(Closed) Do you work out in the morning? If so, help! :)

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I work out every morning (well Mon-Sat) at 5:15- NEVER thought I’d be able to do it, but I have been at it for almost 2 months now.  The things I found was to just get started and make it part of your routine.  Once your used to it it just seems to come as second nature to start your day that way.  It really does give you a lot of energy in the morning!  If you can find a workout partner that also helps a lot.  My sister and i go together and I’m more likely to get up and move when I know she’s waiting for me! 


Good Luck! You can do it!! 

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I also never thought I’d work out in the morning, because i have never ever been a morning person. However, I found a group of girls that I go to school with who also wanted to get in shape, so we all started going to the gym, sometimes at 6am, sometimes a bit later, like 7 or 8am. When I know people are planning to meet me, I get up for it!

Also, I have now realized that working out in the morning means feeling so much better the rest of the day, and not having that cloud of needing to work out hanging over my head.

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I work out every morning, 5:30 on weekdays and 8 or 9 on the weekends. I’m not "a morning person," exactly, but I’ve been doing this for several years and am used to it now.  There’s nothing I like more than leaving the gym at 7 a.m. knowing that I’m done with my workout for the day. 

I am not the kind of person who could work out in the evening after work.  I go to bed fairly early (usually by 10), so there are only about 4 hours between when I get home from work and when I go to bed — I certainly wouldn’t want to spend one of those hours working out. Plus the gym is less crowded in the morning than it would be in the evening.

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As far as tricks, one of mine is getting one of those plug timers that you plug your bedside lamps into and have those turn on early.  I find that makes me get up in the morning.  The alarm gets the smack on the snooze button which can be equally as evil but not as effective.  Upbeat music playing in the morning also helps too versus the obnoxious alarm sound.  

I actually just recently started making myself wake up in the moring and hitting pull ups and leg ups followed by 3 sets of situps and some stretching.  Its tough on most days but it gets the blood pumping. 

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I used to use a "sunrise" clock that would wake me up gradually for a 5am workout. I am not a morning person at all and found that it helped quite a bit. In the middle of the cold northern winter I would be back home before the real sun was up!

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My tip is to get up right away when your alarm goes off.  Don’t hit the snooze button.  If you quit allowing yourself to do this, you won’t sleep in as easily.  I also work out in the morning and LOVE IT!

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Meeting someone at the gym is a great motivator.

I also found its good to set your alarm in another room. I live with my Fiance, so I set one by my bed, and then I set a second one, for five minutes later, in the living room. This way, I know that I HAVE to get out of bed to turn off my second alarm before it wakes up Fiance.  Getting out of bed is the hardest part– once I’m up and in the living room, I just get ready and go.

Like Mrsr says, don’t allow yourself to hit snooze! Of COURSE you are tired– its 5 am! But you’ll feel better once you get up and work out! 

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I don’t work out in the morning regularly but when I do I lay out my outfit completely so that I can "roll into it" (though why do they haev to make sportsbras so tiiight, they are such a pain in the butt to get on when you are half asleep!) and then by the time I’m dressed I just think, welp, I’m dressed now I might as well do it!

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I work out in the morning and I think its all about habit. I never want to get up for the gym in the morning, but i also never want to get up for work (can you tell I enjoy sleeping in?) But when its time to get up, its time. And I think its just about making that time earlier.

I’ve also started setting two alarms–one for an hour before I’m supposed to get up, then  other for the right time. That way I hear the first one, then get to "sleep in", and then the second gets me up. Much better than snooze since you only get 10 minute increments of sleep then.

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Starting a routine and keeping at it will make things gradually easier. Also, you might try putting your alarm clock out of arm’s reach, so that you have to get up and get moving to turn it off. The hardest part for me is always getting out of bed. So, maybe put it across the room?

Also, splashing cold water on my face always feels nice!

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I used to work out nearly every morning and it definitely gets easier over time.  I found it a lot easier to get up early to work out before moving in with my Fiance, mostly because I was able to go to bed earlier and then turn on my TV and all the lights when my alarm went off 🙂 


I’m with HumarockBride on the "setting your clothes out the night before" idea.  I feel so guilty if I hit snooze and skip the workout and see my clothes sitting there. 

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