(Closed) Do you wear makeup at home for your SO?

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  • poll: Do you wear makeup infront of your SO at home?

    Yes, all the time, he/she rarely sees me without it

    Sometimes if Im in the mood, I would wear a full face

    Barely, and when I do its lightly applied

    No, I never do

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    I really like makeup and often do my makeup, especially for work. If I’m just sitting at home, sometimes I’ll do my makeup, but definitely not for my fiance. He doesn’t care. If I do makeup on a lazy weekend day, it’s either because I have the time to play around with makeup, or because I don’t like the feel of my face with no makeup… maybe that sounds weird but I feel like my skin always feels sort of greasy when I just bum around… makeup feels more put together. 

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    I work from home and even if I don’t plan on going outside I do put on just a bit of powder and somewhat tame my hair and brows. But I do it mostly for myself, maybe a little for him. It’s for my own self-esteem. If I rolled out of bed and did absolutely nothing, it would be like the equivalent of walking around in gross old sweats all day.  

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    I’m too lazy to wear a full face of make up day to day, even when I leave the house.  There’s no way I’d do this just to sit at home with DH.  He prefers me without full face of make up anyway. So, its a win-win.

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    Depends on the day – sometimes I put on the full face (which is still pretty natural tbh) especially if we are going to run errands or see a movie, but if not, I will at least curl my eyelashes and put on mascara. My lashes are droopy and I feel so sleepy if I don’t.

    During the week I do a full face for work. I like wearing makeup – it’s fun, and I find the ritual of getting ready really relaxing.

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    Nope! He hate it when I wear makeup out and he hates it even more when I wear it at home. 

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    When we were first dating I used to put on foundation as soon as I woke up after staying over as I was really conscious of my imperfect skin. 

    These days I don’t even wear foundation to work, all I do is draw in my eyebrows so he sees me everyday like this. I’ll put make up on if we are going out to dinner or for special occasions. 

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    He likes a woman who puts forth an effort, and more importantly, I love putting forth the effort. I find makeup fun and a part of … waking up to the day. I also grew up with a mother who epitomized Emily Gilmore and always warned about wearing clean underwear ‘in case one was hit by a bus’.

    But in the house, there are no busses, only us running into each other at any time of day. He works from home, and I have a very flexible schedule, home often during the day but leaving for clients or to teach at the college at odd and changing hours. So, not sure if the question pertains to weekends or dollying up in the evening or… what, but I usually have a face on, because I’m usually going out at some point, and I like to have -some- thing on.

    That said, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I almost never wear anything on my skin, so after moisturizing basically comes my eyes. There are times when we’re bumming around or I don’t have a lot going on when I won’t do much, but I usually bend at some point in the day because I don’t like my bare eyes. My eyebrows tend to need a brushing (yes, that sounds horrible, it’s not as bad as it sounds, but those suckers demand a groooming and a smoothing).

    So, at minimum, I’ll do my brows, maybe a swipe of eyeshadow, and mascara. What more I’ll do is a more thoughtful job on my shadowing and eyeliner, the latter depending what I’m doing that day and what look I’m going for. He hates lipstick so I only wear any if I’m in the mood and not going to face him lol.

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    Nope. I do not like wearing makeup at work or at home. I only wear it when we are going out in the evening or there are events on the weekends. I wear it on average 2 days (mostly evenings) per week. I like the feeling of my skin fresh and bare. 

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    When we first got married 3 years ago, I wore make up all the time, but not a full face. Now, at home just us, never. I probably would wear it more if I was more skilled, but I just sweep my shadow on lightly, liner and mascara, blush, lipstick, that’s it. I try to watch YouTube but can’t master eyes. Anyways, no I don’t wear make up for him much anymore unless we are going out or if it’s a good day I will wear it to work 🙂

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    Just a lazy day….I MIGHT put on concelar, might lol. But when we are going out like on a date or something I alway do a full face. I can tell he likes finished product but he complains so much about how long it takes to put on. Everytime I pull out my makeup bag he gets annoyed that I’ll be another 30 minutes lol, you would think after a few years he would be used to it by now.

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    I only have make-up on at home after I’ve been out somewhere that requires it work, shopping etc. If I’m having a stay at home day then I don’t wear make-up. 

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