(Closed) Do your bathe your dogs? How often?

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  • poll: Do you bathe your own dogs?

    The dog(s) are bathed at home all the time, usually outside.

    The dog(s) are bathed at home all the time, usually inside.

    The dog(s) go to the groomers every once in a while, but are usually bathed at home.

    The dog(s) primarily go to the groomers.

    I do not bathe my dogs.

    I bathe my dogs but go to the groomers for ears and/or nails.


    My dog is an indoor dog.

    My dog is an outdoor dog.

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    This is bad but I’m honestly not sure how often ours gets bathed, basically because DH takes care of it and it’s typically at night when I’m at work. But if you’d like to reduce the frequency of their baths a bit there is a brand called Pet Head (like the cool BedHead hair products, but for pets) that makes an awesome dry shampoo we use on our dog sometimes. It’s great for using inbetween washes!

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    I chose other because it depends on the fur of the dog.

    I currently have a lab/shepherd X, who are not supposed to be bathed as it messes with thier natural oils. He gets combed/brushed out regular to encourage oil stimulation and fresh hair growth. And in his two young years he has probable had about 5-8 baths due to him getting himself in a mess (rolling in poo, rolling in skunk spray, mud, etc.)

    Now, my yorkshire terrior (long hair) had to be groomed and bathed regularly, and by regularly I mean once every 3 motnhs. You want to make sure not to do it too often that you dry out their skin.

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    I have two shihtzus.. They are long-haired dogs (you’ve seen the fluffy ones before) but we don’t like to let them get fluffy and look silly like the show dog shihtzus do. Plus, for them to look decent with long hair you have to brush them every single day. Because of this, ours have to have a haircut about every 8 weeks and I can’t cut them myself! So, we TRY and groom them every 8 weeks although we go longer sometimes. We keep them at a medium length but it still requires fairly frequent bathing and brushing. Mine like to get into dirt/mud so I probably end up giving them a bath either because they got into mud or they just need one about every 2 weeks. After they are groomed though, it just last longer so I will go 4 weeks without bathing them (unless again, they get into something). So usually its like this although this is not exact because when they get in a mud puddle is unpredictable! 

    Week 1- Groomers

    Week 2-4- Nothing

    Week 5- Bath at Home

    Week 6- Nothing

    Week 7- Bath at Home

    Week 8 or 9- Back to groomers 

    As far as nails, honestly they are only cut when the groomers does it. I have heard to many horror stories about hurting them so I am nervous about doing it. If they get to long, then I will take them in just for a nail clipping but the every 8 weeks at the groomer usuaully takes care of it. I TRY and brush there teeth about every month but they hate it but they do eat greenie’s as well!

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    What do you mean by “do their ears”? I’ve never done anything to my dogs ears or been told I had to….I’m quite curious. I bathe my pup once a month at the end of the month & we have a garden tub but no removable shower head so it’s a pain. But she’s gotten SO much better over the past few times. She doesn’t shake anymore, she doesn’t have her tail between her legs, she doesn’t try to jump out. I guess she finally learned it’s not going to hurt her. She even lets me blow her hair dry when she’s done now!

    When I first got her, I brushed her teeth everyday & attempted to clip her nails once a week. Now I try to brush her teeth once a week (just laziness on my part, I really should start brushing them daily again but she does get a greenie or dentastick every day & a bully stick almost every day), and ever since I cut her nail too short & it bled, I am terrified of cutting her nails. I do it when my SO complains that her nails are too long but we just took her to petsmart & had it done over the weekend because I’m so afraid I’ll hurt her =( I also brush her a couple times a week. She’s medium haired and sheds a lot but never needs a hair cut!

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    Ours do not get bathed often. If I think they need it then they get a bath, but their more regular ‘bath’ is either a swim in the dam or creek, or me hosing them down. They don’t get shampooed much.

    This has a lot to do with the fact that they don’t need it though. I did have a silky terrier who needed a lot of grooming, she would be bathed (with shampoo and conditioner) inside on a regular basis, I would also trim her hair in the summer.

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    My little girl gets a bath about once a month. Her skin will get too dry if we do any more than that. Our groomer taught us how to trim the nails and such, so we do that ourselves now. She’s only about 12 weeks old, so she hasnt expierenced too many baths and just whimpers a little. She’s about 1/4 that size when wet lol! She’s so little that we do it in the bathroom sink with maybe 2 inches of water. In between baths, we spray with some dog-friendly fragrence so she smells good all the time and it helps condition her hair. We haven’t started with the teeth yet because we were unsure at what age it was safe to do so. She also gets super spoiled… but hey, she’s my baby ๐Ÿ™‚

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    He gets bathed in the tub indoors if it’s too cold out, otherwise he gets hosed down outside.  He’s about 105 lbs, so it’s just easier to hose him down outside than try to keep him in the tub.  He probably only gets a bath every other month or if he smells.  His nails get clipped every other week, and his ears are cleaned as necessary.  He’s never been to the groomers.

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    We have a Shih Tzu and we groom her ourselves. She’s so cute and we just don’t want to risk having someone else do everything. I’m afraid that they won’t do it the way we like it. We bathe her every couple weeks depending on the weather (we use PetHead shampoo and bathe her in the tub). She’s white with a bit of beige so she looks dirty easily. We brush her teeth regularly and get her nails trimmed at the vet for free. We brush her every other day and we clip her face every week. We clip the rest of her probably every two-three weeks. We just trim everything to neaten it up, but for the most part she’s fluffy (: To freshen her breath we give her quinoa bones with a bit of natural mint in them.

    This is Bambi in her new dress ๐Ÿ˜‰ We never dress her up, but I saw this and couldn’t resist. I promised my Fiance it would be my first and last clothing purchase for her ahah

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    I end up washing my dogs 2-3 times a week, my dogs are bichon frise, and one of them is a little fat with very short legs, so his belly hangs about 4-5 inches above the ground, and everytime I walk him he just has to go through every puddle, and every bit of mud. 

    They get groomed at least 1 a month because their fur gets very matted, but the groomers I use come to my house to do it. I used to take them to a PetSmart, but the groomers “requested” I don’t bring them back.  

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    We have a short haired big loveable dog and we bathe her once a week inside and she’s an inside dog so she stays pretty clean

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    @ChuckNorris:  OH ok. I didn’t know they were floppy eared pups. I think my niece does the same to her beagle. My dog is supposed to have straight up ears but they kind of bend for some reason. Not enough to be floppy & cause ear problems though, just enough to be freaking adorable =)

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    I normally just bathe them at home about once a month.  We do their nails, ears, teeth, and haircuts all in our living room.

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