Do you take your baby out past bedtime?

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candy08 :  We never messed with bedtime, the few times we did.  It sucked big time.  Routine is best for little ones.  

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I have an almost 9 month old. I do not mess with his schedule and decline invites where it overlaps his bath/bed time. Sometimes my mom will watch the monitor for us when he’s put to bed and we’ll leave for a few hours then. I haven’t come across any event that I’m willing to mess with bedtime. 

I have a friend that was all over the place with bedtime and her little one. He’s 2 now- and a horrible sleeper. They have such a hard time getting him to bed it’s crazy. 

Our schedule is working for us- I’m not interested in messing it up

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Nope. We’re strict on bedtime. Also found the later they stay up, the earlier they rise (worst!). So, we either ask to get together earlier in the evening OR host so we can get the kids to bed. Our kids (1 and 3) go to bed early (645 and 730) so that’s been the compromise that works for us! If we’re staying out or having adult dinner (not at a geriatric hour), we get a babysitter. 

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As cheesy as it sounds, very few events are “worth” the shitshow of a bad sleep,  in my experience. My son is 3 and only in the last few months have I started to be more flexible (and even then we’re talking an hour or so).

Believe me. It can be a PITA, and sometimes I hate it. But it’s a relatively short season in life, so I try to just accept it.

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We did not at that age, with rare, unavoidable exceptions such as travel. Even then we always planned to arrive before bedtime. That’s what weekends, grandparents and babysitters are for. 

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Before he was 6 months old, yes. No problem at all. I could nurse him to sleep and put him down in either his car seat or his stroller at his regular time and have a couple more hours to hang out with friends. 

After 6 months, no frickin way. He outgrew his infant car seat and would wake up right away if I put him down in his stroller. I wouldn’t just put him on a bed in whomever’s house it was because then I’d be checking on him incessantly to make sure he didn’t roll off. (Tried that a few times). 

I’d choose getting a babysitter 110% of the time if there was an event that I absolutely couldn’t miss in order to keep his sleep schedule on track. He still wakes up earlier than normal and in a crappy mood if he goes to bed late, and he’s almost 7. 

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We were very strict for the first 8-9 months, honestly. We turned down a lot of invitations out, or just got a sitter, if we knew it would be past our baby’s 7pm bedtime. We sleep trained starting at 6 months, so we had a baby who slept 7-7 and we were not at all interested in messing with that. We were strict because a) we knew he was miserable when tired, and b) his sleep training was so new we didn’t want to mess it up. We got a lot of side-eye, especially from friends who just drag their kids all over. I didn’t let it bother me because we have a great sleeper and many of them have kids who still wake up multiple times per night.

Now that he’s over a year we are more flexible because we have an established routine and he can put himself to sleep vs us having to rock him or be his sleep prop. We don’t make it a regular thing but if we know dinner with family might run late we just try to push nap a little bit. As he’s gotten older he’s been a bit better with hanging in there. Even still, we just find it way more enjoyable to get a sitter than deal with a cranky baby. 

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Seems to be the consensus, but we try to stick with bedtime. Since he is generally well rested we can push things a little sometimes without it being a disaster, but when he was younger and not sleeping very well it would be the same. Extra wakings and waking up early (which apparently is how they react to being over tired, according to our sleep book). 

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Maybe you can plan that if you are going to be out and have the baby up past her standard bedtime, then then next day has to be a quiet, more relaxed day. That way, if she needs some additional naptime (or even just quiet time), it’s easy for her to get it.

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No, we are going to have to keep our 6 month old out past his bedtime for a wedding later this month and I’ve been dreading it and trying to imagine how to deal for at least a month now.  

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With the first child this was easier. But with each subsequent child, especially if there is any kind of age gap, it gets harder. When my youngest was a baby my oldest was in middle school and had evening activities at school- art show, band concerts. We’d pack up the 3 kids and go as a family. Later kids roll with the punches. Even if they don’t have a big age gap, you might have a baby when your oldest is in preschool. You have to go pick them up- you can’t necessarily work around a nap.

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Our son is a terrible sleeper but very easy going about routine changes (if goes down later, he wakes later) so occasionally we might push bedtime or naps by 1 hour max. That usually gives us enough time to mingle, have lunch/dinner at the event we’re attending. By doing this, we also learnt our son sleeps better and longer going to bed at 8/8:30 than he does at 7/7:30. We don’t do it frequently because I don’t believe that’s fair to our son, and we don’t take the “he should sleep anywhere” approach because we also don’t think that’s fair to him either. As other posters have mentioned though it’s all about how she responds. 

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candy08 :  

i am laughing reading your post and we are away on a few days break and it is 10.15 and my husband and I are lying on the bed in a darkened room since 9pm so we don’t mess up our sons routine!! Don’t worry I have wine though 😆. 

We’re lucky though my mum lives nearby & will babysit whenever, but also pretty much all my friends have kids do we’re all in the same boat!! 

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I’m not a mum, but I think it depends on the baby.

My friend had her first quite young (before anyone else in the group), and she was a very chill baby.  She would often come to our houses for dinner and a wine, and would set up the portable cot in a spare room and put her down at bedtime, or a bit later.  She didn’t wake up to music or laughter or anything, and she did this from a few months old – now.  Sometimes she was sleeping over for the whole night, other times she would be transferred to the car seat, still asleep. 

Same friend tried this with her second baby, and it was a nightmare for her.  She didn’t want a bar of it, would cry and my friend would end up leaving early and the next day she said she would be a nightmare.  So she had to stop this entirely when the second one came along.

You know your baby.  

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