(Closed) Do you work with anyone that is a complete spazz?

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Not in the same way but similar. There is another admin I work with sometimes and she is just not the brightest. The latest incident was over time zones. We were sent a conference call meeting request with a Pacific and Eastern time noted (we are central). She called me freaking out because she didn’t know what time to put. I told her but she was confused why there were two other times noted. I tried to explain time zones to her and she freaked out saying that it was so stupid and there was no way the times were different in California vs Missouri. She then came up to my desk to discuss and make a scene about it. Yay she’s a special one.

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Oh yea, I know all about them. My co-worker is a…well…psychopath! There have been times when I’ve feared that she was going to off herself and her kid. She hasn’t been that nutty lately but she’s still a total whack job. She doesn’t have any friends so somehow I’ve become it. She tells me EVERYTHING (like… how much money she has in her bank account, how her “flow” is doing, how long it takes her to take her morning poop, etc…). These are not things you share with a co-worker but for some reason, she’s very comfortable with me. I need to stop being so damn welcoming.

Lately, she’s been absolutely driving me crazy so I’m semi ignoring her. When I can’t ignore her (which is like 80% of the time), I just let her get out what she needs to get out, I smile and nod and then dial my extension from my iPhone and have a conversation with myself until she’s over her episode. I can’t tell you how many hours a week I spend on fake phone calls just so she can’t talk to me. 

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I”m mentoring a new employee in my group who totally spaz’s at every turn. He’ll send me an email asking a question and if I don’t reply immediately he’s at my cube demanding an answer. When I’m having a conversation with another employee about something I’m working on, he has no problem completely interrupting us to ask me his question which he always assumes is more important (and never has been so far). He also needs constant feedback and recognition for everything he does which is annoying and time consuming. And he has absolutely no filter, I have to edit his emails to clients because he says things like “We are too busy to work on your account right now” or “I’m sorry I’m new here” which is a total no-no.

He also constantly tries to create drama by making certain people think they were left out of something going on. It is so annoying. He’ll come up to me and ask if I was invited out to the happy hour taking place that night and if I say no, he’ll just get all sly and try to walk away like he knows some secret instead of the normal “Oh well you should come it’s on 47th”.

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OMG!!! I call her my NEMASIS! LOL! Yes, she has earned that title in my life. I feel like she tries to sabotage me every chance she gets. I can’t stand her!!! She is so lazy and does the very minimum to get by. She is on vacation right now for 2 weeks. I hate it because now I get stuck with her work, but when I take a vacation nobody does my job, work just sits there for me until I get back. I HATE IT!!! On top of that , my boss enables her and tip toes around her because my nemasis is good about complaing to our union rep about any little thing that goes on. She tripped and hurt her ankle a few months back. We had to have an ambulance come and take her out on a stretcher… for a sprained ankle! Then she filed workers comp and did physical therapy 3 times a week for 3 months! Absolutely ridiculous. She works the system every chance she gets! her and her husband both work the system. He has been on workers comp for almost 2 years! I HATE IT!!! The worse part is when there are radio contest. She wears her earphones all day long trying to win tickets for whatever. She wins all the time and then goes on craigslist and sells the tickets for money! Everything about her just irks me! woooo sorry I just went on and on. I got myself all worked up now LOL!!

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Stupid people annoy the crap outta me. There’s this one girl at work that just does.not.get.it. It also worries me these people have kids, as well. Like, that’s what you’re sharing with the rest of the world? Lord, help us!

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@tinarenee77: wow, your co-worker sounds like my ex-roommate from college. that sucks!

I feel like today *I* am the spaz. a big project is going really badly, and I have to lecture some idiots for their errors. but it makes me feel like a spazzy bee-yotch when I have to get like that, even if it’s somebody else’s mistake!

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@moderndaisy: Is your coworked my boss!? Lol! No joke the man sends me something to do and is following-up with me not more than 5 minutes later! It’s like “excuse me…I’m the AGENCY’S assistant, not your personal one. GET IN LINE!” It’s ridiculous, he expects me to drop everything to do what he wants right then and in a hurry. He will even come to my desk when I’m clearly busy and stand behind me barking orders. Drives me up the damn wall…..

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I am totally the spazz at my job. I’m more of a very ungraceful spazz, not a crazy imakillyou spazz. I’m the one that they don’t let walk with scissors because regardless of what I do, somehow I’ll injure myself. I only come into work 1 day a week, but they all know that I’m not allowed around sharp/heavy/wonky things.

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