the year. Most of the time if you’re going to an event, you’ll be wearing big snow boots. Plus you just couldn’t walk around someone’s house dripping meltwater and sand/salt that they put on the roads. And doing that in your own home, well that would just make a big mess. As it is we sweep and mop our entry way every couple days in the winter just to keep it presentable, and for sure both before and after having several people over.

    I thought that it was just the thing to do: when you enter someone’s house, no matter what the occasion, you take off your shoes. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out that in some places nobody takes off their shoes when they enter a home!

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    Darling Husband and I do mostly because neither one of us likes wearing shoes so I am certainly not wearing them inside my own house. It has nothing to do with keeping the floor clean, but I do appreciate when someone tries to not track stuff in if they have junk on their shoes. 

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    We dont have a rule about taking shoes off but Darling Husband and I often will take them off after work and eithor change into slippers if its cold, just socks, or bare feet if its hot.

    I always take my shoes off when visiting other people and most of our visitors do it at our house too but we really don’t mind.

    Darling Husband has some hiking boots he keeps on our porch by the front door so I think visitors see them and it makes them take their own shoes off!

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    @Imean:  yes, ever since we lived in japan 10 years ago we cannot stand having anyone (including ourselves) walk into our house with shoes.  We never wear them in but have a tiled area with a bench seat so people can sit and take them off.  Our carpets are always clean (obvsiouly I vacuum).  But when I tihnk about what is on the footpath it grosses me out, people spit, there is animal stuff etc.  Most of our guests understand, I have had the odd one say they didnt want to take them off and wore them in and inside I was seething lol. 

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    Our apartment had brand new cream colored carpets put in when we moved in..so I started enforcing the ‘no shoe’ rule. I’m not crazy about making my friends take them off if they visit, but most follow our lead when we take off our own before coming in. I just want to keep the carpets looking nice as long as  possible.

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    When i first met my SO my friends who happens to be dating his brother warned me that when we go to my FMIL’s house you need to take slippers.

    She haes sock fluff and you HAVE to wear slippers in her house else she freaks. i thought this was quite bizzare!

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    I don’t know anyone nor have I ever known anyone that doesn’t take their shoes off inside their own or other peoples houses. In My Humble Opinion it’s just rude to walk on someones clean floors in dirty shoes.

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    I always took my shoes off just after I got through the front door the whole time I was growning up and when I lived in the UK. It’s cleaner.  Now I live in Far East Asia and it would be considered rude not to take your shoes off before entering a home/temple (or in some cases beauty salon and other places).  People literally leave them out in the street.  When I think about it – they could easily be nicked but who wants our smelly shoes? Lol.  Our floor are marbles.

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    I also hate the thought of trapsing whatever you may have stepped in through the house.  Like urine or dog mess or bin juice or whatever.  I like to be barefoot in my home, but my feet would always be dirty if I wore shoes for any length of time inside.

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    We have friends who enforce this rule but I figure it’s because they have small children and don’t want the nastiness of outside to end up on their carpet where the kids play. We don’t have this rule in our house. We mostly take our shoes off when we enter but it’s more of a comfort thing than anything else. No one in either of our families cares much. Most have hardwood floors but even those with carpet couldn’t care less. The only time I make it a point to remove my shoes in the homes of those without the rule is if it was raining or snowing and I know I’ll be tracking in stuff.

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    Everyone coming into our house takes off their shoes. I live in the Caribbean and it would be considered rude to keep your shoes on while in indoors. And with all the dust and sand outside, its also not done to not take your shoes off. Interesting to read the perspectives from other parts of the world.

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