(Closed) Do your children ever see you drink alcohol?

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I saw my parents drink when I was a kid, it didn’t phase me. They didn’t ever get drunk, they would have a beer or a glass of wine, no big deal.

I’ll let my future kids see me drink in moderation as well. I don’t have a problem with it.

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My parents don’t drink, so I didn’t see them drink in front of me.  I probably would pass out if my mom or dad ever even touched a bottle of anything more alcoholic than Nyquill!

Darling Husband and I plan on it when we have kids someday.  I think if we’re going to have it in the house, they need to see appropriate, responsible alcohol usage modeled for them.  Neither of us are huge drinkers, but we do occasionally have wine or beer with dinner or at night.

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I think it is totally fine if you dont get drunk or buzzed. One drink should always be the limit if you ask me…

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I never really saw my parents did and the one time I did, it was like OMG THEY ARE ALCOHOLICS!

Ok, not really, but my mom’s family was full of them, so she avoided the drink.

I may drink around our kids. But that’s why I’m waiting to birth children. Cause right now, Friday nights=alcohol for me. And drinking to buzzzzzzzzzed around kids is frowned upon. 

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My dad brewed his own beer  with my mom, and I grew up learning the trade too lol. Lots of tasting but they were never drunk around me nor did they go out and party. It was more like business.

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Bumble bee
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Very rarely and it is usually just one beer.  Their father on the otherhand more than a few.

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My parents didn’t drink when I was little, so I never did. However, it *could* be a good example if you show them to drink in moderation? Mmeh I don’t know, that’ll definitely be something to think about before we TTC! =]

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I’m not a parent, but I saw my parents drink from a very young age! They are not alcoholics or anything, but I have always known that my dad likes his beer and my mom loves her wine. It didn’t really bother me and I have grown up to be a very mild drinker myself so I personally don’t think it’s a big deal for kids to see their parents drink! 

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My 4 yr old bonus son has seen us have a glass of wine on holidays and probably a beer or two during a football game.  

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I’m sure she has. Before being pregnant, I would have a glass of wine while cooking dinner. Never enough to get buzzed, and my husband would be home. Growing up my dad would have a beer after work during the summer, and my mom usually drank red wine with dinner. It never fazed me at all. I’m not a big drinker though, I might have a glass of wine a week. Girl’s nights (with martinis or something) I’m not at home anyway because I want to be able to relax and have fun without worrying about my daughter being around!

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My parents drank in front of us.  They drank responsibly and in moderation.  When they went to card parties, my mom would always only have a glass or two early in the night then switch to diet coke.  She always drove home.  We are very similar.  Darling Husband drinks a few beers at home and when we go out, I might have one, but I usually let him drink with his buddies and I drive home.  Our kids have only really seen responsible drinking.  Our oldest is 21 and is a pretty responsible drinker.  He has called me a time or two and asked for rides because he had drank too much to drive and he didn’t want to go with his drunk friends.  Our 18 year old, just doesn’t like the taste of alcohol, and he would just rather spend his money on anime stuff than liquor.

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yes, my kids have seen me drink. i dont think its a big deal at all(well, i mean as long as you are drinking responsibly)

eta: we even serve and enjoy alcohol(beer, wine, mixed drinks etc) to adults at their birthday parties! (my oldest is ten this month and my youngest is 2 in april)

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Darling Husband and I don’t drink so no DS doesn’t….. even a few years ago when I did though it was just something that I didn’t want him seeing.

His dad & grandfather are/were both alcoholics so I always had the stance that he’s going to see enough of it outside of our home & so I didn’t feel the need to add to that. That was pretty much solidified the day when he came home from his dad’s and told me that beer went in the fridge… He was 3. I really didn’t like it =/

I’m not like “OMG..” opposed to it though. The only thing that ever irked me was seeing parents out at dinner & or like at a bbq where they would be getting in their cars & driving their kids/family home… primarily b/c even after 1 beer you can blow over the legal limit. I’m sure that have somehting to do with the way DS’s dad’s family functioned though. *shrugs shoulders*

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If done properly like what seems like your friends habitually drink I see no harm in fact I see it in a positive light. It shows children alcohol isn’t harmful, if done in the appropriate manner. You can also talk to your children about drinking, why you do, when you can, when you should when you shouldn’t. It’s this positive exposure to it that can help kids learn about it’s effects.

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