(Closed) Do you use very many of your sick days at work?

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Honey bee
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Only when I’m legit sick. Many of my co workers use their sick days as extra paid vacation days and use family sick time the same way though. I get sick often though. No judgement on people who do use them for other reasons.

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Honey Beekeeper
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My leave is all combined into general PTO, so it’s up to me to manage sick vs. vacation.  That being said, I take off very few sick days, and if I do, I’m legitimately sick.

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Buzzing bee
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I don’t get any sick days, it’s all just lump paid time off, so I generally only take a day if I’m really sick because I don’t want to waste the time. If my job had sick time separate from vacation time, I’d probably use more, honestly. A lot of times I should stay home but just can’t take the time off.

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Honey bee
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I hardly ever take sick days. It’s tough because I work retail, so if I call off I know I’m leaving my co-workers shorthanded and that there will be customers upset about their wait (or possibly just no one in the department to help them if I’m opening alone that day), and we are understaffed lately so there is no one to call in when someone is sick. So I feel really super guilty when I have to call off, last time I called off sick it was because I was in the ER and ende dup having kidney stones.

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Sugar bee
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We get paid out for our sick days if we don’t use them, so I use vacation when I’m sick.  So… I only take a “sick” day when I’m really sick or know I’ll just sit here, be miserable, and not get anything done.  Or when I have an appointment and a ton of other stuff to do. 

Manager doesn’t care as long as we account for it somehow, the check at the end of January is nice, and you always have them there if you really need them (we get 6/year + vacation which everyone gets different, I have 18 days next year).

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@pokie45:  I use them only when I’m actually sick. I’ve been sent home a few times because my boss thought I was sicker than I did lol. I feel so guilty taking time off (even when I’m sick)… not sure why!

With things like colds it’s a fine line. Like you can come to work, but you will be less productive and possibly pass on your germs. If my throat is reallllly bad then that’s usually where I draw the line and stay home.

One year I used up almost all my sick days. I just kept getting sick, had surgery (that was general illness leave but I think I got a cold around the same time), and just wasn’t having a great time health-wise. This past year I am not sure I even took one sick day *knock on wood*.

We have a really good system here and get plenty of flex time and days off so I really wouldn’t feel right abusing my sick days. In the crappy job I had during university and right after, I would take mental health days and call in sick if I was just feeling a bit bleh, but in this job I make sure I am actually sick.

I don’t see anything wrong w. what you’ve done, I just wouldn’t make it a habit.

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Bee Keeper
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At my other job we had 12 sick days built into our salary, so if you didn’t take them you were working for free.  I used them for Dr. appointments, snow days or  if I was legit sick.  I’m still looking for a job after my recent move.

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Sugar bee
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I”ve only had my job since August, but haven’t missed a day yet, probably because I work alone and it would be darn hard to get me sick when I don’t see people.

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Bumble bee
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I haven’t used any sick days since starting my job two years ago (I get 12 a year) except for doctors appointments, which is really helpful.

There has only been one occasion I wanted to use one (when I had a terrible cold this fall) but I had a looming deadline and needed to be around to get a report finished.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Considering I don’t get sick….I’ve really only used them 1) for fun/not feeling like going into work or 2) for headaches. 

I don’t get sick in the sense of colds or the flu (I don’t think I’ve ever had the flu) but I do get headaches that make me feel like crap.  Seeing as they are my benefits and are mine, I haven’t hesitated to use them in the past for some days where I didn’t feel like going into work.  I shouldn’t be punished because I don’t get sick, I want my leave days…they’re MINE I earned them! Smile

That being said…I worked for about 1 year and 2 months at my last job and I believe I used 5 full sick days plus some hours here and there for a few appointments.  I started my new job in May and I haven’t used any sick leave except for maybe 5-6 hours?  So it’s not like I abuse it.  My leave accrues so I can get it somewhat paid out if I leave.

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Blushing bee
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As of now I’ve used my sick for doctors appt or same day medical procedures.  This yr I’ve only used a total of 6 hrs of sick time.  Although I am considering taking a mental health day this Friday.

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Bumble bee

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@HisIrishPrincess:  Exact same here at my current job.  Although, I don’t think I would use them for a snow day, I’d probably just take a day unpaid.

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Bee Keeper

I get 53 sick days! Doesnt mean I use anything close to this as I would probably get fired if I did lol. I also get 3 weeks vacation and 2 personal days each year. I try not to use too many sick days but when I’m sick I stay home because I work in a small office and if one person is sick everyone gets sick. We encourage all people in the office to stay home if they are sick.  I also have a bad sotamche problem so if that is bothering me I stay home and use a sick day but I do feel guilty sometimes for taking the day

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