(Closed) Do you upgrade your cars or run them to the ground?

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It depends on the vehicle. The car my Fiance had when we first met, was a 2-door Pontiac. We eventually agreed that should we take more trips to visit my family, we’d need something a bit bigger and more comfortable for the long ride. Should we ever have kids, we would prefer a 4-door vehicle.

So we got a 4-door Ford, and sold the Pontiac later. The Pontiac wasn’t driven into the ground, but Fiance had outgrown it and felt he needed something that suited us both, for a reasonable price.

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I’ve been driving my current car for 4 years now, and I fully intend to run this baby into the ground. I hate car payments, and the longer I can go without one, the better.  Besides my car runs great, its just gotten a few nicks and scratches over the years (maybe a dent or 2 also), but I’m not too much worried about the superficial stuff.  I’d rather save my pennies.

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I just bought my first brand new car (I didn’t have a car for 5 years and was out of the country) this year, and unless I move somewhere where I can’t have/don’t need a car, this baby is going to be mine until he croaks! lol.

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@Ninteenthchance:  It is terrifying and I don’t trust other people’s driving. I was badly hurt and knowing I could have died because someone else was stupid made me willing to spend the money on an upgrade. Even if I do get in another accident, which I obviously hope I don’t, I feel a lot more positive about the outcome in my current vehicle. It can take a pretty serious hit with little to no damage. Cars seem to crush like cans…not fun. 

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I will drive my car as long as it is safely running, can be maintained affordably, and fits our needs.  The only way I could see trading it in while it’s still in good condition is if we needed a larger car (for example if we had children and for some reason Fiance does not have his current car anymore since his is larger). 

It should be noted that my current car is fully paid off, and upgrading would without a doubt result in an auto loan.  So monthly payments vs. none is a big reason I have no desire to trade it in.

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I’m still driving my 2005 Saab 95 that has 185K miles on it.  It still runs like a new one and I will continue to drive it until it dies.  I had my heart on one day replacing it with another Saab but since they don’t make them anymore I’m screwed on that.  🙁

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I’ve been driving my dear ol’ Delilah since I received her as a high school graduation present in 2002. She was already 5 years old then. I plan on running her to the ground.

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@Ninteenthchance:  my dad and sdad are both very meganically inclined so we buy used and keep them runnin until they die. 

My first car was a 1991 Chevy Sprint. I drove that thing until the tires were bald and no one had 12″ tires for sale. It got parked at like, 330,000km and then two years later my little brothers friend bought it and it fired right up!

Then I got my wonderful Jetta. It’s a 1999, got it almost four years ago. That car drives and drives and drives… It has 450,000km on it! It’s in great shape (we drive a lot but I’m nice to cars and take care of them)

Plan to keep it until we have kids (car seats do not fit good in that thing) and then buy something bigger. 

I guess the answer to your question is you’re not crazy. Cars are made to drive. There’s no shame in driving them until they’re completely done 😛

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My Fiance is the upgrade type, whereas I like to run them down. I’ve only owned 2 vehicles and he’s owned 4 lol We’re both 25.

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@Ninteenthchance:  Running it down into the ground! I got my current car when I was 17. It cost $3000. It’s a Dodge Neon. I am now 25 and have had it for 8 1/2 years. I am hopng to get at least 2-3 more years. My car insurance is only $18 a month (liability only). 

Currently, neither of us have a car payment and I love that. I am actually not looking toward a new car because I am just not that into them. My current car is decently maintained, has minor paint damage (peeling off), but runs well.

ETA: I should add that though it is a 2000 Dodge Neon, it only has 140,000 miles on it because I have a very short work commute. Also, if any major repairs come up  (i.e., over $800) I will likely get rid of it because the car is barely worth $1,000 right now.

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Run them in the ground!

First car:  83 El Camino, family car, classic, drove that for free as long as I could age 17-20

Second Car:  94 Nissan Altima, bought it from my aunt for 2000.00 paid 100.00 a month, put 4500.00 worth of work into it (3 radiators, 1 alternator, head gasket, starter, clutch, brakes, tires)….before I just couldn’t afford to put anything else in it! age 20-23 

Didn’t have a car from age 23-24, simply couldn’t afford it

Third Car:  2001 VW Passat, got it when it had 68000 miles on it and drove it to 124000 miles…..until the computer died and it was more to fix that than the car was worth and I traded it in….age 24-29

Current Ride:  2007 VW Jetta.  Got money from my Passat as a trade in, and I got this car right at 40000 miles (a little under actually).  age 29-PRESENT and I will also drive this car until I cannot anymore.

Good Luck OP!

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Run them to the ground (for the most part)

I bought a 2001 Hyundai Sonata at 18 for $2K.  Loved it and didn’t want to get rid of it.  I was hit by a college student and the insurance company totaled it and paid me off for it, so I kept the money, put PLPD on the car and kept driving it (only body damage was done).  I drove it until someone hit me head on and the engine was toast. 

I used the money from my first settlement to buy a 2003 Hyundai Elantra that I bought for $3,050.  That’s got 193,000 miles on it, but only a little rust, a new timing belt, new brakes and it runs great.  I’m planning on driving that one until repairs get to be too expensive (I’m getting between 28-32MPG on the expressway and 24-26 in town!  So happy with it!)  The cool thing is, my dad has the same model, just in a manual and not an automatic and he and Darling Husband can usually fix anything that’s wrong with my car because of the way the engine is built. 

DH’s car on the other hand, a 2001 PT Cruiser, looks cool (it’s only got 120,000 miles on it), but the gas mileage is horrible (19-21 in the city and 24 on the highway) and it’s currently in the shop because the timing belt broke. Yay, $1,200 right before Christmas :/  I really don’t want a car payment, but something with better gas mileage is a must for us. We’re talking about fixing that one and then selling it in the spring and looking for something with more room for passengers (we’re always taking people places and we want to invest in something good now before we have kids). 


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Run them into the ground! I have a 22-year-old Mercedes with 190,000 miles on it and I plan to drive it as long as I can. I’ve had it for a year and a half, bought it with cash so no car payment! 🙂 Before that I had a piece of crap Ford minivan I inherited from my dad. That thing had many nicknames that aren’t polite to repeat on here lol.

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