(Closed) Do you think allowing a child to become obese should be considered child abuse?

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  • poll: Do you think allowing a child to become obese should be considered child abuse?
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    maritimebride2016 :  I’m 40 and I was always surprised by the sort of junk my friends ate.  My mom was like a hawk about sugar in my diet, no kool aid, no peanut butter and jelly, etc.  I hated it then, but I am so thankful now.

    I’ve noticed that Baby Boomers could eat crap and stay relatively thin while their children couldn’t.  I think our grandparents and parents ate terribly.  Those processed foods finally caught up with our generation.  Good for you for nipping it in the bud with your son.  He’ll be grateful to you one day.

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    Lokie85 :  Eating nutritious foods has less to do with costs and more to do with habits and education. Frozen spinach is just about as nutritious as it gets and it costs very little.  In fact, most frozen vegetables are inexpensive and they are every bit as nutritious as fresh vegetables.  We need to address poor habits rather then to complain about costs and accessibility if we’re going to fix our childhood obesity problems.

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    renierose : Nutritious foods have EVERYTHING to do with cost.  That is why ramen noodles cost $0.20 a pack and Wild Salmon cost $16.99/lb.  You can not seperate the two so easily.  Most people are aware of the consequences of eating food with little or no nutrition but many are unable to make better decisions because of outside fators.  Wether access, cost, education, time, even depression these are obsticles that can be difficult to over come to make better food choices.

    We are also talking about two different things.  You are talking about someone that has access to a graocery store I am talking about people that do not have a grocery store in their neighborhood etc.   Furthermore, their circumstances prevent them from preparing an adequate meal for a reasonable cost and effort. Obesity is a serious issue in disadvantaged communities more so than those that are more affluent.  Those in affluent communities have choices and they choose what the choose.  Some do not have the privledge of choice.  Do you think people want to eat their way into an early grave? No, the majority do not.  

    Yes frozen spinach is inexpensive, but you cant live off of frozen spinach alone.  The more foods are processed the cheaper they are. And they are actually fun to eat, easy to prepare and satisfying on many levels. Im often asked to make Mac and Cheese and using real ingredients it will cost about $40, but a box of processed cheese powder and noodles will only cost $0.50 or about $4 to make the same quantity as my homemade version.  Quality cost!

     I dont even know how much spinach it would take to eat 1000Calories but I’m sure by the time you add up all that spinach you are approaching a $5 big box from Taco Bell.  And the $5 box actually has something spinach doesnt have, it has protein, fat and carbohydrates…something you need in your diet.  Unfortunetly the quality is poor and the nutrition al value is low compared to the caloric intake

    My point is Obesity, like many other issues, is not so cut and dry.  It is a multi-faceted issue.  There are those that refuse to make good choices and that is their choice to make for themselves and their family, but there are far more people that due to their circumstances can not make good food choices.  Obese children often fall into the latter category.  

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