(Closed) Do you take off your shoes before walking into your home?

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  • poll: Do you take off your shoes before walking into your home?
    Everyone takes off their shoes before entering : (117 votes)
    42 %
    Only people living in the house take off their shoes : (66 votes)
    24 %
    We don't take off our shoes before walking in : (97 votes)
    35 %
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    We always take off our shoes and our friends/family remove theirs as well. I can’t stand shoes in the house and neither can my husband. Yuck!!

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    @AB Bride:  I understand. I see in Canada it’s very different than some parts of America. I was not brought up with this so for me it is more of a foreign concept. I do have a pair of shoes that are dirtier that I don’t wear past the entryway but that’s only because we have carpet. If we had tile or wood I would wear them throughout the house. 

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    Oh, I forgot, my future in laws are a no-shoe home (part of their family is from Maryland). Most of their house is carpet, but they don’t ask people to remove shoes unless they go downstairs to the basement, where the carpet is white. 

    I really dislike carpet and do not see an upside to the stuff! Harder to clean, collects pet dander like nobody’s business, have to make your guests go barefoot, has to be replaced fairly often, especially if it’s a color and you want to redecorate… meh. What really gets me is homes from the 50’s that have beautiful hardwood floors covered in nasty pink or green carpet!

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    I’ve read the studies of what lives on the floor in BART stations in San Fran…and what goes on after hours.

    Everyone takes their shoes off before coming in our house! lol

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    @MsBlackberry:  Yeah I feel the same way about carpet! It baffles me why our landlord would put this carpeting in throughout the entire apartment! I mean it’s South Florida for goodness sake!

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    @forshure:  I have never had guests who walk in with their clothes on

    You have strange guests ๐Ÿ˜€

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    I take my shoes off before entering homes, and insist others do too. Shoes are gross and track who knows what inside and all over the carpet. If the place was all hardwood or tile flooring it would be easier to clean.

    @happyface:  I have specific dog towels that I use to wipe the paws of my dogs every time they come inside. The garage is dirty, the grass is dirty, if it’s wet or they stepped in something – it all gets wiped off before it is tracked into the house. I keep unscented baby wipes at the door too and they get their paws cleaned once a day, more if they step in something or my male pees on himself (which happens on occasion, lol)

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    @couawilou:  Same.

    If our friends drop by our place for just a few minutes and ask if they should take off their shoes we usually say it doesn’t matter (unless it’s super muddy out), but if they plan on staying for a while they’ll usually take them off automatically because they were raised that way too.

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    At other houses, yes, if we are staying for a while and not just grabbing  something, we’ll usually take them off. And in our apt I usually walk into the bedroom to take off my shoes. 

    But I work in an office all day and walk across a couple parking lots. I’m not afraid of that little bit of dirt and germs. 

    It’s not something that’s a big deal to me. I certainly don’t make any visitors take off their shoes if they don’t want to.

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    Fiance was brought up to take off his shoes before going into his house. I was never taught that so I’ve been in and out of houses with sneakers on all the time. But, he has some beautiful rugs at his apartment so I take my shoes off. The sure bet is that will continue when we get a house ๐Ÿ™‚

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    i was brought up to take my shoes off when entering someone’s home. even when visiting friends, we always took our shoes off. we either left them by the door or on the front stairs.

    Fiance and i are moving into a new apartment in a few weeks. i fully intend on buying a mat for shoes, and putting it by the front door. and in the winter, one for outside the front door (the joys of buffalo and winter).

    to me, it’s the polite thing to do. but, that being said, i don’t expect everyone to remove their shoes when entering my home if they haven’t been asked. at my parents’ house, most people who visit know to remove their shoes. but if they don’t, my mother doesn’t get annoyed. i wouldn’t expect anyone to automatically remove their shoes when entering someone’s home, unless they were brought up to do so.

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    We always take off our shoes,, and pretty much everyone else does too…except the maintenance men.

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    I live in Korea. Wearing shoes inside someone else’s house is a big no-no. I hate wearing shoes anyway! Even in NYC I’d size up the situation and see if it was cool to take my shoes off — if I got an “if you’d like” answer, my inner child would be like YES NO SHOES ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ :D.

    But yeah, here, you even take your shoes off in many restaurants. If a guy comes to fix your TV or deliver a sofa, he takes his shoes off. In fact, if two guys are carrying the sofa into your house, they will take their shoes off while carrying the sofa. It’s amazing.

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    @Bebealways:  said,

    … If a guy comes to fix your TV or deliver a sofa, he takes his shoes off. In fact, if two guys are carrying the sofa into your house, they will take their shoes off while carrying the sofa. It’s amazing.

    Maintenance folks do that here as well… leaving their shoes at the front door mat same as everyone else…

    Alternatively, they bring along these special fabric things that they slip on over their shoes (kind of like what you see in a Hospital Operating Room)…

    I know that “southerners” in the US find this all to be quite strange… but if they lived here in Canada for a short time, they’d quickly see that the weather really dictates the whole thing.  Like I said earlier, we only see about 3 months a year here where one could compare our climate to Florida… otherwise it is super messy either because of the snow or mud, or the stuff we have to put out to combat it (grit, salt etc).  Honestly, when I thoroughly Spring Clean my foyer every April after the winter, the amount of gunk in there is unbelieveable… I probably sweep up a cup full of dirt… and I usually pitch out the throw mat that sits in there to keep it all from being tracked further into the house… it just isn’t salvagable!!  This is just a fact up here.

    One thing to pitch out a $ 10 floor mat, something entirely different to replace a couple THOUSAND dollars worth of hardwood, wall-to-wall carpet, or rugs (the latter two are still fairly common up here, BECAUSE they are so warm underfoot)


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    I never did growing up, but now that I live in on my own in a big city, I get so grossed out thinking about everything I step on while walking around, riding the metro, etc….so we are a shoes off household now!

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