(Closed) Do you wear tampons? (maybe a little personal, maybe TMI?)

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  • poll: Tampons or pads?

    Tampons are the only thing I use

    Pads only

    Depends on the flow


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    Never heard of Diva Cup til now.  I’m lucky, I just get a little spotting and that’s it most of the time, since I started birth control.

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    Somewhat related – for any 30 Rock fans, from tonight’s episode: Liz Lemon to Jenna who’s acting odder than usual: “Have you been soaking your tampons in vodka again?!”

    Anyway, interesting to see the wide variety of women’s preferences. It’s interesting to read about the Diva Cup from women who have actually used it!

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    I usually use tampons. I bought a diva cup to try, and couldn’t get it to feel right. It felt like it wasn’t high enough I guess, but I couldn’t get it any higher? Either way, I found it too uncomfortable to wear on a regular basis. Maybe I’ll try again during my next period.

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    well i only get 2 periods a year (yayyy BC pill! :)!!!) but when i do, i always use pads. i have NEVER felt comfortable sticking stuff up there like that. seems very unnatural to me to walk around with it in you. *shudder*

    not a huge fan of pads either, but to me its better than tampons hands down.

    but as you can see i hate periods altogether, so i avoid them at all costs….

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    I only wear tampons. I havent worn a pad since my first period over 10 years ago!!

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    i agree iwth the futuremrstaylor. but lets be honest pads and tampons are both gross! hehe

    tampons-you have to touch your bleeding vag to put a tampon in! and sometimes you have to really get there to pull it out. 

    pads-you have to sit on your blood for hours. 

    but i prefer pads because I cant stand to put a tampon in and pull it out. also, i am too paranoid to just wear a tampon so i would wear a pad too so then what is the point in the tampon? haha…

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    before i started taking BC i was INSANELY heave for ~7 days a month. i would have to wear a super plus tampon and thin pad. there was absolutely NO way i was going to go without a tampon. now, i have extremely light periods, and i can wear light tampons WITH NO PAD (!!!) for the first time in my life. it’s GLORIOUS. i hate hate hate pads. i feel so gross, like i’m sitting in my own filth. plus, tampons allow you so much more freedom.. you can swim, exercise, wear any type of clothing, etc. i can’t imagine my life without them. makes me really thankful i live in this era.

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    ok so i have an IUD and haven’t had a period for over two years but when i did i preferred tampons…

    @tofee the cups like diva cup or instead are not recomended for use with IUD’s because your IUD will have a string that is inside the vagina from the cervix and if you accidentally pull it you can pull the IUD out

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    I had never even heard of the diva cup until I read this! I’m supposed to start on Sunday and I will definitely be out buying one tomorrow!

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    I switched to the Diva Cup about 8 months ago and I love love love it! It takes the first cycle or two to get used to and comfortable with it, but after that it is so much better than tampons or pads in my opinion — no leaking, no vaginal dryness, no chemicals, cheaper, and much more earth friendly. I think it’s also helps prevent yeast infections, at least in my experience, because there are no chemicals to mess with the vaginal pH. Seriously, I would never go back. It’s also much easier for traveling, camping, outdoor activities, etc because you only have to dispose of fluid, not trash. You have to be pretty comfortable with your body and bodily fluids, but I would recomend it to anyone.  

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    I hate those menstrual commercials that claim using their products will cause you have a happy period. Because really, I feel like i’m a wearing a soggy & bloody diaper for 3-5 days of the month. I started using a menstrual cup three years ago and I feel my quality of life has improved in regards to menstration.  Menstrating feels so simplistic now, I insert my cup the day before my cycle begins and can leave in comfortably for the whole day. On my heaviest days I do have to empty the cup 1-2 times a day versus going through a whole pack of pads. I can also sleep better on my period because I don’t have to worry about any accidents. I haven’t ruined a nice pair of underwear in a looong time since switching to my cup.

    My mother and sister still think its weird that I use a cup, but I could never go back to soggy pads.

    If anyone is interested here is the cup I use: http://lunette.com/index.php?id=48

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    Yay! I am so happy that so many of you are learning about the DivaCup.

    It also makes me kind of sad how many of you are embarrassed/ grossed out by your periods. In my culture, a woman’s period is like, the source of her power. It’s also celebrated as a time of physical and spiritual cleansing for a women. That’s why American Indian men started doing the sweat lodge, because men never naturally cleanse themselves.

    Anyway, for the more practical side of things, every thing Veggie said is true. If you take good care of the DivaCup it will last for a long time.


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    I don’t use a DivaCup, I use a Lunette[menstrual cup] — it’s from Finland[?] it’s smaller & shorter than the Diva [tmi, but the diva would never fit in me, even the ‘small’ is gargantuan compared to my lunette].

    tampons totally creep me out; having had TSS in HS after using one for like idek 2 hours? I’ve sworn them off for life.

    Pads are gross, they grow bacteria [which is why they smell!] that can cause some really nasty bacterial infections, plus, I hate feeling like I’m wearing a diaper.

     not trying to be snarky, it just really bothers me when people say things like ‘cups are unsanitary’ when it is 100% NOT TRUE.

    I’m going to plug cups a lil here : they save you money, they are better for the environment annnnnnnnd you can’t get tss from them, medical grade silicon/rubbers baby! = no place for the icky bac to grow. Plus there are 10+ different companies making cups now, all of different sizes/lenghts to accomodate different sized[internally] women.

    I seriously <3 my cup, best thing I’ve ever used for my period.

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    I only wear tampons…I can’t wear pads, yuck.

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    Ok this is a totally stupid question, but where can I buy a Diva Cup? They dont’ sell it in Canada, I think. Also, have any of you ladies who use it ever had leakage? I’m not a pro at inserting things up there, I haven’t even fully mastered the use of tampons (I only use it if I’m going swimming, to the gym, or out at night.) So if the Diva Cup is inserted improperly, can it leak?


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