(Closed) Do you talk/text while driving?

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  • poll: What do you do in the car while driving? Check all that apply!
    Text regularly : (15 votes)
    8 %
    Text only occasionally : (37 votes)
    20 %
    Never Text!! : (26 votes)
    14 %
    Talk on handheld phone regularly : (30 votes)
    16 %
    Talk on handheld phone occasionally : (35 votes)
    19 %
    Never talk on handheld phone! : (6 votes)
    3 %
    Talk on headset regularly : (7 votes)
    4 %
    Talk on headset occasionally : (15 votes)
    8 %
    Never talk on headset! : (13 votes)
    7 %
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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: September 2009

    I used to talk and text all the time. Since I’ve met my husband, who is very anit-talking/texting while driving, I’ve changed my ways. I never text and drive anymore-if it’s super important, I find a place to pull over. Once in awhile, I talk while driving but I really try not to do it. I don’t do it simply because it is not safe to. There are enough distractions without adding talking and texting to the list.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: March 2010

    I have one of those phones that have the full keyboard, so, unlike my old phone I can’t just use one hand to text anymore!!! I am guilty of texting, so what I’ll do it hold my phone above my steering wheel while driving & text at the same time! Ahhh so dangerous!!! Haha, I’ve gotten many scares while driving. I do talk on the phone pretty regularly but I don’t really consider that anything dangerous because I’m fully aware with what I’m doing when I’m on the phone, texting is just the issue!

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: May 2011

    I text every now and then…..usually when it only requires a 2 or 3 word response. I talk all the time…always on my bluetooth. I always have it (and a spare) charged and ready to go. I am one of those drivers that regularly cuss out those who are driving and holding a phone to their ear. Driving all slow on the interstate b/c they are trying to hold onto the phone and switch lanes at the same time.

    The crazy thing is we have laws both against texting and driving AND talking on the phone w/o a bluetooth while driving but you can only get ticketed it you have already been stopped for something else….not much of a deterrment if you ask me.

    I know I have to do better about even the minimal texting I do….but that holding the phone while driving business really gets my goat.

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    Bee Keeper
    • Wedding: May 2009

    I never talk or text while driving; it’s against the law in California.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: April 2011

    I’ve used my phone while driving maybe three times, NEVER texting. It’s too dangerous. Even when you don’t think you’re distracted, I can tell what people are getting on and off their phones because their speed changes, they drift in their lane, don’t use turn signals because their hands are busy, etc.

    So no. I make it a point to not use my phone while driving. And I’ll leave it at that so I don’t hop on the soapbox.

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    Bee Keeper
    • Wedding: June 2010

    I always try really hard not to text and drive…I do occasionally but only a quick message when I just “can’t” wait…but it is awfully hard (and dangerous for myself and others) especially because I have the iPhone!

    I talk occasionally, usually only if it is a long/boring drive. I don’t like to do it that often though, I prefer to use my car time as my chill/me time and just listen to tunes!

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: August 2010

    They recently made use of cellphones (except hands-free devices) illegal in Ontario, but I still see people using them all the time!  Since I’m a frequent pedestrian and I’ve almost been hit by several cellphone users, I’m hoping they get fines and learn their lessons.

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    Blushing bee
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    I don’t text/talk when I’m driving.  For anyone who thinks they can drive and use their phone… I would venture that about 80% of the time, when some driver cuts me off or nearly runs me over… they are texting or have their phone pulled up to their ear.  It makes me livid – no call or text is worth somebody’s life.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: July 2010

    I used to talk on my cell phone all the time when I was driving.  Now I moved to a state where this is illegal, so I have changed my evil ways.  I don’t own a hands-free device, but maybe I should get one…

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    Sugar bee
    • Wedding: November 2009

    The movie Seven Pounds cured me of texting/checking email/surfing while driving!!! Seriously, it scared the bajeeezus out of me. I made the hubs SWEAR that he won’t do it either. I do answer the phone and talk when I’m driving, though. Usually on speaker.

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: July 2010

    Nope, I don’t see the need to, unless it was an actual emergency.

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    Bumble bee
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    I can hardly drive as it is. The phone is OFF when I’m behind the wheel, lol.

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    Busy bee

    I know it’s really bad but I text occasionally and talk on my headset quite often.

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    Honey Beekeeper
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    Talk on my bluetooth, which is via my GPS. I do it far less now that Darling Husband is home, though. I frequently use drive time to catch up with my mom.

    I only text if it’s important and I’m at a stop light. Stopped. 100%. But never WHILE. If i get a text from someone i just call them right there. But honestly now that I’m not driving across state anymore, i only have 20 minute drives so usally my phone’s in my purse until i get to my destination.

    I never do it with lots of traffic and I do try to keep whatever I’m doing brief. I feel like I’m almost MORE careful though–I am extra sure to look over my shoulder and check lanes because I don’t want to be one of “those” people on the roads talking and not paying attention. Shoot, half the time the person i’m on the phone with has to repeat what they’re saying. I know that sounds really stupid and irresponsible though.

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