Do you take your baby out past bedtime?

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From my limited experience (I have 2 kids) I would say it is a very common occurrence that they dont sleep well when they go to bed later. For both my kids they slept in spurts until they began to get into a rhythm – sleeping 6 hours at a stretch at first, and then gradually increasing until 12 hours sleep shifts. My 16 month old sleeps 630 to 630. If I were to put him to bed at 930 he would still be up at 630. Lol. Nothing is worth messing with bedtime ! One of us is always home for bedtime. We get grandma to babysit on the rare occasion we need to be out when he would regularly be sleeping.

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trekstar :  this is like my SIL and her kids. Her 4 year old is up all night because she never set a bedtime. Can’t imagine living like that !

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YogaMama :  When I first met my husband, my stepson never had a set bedtime.  My now-husband would just be like, “Ohp, it looks like it’s time for bed” around 10:30ish every night, or as late as 1am on weekends…. This kid was 5.  It was nuts.  Once I started taking him to school in the morning, I started enforcing bedtime and we’ve done it since (stepson is now 11).  His mom has told me what a horrible time she used to have when she would get him back from my husband and how thankful she is for me. haha.

Our 14 month old has been on a strict schedule since she was 7 weeks old.  I need my adult time at night, thank you. 

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NOPE. I’ve been doing the same bedtime routine with my daughter since she was 2 weeks old – by 6 weeks she slept 9 hours straight and not long after that she has been sleeping 7-7 — she is now 2 years old. I never stray from the bedtime routine lol 

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Our little guy is 7 months old. If we really want a night out we will try to get DH’s sister to babysit. But we also bring him to lots of places – mostly in the daytime, but some nights as well. We don’t really pay attention to bedtime on those nights (we also bring his pram and sometimes he falls asleep in there), but if he gets fussy or unhappy we bring him home. He was at the pub last Saturday and we brought him home and put him to bed at 10:30, and he was fine (he usually goes to bed around 9:30). So far he’s pretty well adjusted, flexible and likes being around people and a bit of noise.

I don’t think my sanity is worth trying to stick to rigid routines – I get it if your baby needs it or responds well to it, but our little guy never has, and life happens. I also don’t want to live in fear or dread anytime the schedule goes slightly awry. I’m sure it will be a totally different ballgame when he’s able to move around!

That being said, so many more of our weekend nights are takeaway, a glass of red wine and movies at home these days and it’s actually really nice!!

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Nope, we have been out at night maybe 3 times since my bub was born – my Dear Daughter is one and still sleeps a lot – dunno how you get your kids to stay up to like 8/9pm!! My Dear Daughter can only handle 3/4 hrs awake at any point before becoming a MESS. And we just don’t mess with it – when we have, she has stayed awake but been very fussy and woken at like 5am. Most of our friends have babies too so we just all don’t do things at night LOL.

My Dear Daughter wakes for the day between 6am & 6:30am – first nap is at around 9:30am then another one at around 2pm… each nap is 1 – 1.5 hrs and she’s in bed without fail by 6:30pm or 7pm at the latest. 

She wakes once at around 2am for a bottle then straight back to sleep.

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