(Closed) Do you take your kids out to restaurants when you go?

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    We definately do date nights, but more often we go out for meals as a family (at family oriented restaraunts). We took our children out in public at pretty young ages so they have always known how to behave. If we want to go on a date or to a place that is not child friendly then we get a babysitter.

    I would say we go out without the kids once a month or so. On a more regular basis we try to do things special together once the kids go to bed (special dessert or fancy dinner at home, movie night).

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    I do not use sitters who are not my family, so it limits how often we go out without the kids.  My mom will watch my girls about once a month.  I am of the belief that I need to take the kids out to expose them how to act in public.  That is not to say I would take them to some 5 star restaurant and make the other patrons suffer.  But Chili’s or Outback- yeah- they can handle that.

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    I said always, because about 90% of the year I’m home alone with my daughter so if I want to eat out, she has to come! We also like to go out together as a family. We have very infrequent supper dates just the two of us, as we only have one babysitter. We save the really good (and really expensive!) meals for our date nights but otherwise we’re happy to all go together. It’s much nicer now that our daughter has decided she really loves a lot of the spicier foods we like to go for.

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    Yes. We often take her unless it’s a “date” night. She’s 9 months old and is great in resturants. 🙂

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    My son is just over 1 year old, and so far he goes with us most of the time. We have been out on a few dates without him in the last few months, be we typically don’t eat at fancy restaurants so it isn’t usually a big deal to take him with us. However I have recently begun to appreciate being able to relax and eat with my husband when we leave DS at home. We love to take him with us, but we are able to eat and talk more when he’s at home.

    Right now we only leave him with family when we go out, and we are planning for more children in the future. I don’t think I’ll leave our child(ren) with a non-family babysitter until they are older, but thankfully my in-laws aren’t far away.

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    I said always because other than a date night here or there we have the kids with us all the time. there are a handful of local family places that we are “regulars” lol good food and family friendly 🙂

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    Interesting, I didn’t vote as I don’t have kids to take to a resturant lol

    My parents took us to everything they did, including resturaunts. Now they did have their date nights which we didn’t attend, but for the most part we all went. DH’s parents left him at home for all things like that.

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    Well, I don’t have kids but growing up, we went out with our parents. Not a lot but that was because we couldn’t afford it, not because our parents didn’t want to take us. For big stuff my parents sometimes went out to fancy places and we stayed home until we were older. But even when we could afford it, we didn’t go out a whole lot. Of course now that my parents are empty nesters, they go out a lot. And to nice places too. But for us it was never really a “we won’t take you out because you will trash the table and be a holy terror” but that we could get cheaper and better food at home. I hope that my kids are like that someday, where we have the ability to take them out without ever being “those parents” whose kids drive everyone crazy.

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    When I was a kid my parents took us out to restaurants sometimes but it was always really kid friendly places like bob evans or pizza hut. They didn’t really go out to restaurants a lot period because they just didn’t have the money to do that. When they did go to a nicer place we stayed at home. 

    My plan for when we have kids is to not take them to most restaurants. I realize that Long Horn isn’t a “nice” restaurant but people there are still paying a good bit of money to go out and have a night with their family/friends and I don’t want my kid disturbing them. I’d say at least 1/3 of the time when my dh and i go to sit-down restaurants (and we usually go to that level of restaurant— not “kid” places but not super nice either), we end up rolling our eyes at some (or many) kids making a mess and/or racket. I hate not being able to get through a conversation due to the shrieking, so I really hope i never become that parent who allows that to happen.

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    I didn’t vote, since it’s almost 50/50. Generally, we try to have a date night where we go out to dinner without our toddler at least once a week. It’s very important to us to be able to get out one on one because it does become very easy to fall into a slump when you have a kid at home. It’s hard to feel romantic when you’re constantly changing diapers & dinners involve stopping your adult conversation to cut up food, reprimand, and answer silly questions. We also go out with him relatively frequently, though, too. We really don’t have any problem bringing him along with us, he’s relatively polite & well behaved, but it is just nice to get away sometimes, too.

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    We go out as a family 99% of the time.  For one, we don’t have family nearby, so a night out can easily cost us over $100 with a sitter and dinner.  Also, our kids are really young (only 2 and 3 months), so I’m not super comfortable leaving them with sitters.  And finally, my husband works a lot, so any time he’s off is family time; we kinda feel like family time is limited (eventually the kids will grow up and move away) but we have our whole lives for couple time.

    We do an in-home date night, instead.  Friday nights are family pizza and movie night, and after the kids are in bed, we do something special together and spend a couple time with just us.  So we do get a date night in every week; we just don’t leave the house.  🙂

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    Our son is still an infant but we’ll take him out, so long as he’s fed, changed and relatively happy.  We leave the minute he starts acting up (which has been like, once. He’s normally a pretty chill baby.) If we’re going to a nicer resturant (basically, any place without a kids menu and crayons) or a movie or somewhere else you wouldn’t expect to see a baby at, we wait until one of his grandparents are visiting him and go by ourselves.  We’re fortunate in that my mom comes over once a week to be with him so we wait to do all those types of outings until then.  We both need  our time alone without the baby both together and separately, I think all parents do.  

    What I don’t get is people that take very small children with them to nail or hair salons.  First of all, if you’re getting your nails or hair done, it makes it kind of difficult to chase around your toddler when they inevitably decide they want to tear through the salon.  Secondly, having your kid running around all crazy or crying in their stroller isn’t relaxing for you or anyone else there.    

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    We love having date nights, not as often as we would like but we do. We pick up pizza for the kids, rent a movie and leave them.  They sometimes prefer that then to go otu with us anyways. lol 

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