Do you take your baby out past bedtime?

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Blushing bee

We have found that for our sanity we keep naptime and bedtime as something to be respected.  No way in the world would we purposfully have a late bedtime.  For our son we found that if his nap was messed up or if he got overtired then he doesn’t sleep well at all.  I mean AT ALL, he became a cranky monster who woke up throughout the night crying.  Normally he sleeps 12 hours through the night without a peep. So no, he’s almost 2 and he still goes to sleep at 7:00, never any later.  The few times we have stayed out late for his nap or bedtime we have regretted later.

Babies/toddlers are strange, if they don’t sleep long enough they actually then have a terrible time sleeping.

I wish we could be more flexible but we found it just wasn’t worth it.

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Bumble Beekeeper

candy08 :  I’d give it a whirl and see how YOUR kid does. My daughter is fine if we mess up her schedule once in awhile, but if we do it too frequently she becomes a mess. We pick what events are worth keeping her up for, which ones we get a sitter, and which ones we just skip. 

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Busy bee
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candy08 :  

My babies are 16 and 9 years old… but generally we tried to be home in time for routines. Once in a while staying up late was ok dependong on the kid. Some kids will just fall asleep where they are. Others turn into demonic hellraisers when they are overtired. Know your kid and plan accordingly LOL

Also realize that this season feels like it will last forever but it passes quickly and you get a normal life again eventually.

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Honey bee
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Yes we do. Our d d is 6 months and also goes to bed around 8/830 on the regular but sometimes (weekends esp) we like to visit friends and so she stays up a bit later or we she will fall asleep on a blanket/on a bed while we are there. 

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We’ve never risked bedtime, but messing up naptime is always hit or miss for us.  However, I can’t imagine extending bedtime would go very well… she’s usually pretty done by bedtime.

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Sugar bee
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Absolutely not. I always swore I’d have a kid who was flexible and would sleep anywhere, but my kid is a nightmare if he gets off schedule. He goes to bed at 7:30 exactly every single night. If he goes later, he takes forever to fall asleep, wakes up early, and is a monster the next day. YMMV

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Bumble bee

candy08 :  We are quite strict with our LO’s sleep schedule- she’s almost 22 months now. We will let her stay up a bit later on the odd occasion, but generally we will decline invitations, one of us will stay home, or we’ll get a sitter if it’ll interfere too much with her sleep. Before kids I always said I wouldn’t let my kids completely dictate my life, but after reading about how important sleep is to health and development, I’ve changed my mind. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a short period of time that our social lives will be impacted. Other people have kids who seem to do completely fine with other arrangements and that’s great, unfortunately it just doesn’t work for us.

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Bumble Beekeeper

candy08 : We noticed if she ever stays up later she wakes up earlier and doesnt sleep through the night!

Hello friend! So interesting, we are in exactly the same boat here with our baby who I think is about the same age as yourss (almost 7 months). For the longest time, her bedtime was around 10-11pm, which I loved because it allowed us to do stuff at night and also she’d sleep through til around 8am for her first feeding, so i was getting a normal-ish night’s sleep too (I’d just go to bed right after we put her down). In the last cuople months tho she keeps inching up her bedtime and now it’s a struggle to keep her up til 8pm. She typically will sleep from 8pm-5am, wake up to eat, then back down until 7 or 8am. I’ve noticed if we force her to stay up later than 8pm, she will wake up EARLIER than 5, which…wtf girl. As a result, we only keep her out past her bedtime for very special reasons. Like last weekend we had a wedding to go to that I brought her to…which resulted in her not going down until 10pm. Homegirl then had TWO motn wakeups at 4 and 6am…then up for the day at 7:30. No bueno. 

On the bright side, her having an earlier bedtime theoretically means it will be easier to get a babysitter to come after we put her down around 7:30 or 8pm, and dh and I can go on occasional dates or out with friends in the evening without a fussy baby in tow. But yeah not looking to keep my baby up past her bedtime anymore unless it’s for a REALLY good reason, cause we all pay the price if we do!

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Bee Keeper

Nope we live by some schedule regardless of how it affects our plans.  Sometimes we make them sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes it’s a shitshow.  So for the most part we try to keep to a schedule.

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Sugar bee
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 Nope. Not worth messing with bedtime 

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Bumble Beekeeper

candy08 :  my daughter was definitely easier to keep out late when she was a baby because she would just pass out anywhere. Now she’s almost 2 and if she’s out she’s into whatever is going on around her so she won’t sleep until we get in the car to go home. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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My son is 8 months and we don’t mess with bedtime if it can be helped.  He’d be such a grumpy whiny crying tired mess, it’d be no fun for him or us to be out anyways. 

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