Do you think most women would want a boy or a girl in my shoes?

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    If my family was as psychotic as yours I wouldn’t even tell them the sex of my baby. I’d give the baby a unisex name and dress the baby in neutrals until they were old enough to tell their relatives themselves. No diaper changes by family would be allowed. 

    By the way, what you WANT has exactly no bearing on what you will have. 

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    Sex =/= Gender

    This post. Not okay.

    A healthy baby is the most important thing. In 2018, why are we getting excited over having one sex or another? Afterall, if a baby is born a girl, they may transition at some point anyways, and then you will have a boy!!

    Who cares.

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    I’d be happy if I could just get pregnant. We’re probably going to have to drop 30,000 dollars on IVF just for a chance though. That being said, when we do IVF D.H really wants a girl. So I guess we’ll try for that. Won’t at all be upset if all our embryos were male though. I would just be SO grateful to have a baby at this point.

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    Are you from a culture where boys are more prized than girls? This honestly seems so weird to me and I’m wondering why you’ve heard so many “stories” about the extended family going berserk over the sex of a baby. 

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    I don’t understand how there’s a post about this and four pages of replies lol.

    I mean – you know you don’t get  to pick, yeah? 

    You can want/hope/pray however hard you want – if you’re doing it the old fashioned way, you get what you’re given and unless you’re a complete asshole, you love and appreciate whatever you get. 

    When I was younger I thought two boys sounded awesome.  Now I’m older and watched my SIL toilet train two boys – I’m thinking a girl sounds lovely, but I’ve always known that when the time comes, I’ll just be hoping for a healthy baby. 

    Regardless, even if you got to choose their sex, there are minor differences between the sexes when it comes to raising them, but not when it comes to bonding with family members.

    I’m the eldest grandchild on dads side and we have two boys and three girls in total.  I was the only one that used to help grandpa in the garage with his tools.  One of the grandsons loved baking with grandma.  The best cricketers are one of the boys and one of the girls.   None of the girls were into princess sparkly stuff.  This was way before any protests about gender stereotypes too.  



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    I’d just like to add, I don’t think this is necessarily about it being a boy, and the male gender being put on a pedestal. I think it’s just a first of that gender. I bet if they had 8 grandsons, they’d want a granddaughter.

    I was the first girl born into my family for at least 3 generations. Future generations are still just having boys. I’m the only girl. I wasn’t treated differently to the boys or treated any more special. But I was definitely made aware of my uniqueness within the family line. To be fair one of my cousins refers to me as “the oddity” so I’m definitely not treated as something special. But I think when I was born my grandparents were happy to have a granddaughter for a change. 

    My family are all interested to see what I’ll produce, but I don’t want kids so I guess they’ll never know. 

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    I don’t understand the point of this… sure you could want a boy or a girl and people try a couple times to get both but…

    You’re gonna get what ya gonna get. Know what I’m saying?

    Why waste time worrying about figuring out a preference on something you can’t control? 

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    hollyjollymess :  I feel like this is such a petty situation but I’ve witnessed something like this before. My aunt’s son had 3 sons and then her daughter also had a son, when her daughter was pregnant with her second child she really wanted to have a daughter, so much so that even after the doctor told her the baby was a boy she still bought girl’s clothes in the hope that the baby would be a girl, she wanted to have the first granddaughter. 

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    I kind of want a girl to get “my girl” out of the way.

    You’re a girl, right? What does this say about how you value yourself? This post creeps me out. I want a healthy baby, boy or girl. Ideally I’d like to have one of each but will be thrilled with whatever I get. I didn’t grow up knowing any little boys so I’m slighly nervous about the unfamiliar, but that’s the extent of any discomfort I have about the idea of having one or the other.

    Your family needs to chill the f out on this. Think how terrible a person a revered grandson could grow up to be!


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    Dr_dazzle :  I’m rooting for you guys so hard, darling. <3 

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    Congrats! I hope you have a happy healthy baby girl! 

    I reaaaalllly hope that you’re not disappointed about the attention you’ll be missing out on due to the baby being a girl. 

    hollyjollymess :  

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    As someone who had a VERY strong preference for a girl and ended up getting a boy (first child and grandchild for both sets of the family), my honest advice is to try and not wish for anything. You will ultimately be happy either way, but the initial gender disappointment is super real and isn’t fun.

    Edit: I just read your update and wanted to say congrats!!!! Girls are so wonderful!!!

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