(Closed) Do you think really good looking guys are more likely to cheat?

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  • poll: Are really good looking people more likely to cheat?
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    I don’t think it’s  matter of if your are good looking or not.  I’ve seen guys who were not attractive at all cheat on their beautiful girlfriends/wives.  I think it’s all about how you were raised.  What kind of family you came from, how you were taught to treat and respect women.  My fiance comes from a family who’s dad cheated and since the first day I met him, he always said nhe would never do what his dad did because it broke his heart to see his mom in so much pain and to see his family falling apart.  They’re clearly in the middle of a divorce now.

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    I don’t think it makes them any more inclined to cheat when you just consider their appearance – it all depends on who they are on the inside that will ultimately decide if they are a cheater.

    I could see a difference in perhaps cheating opportunities. A very attractive man may have more opportunities to cheat as despite seeing a wedding ring women may throw themselves at him because he is so unresistably attractive – but at the same time they could do the same to an unattractive man who is an amazing person. 

    I beleive that essentially if a man wants to cheat then it doesn’t matter what he looks like or what life he has – he will cheat. 

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    bluesparkles:  I don’t think thier looks alone determines if they are going to cheat.  There are tons of guys, who, by most people’s standards are “really attractive”- but have wonderful personalities and stay faithful to ther SO.

    That said, there are tons of guys who are average looking and cheat.  Some of them think they are much more attractive than they are- but I don’t know that that makes them more prone to cheating.  I think it lies much more in thier personalities.


    Have you ever noticed a better-than-average looking man, who with a much less attractive woman?  

    It’s sort of tied into your question, indirectly- to a degree.

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    It depends on morality and the type of environment a man puts himself in (or responsibility).  If a guy goes and parties all the time, I think there’s much more of a chance he’ll cheat because it’s likely he’s impairing his judgement.  Also, if a guy is somehow unsatisfied in his relationship, such as with a woman who always accuses him of cheating or nagging him all the time, or even if she blantently witholds sex (without any serious reason), then it’s more likely he’ll cheat because he’s not happy with where he’s at… but I think a woman would cheat in that situation as well.

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    This doesn’t just apply to men, you know.

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    bluesparkles:  In my experience, many really good looking guys don’t even realize how good looking they are. I once had a very average Boyfriend or Best Friend who thought he was hot stuff though.

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    Bumble bee

    I think it has to do with self esteem and how they respect women. An unattractive man looking for validation might be inclined to stray if someone pains them some attention. And on the flip side a man who knows he’s good looking and has little respect for women might cheat.  I think the quality of one’s relationship plays a role to… just like it does for a woman who might cheat.

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    I think they may have more opportunities to cheat, but I don’t think they’re inherently more likely to.

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    TheGridMonster:  I was just going to say that.  They just tend to have more opportunities 😉

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    Jenks (not my first choice of a name) will be jerks.  It doesn’t matter how they look or what social status they have.  I think cheating comes down to ego. 

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    bluesparkles:  I really think it’s down to the person and the relationship. Yes very good looking men probably have more opportunity but that doesn’t mean they’ll take it. My fiancé is probably the best looking guy I’ve ever met in real life, that’s not why I love him (it helps!) but the point is he gets a lot of female attention. I’ve had women push in front of me in a bar and talk to him (not kidding, this happened), I’ve had girls cat call him in the street when I’m with him. I have never felt more secure in a relationship, more loved and less jealous. He is only interested in me, when he notices the attention (it usually gos over his head) he rolls his eyes and laughs it off, he tells me often I’m the best thing that ever happened to him. It’s all about the person

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    I think good looking guys have more *opportunity* to cheat because more girls flirt with them, but that doesn’t mean they have to take the bait.  Ugly men cheat more because they feel competition with the handsome men, they want to prove that they can get lots of women, too!! 

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    i dont think it’s about how one looks either, but how one was raised. my ex who cheated on me grew up in a super religious household, and then he became an atheist and started partying and cheating and doing all kinds of stupid shit. im not shitting on religion, but his mom was pretty crazy and his dad was an alcoholic. 

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    My ex was a really good looking guy, and not a cheater. However, opportunities were ALWAYS there. Girls would openly flirt with him when I was right there, and when I wasn’t there, they would blalantly tell him that they wouldn’t mind being the other woman or that if he ever got tired of me, he could call them. One even went as far as slipping in his bed at a party wearing only her underwear.

    6 years of this!! I hate women!

    I was lucky my ex was a good man, and a faithful one. But with all these opportunities all the time, cheating would have been easy if he was ever interested.

    So.. are they more likely to cheat? It comes down to character, but ultimately they are probably more likely to cheat. An ugly guy with an unfaithful character may want to cheat but with no opportunity to do so, won’t. An ugly guy with faithful character won’t want to cheat and won’t have opportunities, so won’t wither. A handsome guy who’s faithful won’t cheat. A handsome guy who’s unfaithful will cheat. Of course I’m being simplistic here because opportunities don’t depend solely on looks but it’s a light conversation!

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