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Nope, we also work in different fields.  I was in the process of applying for a city job where I could have been a secretary for his fire department, but I decided to drop out of the process so I could stay at my part-time job and go to school instead.  I worked with my mom and sister for 8 years and it was quite challenging, so I’m not sure if I would want to work with my hubby.  I have to say, though, it seems like Mr. Bee and Mrs. Bee do an awesome job at it!

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I don’t work with my SO, but I think that if I did in a traditional office environment, it would be hard.

I used to work for a small company that was started by a husband and wife together. They got divorced six months after I started working there, and while they were professional about it, it was still really weird because they decided to completely remove the husband from all things business-related (he was the face of the company), and the wife took over everything. I eventually left for a better job, and was kind of glad I did.

But my fiance and I often talk about starting a consulting business together. We would work from a home office, and the only thing holding us back is the thought that spending TOO much time together would negatively impact our relationship over time. We’ve discussed leaving one day a week just for ourselves (ie, I would go shopping, he would golf) and hope that would be enough, but we’re still not sure. We shall see, I suppose!

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We used to work together – and we loved it!

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We used to work together. And I have to say, for us, it was VERY difficult. It was great at the start, but teh further in we got, it proved to be more frustrating. We’d wake up together, go to work together, see eachother several times a day, go home together, and go to bed together. "How was your day" questions were odd because we had the same thing to talk about, and it started taxing our relationship. Work was ALL we talked about, and although I love my FH DEARLY and mroe deeply than anyone can imagine, sepnding nearly every hour of every day together isnt healthy. Or at least for us it wasnt. We needed alone time, and to get it we’d sometimes take 2 cars to work. That barely counts. We were very professional at work – personal life NEVER interfered with work, and people wouldnt treat us differently for being a couple. Many commented on how professional we were about it (he started off as my boss before we got promoted to equal spots.) If anything, I was more diigent about doing my job because he pushed me differently. Luckily for us, we maintained VERY OPEN lines of communication and knew we were each frustrated with the other, so we made it a point to only vent about work for 20 minutes a day and make a point of spending time alone, even within our own house. I shortly after left the company, and now we’re in totally different fields, and I have to say our relationship is SO much stronger. Its very difficult to work together.

Now keep in mind, we were together at work. Not just same company but different departments. We worked with eachother day to day for nearly 2 years.

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I’ve never worked with my SO (even though he jokes that I’d kick butt out on his job site with his crew).
I have worked with people whose SO’s worked for our company but at different hotels in competing positions and I always thought how interesting their conversations could get at home if one booked the piece of business instead of the other.

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We have the same boss but work at different places in different career fields. The weird thing is we didn’t even meet through work even though we have the same boss. We met at a bar. Sound confusing? Yeah it is to us too..

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we never have (we are in totally different fields) but i might assist him one day a week beginning in august. i was alittle surprised he even asked me to help but i figure its extra $ for me and very helpful to him so why not. we’ll see how it goes!

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My Fiance and I met at work (toys r us) 8 years ago while in our late teens. We became best friends and eventually more (July 21st is our 5 year anni). We worked together at TRU for 3 years and then worked together a year at a newspaper.

We do well working together, but that might be because we were working together before we became a couple. Maybe we had already established a non couple groove? Not sure, but we really enjoyed seeing each other during the day.

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We worked together briefly when we first started dating, but we don’t anymore.  Now we both work boring, sitting-at-desk-all-day jobs that we hate, so we text message back and forth all day long about how bored we are.

I’m sure it would be difficult to work together as well as live together — it might be tough to be together 24/7 like that.  I doubt we’ll ever end up working together. The few times I’ve thought of applying for a job at FI’s company, he has told me to run far, far away because it’s such a soul-killing, boring place.

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My fiance and I have worked together for the past 3+ years. It has worked great for us thus far, but I think this is mostly because we work at the same company but in different departments. We see eachother for maybe 15 minutes during the day at lunch time. We do ride to and from work together and wake up at the same time. There are pros and cons to this; sometimes we see a bit too much of eachother and it can get irritating. But on the other hand, we only have one car and we get alot of our drudgery-type talk done on the ride to and from work (ie: what to eat, when to do laundry, etc)

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We work for the same company in separate offices about 15 minutes apart but he is now my boss. When we started dating it wasn’t like that but he now my boss’ boss.

It takes extra work sometimes and I sometimes have to work harder since he goes out of his way to avoid any talk of special treatment. But working in newspapers it is actually wonderful to have someone that gets it who can give me really sound professional advice and knows all of the people I deal with in the office and outside. We do have to lay out some guidelines. He needs to decompress when he gets home he works 50 plus hours a week so me coming at him with a work complaint or a question when he gets home is not a good plan.

 He needs to learn how to say no sometimes and leave. But we balance it together and I think it has made us stronger. Sometimes though when we are working in the same office there’s not too much new to report when we get home.

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I do! We’ve been together 2 years, and worked together for about a year now. He was still in law school when we met, but now has his own law practice, which we run together. I also work part-time as a receptionist elsewhere (since I don’t accept money from him!), but his business is ‘our baby’. I handle the website, accounts, financial aspects, etc.

For some people, it doesn’t work, but we really enjoy it. I also really love that we have that level of trust where I have access to all of his passwords, PIN #s, and financial information.

The unique part – perhaps – is that we’re a long-distance couple! We are currently about 350 miles apart.

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We don’t work together. We met at school, so that was our "workplace" meeting. =D But our career path couldn’t be more different. He’s a techie, and I’m a nurse. (Both students right now, but that’s what we’ll be when we’re graduates!)

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Hi, my Fiance and I started and continue to run our photography business together.  It is VERY difficult at times, but we always are professional and never, but 5 years later I think our company and our relationship are better for it.  We knew a number of years ago when we started this company that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but decided to invest in our company first and when our company was over the "just starting out" hump we officially started planning the wedding.  Because we work in the industry we knew how much it would cost and what we wanted to do way before the ring was on my finger.

 The biggest problem for us is to just let go of work sometimes. We have to schedule couple time and force ourselves not to talk shop, but we are both sooo passionate about what we are doing and watching our little company and our portfolio grow it’s difficult.  I compare it to my couple friends who have children and their world becomes all about the kids. 

 The best part is our communication and level of intimacy.  We have gone through our shares of ups and downs and because we run a business together and spend so much time together we are forced to have completely open and honest lines of communication.  

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