(Closed) Do you tell your husband/SO everything you do?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I guess it depends on what types of things you keep from him. I’m all about one’s right to privacy within a relationship as long as you’re not witholding important information from your SO.  

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Sugar bee
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I guess it depends on what you mean. Do I tell my husband every time I do anything…no. But I don’t lie about stuff, if he asks something I will tell him the truth. But I don’t feel it necessary to call him everytime I run and grab a coffee.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t tell him every minute detail (e.g. I went pee five times today and pooped once) but we both share the highlights of our day every day with each other and we do communicate our feelings/thoughts quite a bit. Truthfully, compared to most couples we know, we are on the high end of communication. We’re each other’s best friends and I don’t have close girl friends, so if I didn’t share everything with him, I would probably have to keep it to myself.

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Helper bee
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I don’t really purposefully keep things from him…meaning I don’t make a conscious decision to keep things from him because I don’t want him to know. There are however lots of things I don’t tell him because I either get involved with something more important, or because something wasnt that interesting to begin with, or it just never occured to me that he would want to know certain thingss!

I have rapid through processing, and thus I talk really fast and remember TONS of details. Most guys aren’t really like that and I can be overwhelming when it comes to laying on the details so I try to pick and choose what I think they want/need to know, but it’s not because I don’t WANT him to know somethings.

I think it’s normal and healthy to have have your own private thoughts/moments/actions…but when you actively turn something into a secret, that’s when I think it’s not okay. 




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Busy Beekeeper
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I don’t tell him every minute detail and I certainly wouldn’t keep something from him.  I am a big talker though so he hears a lot about my day that others might not share 🙂

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Sugar bee
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I guess it depends on what you’re talking about. Generally, I don’t have an life that’s exciting enough where I need to share every detail. It also means that generally, nothing happens so there’s days that I tell him nothing.

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Buzzing bee
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Obviously, I don’t tell him every tiny detail of every day.  I don’t keep anything major from him, but I also try and limit certain information.  Like he doesn’t know that I’m freaked out about creating over 1000 origami petals for our wedding flowers.  And he doesn’t need to know that, because he can’t help.  I’m too OCD to let anyone but me touch them.  And that’s my issue, not his. 

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Sugar bee
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I guess I don’t tell him EVERYTHING. But I don’t go out of my way to hide things from him. He’s already been totally upfront by telling me that it makes him uncomfortable to hear about my past relationships, so if I’m telling a story from college or something that involves someone I was dating at the time, I’ll usually edit that part out.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@sfigu16:  Well it really depends what it is. In some ways I need to grow up and learn to deal with stuff myself and not bother him with every little problem. Like if something bad happened at work, I generally tell him.. but as I get older, I realize that sometimes it’s just pointless to do so. Like it’s not helping me because I’m reliving that moment, and he’s listening to me complain. So that sorta thing I try not to do so much.

For big things.. like if something is really bothering me.. then yes I will tell him. If I am going to go out with a friend, yes I tell him.. it’s common courtesy to let him know where I am since we live together. 

I would say that I tell him most things… but not everything. It’s just not necessary. As long as we have a general idea what the other is up to, then all’s good.

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Honey bee
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I tell him anything cute/ funny/ interesting/ sad/ ironic/ terrible that happens during the day.

That ususally amounts to….how I popped a good zit, what the dogs did cute that morning, something absurd one of my students said, or how many miles I ran. AKA, nothing he really, or anyone else, cares about. But he listens 🙂

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Sugar bee
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No. The stuff he needs to know, the stuff he would findd interesting, or the stuff I feel I need to share (for whatever reason — if it’s funny or if it’s upsetting) gets talked about.


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Sugar bee
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I tell Darling Husband very little but it’s not on purpose. His phone is always dead so texting him is difficult. We work opposite shifts so rarely get a chance to talk. When we do see each other we usually cuddle and watch TV or joke around and giggle a lot. I don’t like talking (or thinking) about work when I am not at work, talking about my workouts or cleaning habits just aren’t all that interesting, and most other things just slip my mind when he is around. I know this makes it sounds like we don’t connect at all but that is far from the truth. I just don’t talk a lot 🙂

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Bumble bee
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I tell Darling Husband lots of stuff and always tell him the truth when he asks.  I don’t hold much back from him but it’s always been that way.  He tells me lots of stuff too – stuff that he probably shouldn’t be repeating! I have to be careful about what I say/know sometimes!

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