Do your dogs/animals sleep in your bed?

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  • poll: My fur babies are allowed on the bed/furniture
    My fur babies are not allowed on the bed/furniture : (20 votes)
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    My fur babies have conditions of which furniture is okay : (46 votes)
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    My fur babies do what they want : (89 votes)
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    Our last dog slept in the bed with us. But when we adopted our two new rescue dogs we bought them dog beds and started them off in those. They don’t seem to mind. They do get up on the couch and look out the front window.

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    Our pups are almost 11 and 13 now so we pretty much let them do whatever they want. We put a flat sheet on top of our duvet to protect it (since it’s a pain to wash the duvet cover). They don’t sleep in our bed overnight but they do jump up in the mornings for snuggles and they love afternoon naps on our bed. Also, they stay on the bottom half of the bed by our feet; we keep them away from our pillows since hubby and I both have allergies. 

    They are major shedders. We vaccum/sweep/mop 2-3 times per week and wash bed linens every week. 

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    We don’t have dogs, just one cat, and he goes wherever he pleases. He usually sleeps at least part of the night on top of me in bed, and the rest either outside or on the couch.

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    DH’s dog had free range of his place.  when they moved in with me.  no dogs in bed or on furniture.  i relaxed it a little, that the dog is allowed on a blanket on our couch in the basement and that is it.

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    We have cats, so we don’t have an choice where they go. LOL And the more we tell them no, the more they go where we don’t want them too. 

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    DoubleD :  our kitties don’t jump on any furniture. They are not allowed. When our female cat was a kitten the rules were different. She slept on our bed sometimes but as she grew and hung out more with our other cat she learnt his behaviors and he didn’t like to sit on the couch or bed so she doesn’t either. She always plops herself next to him on the floor which pisses him off royally! He swats her away half the time but then she’ll come back and he starts licking her head and does it for 15 minutes or so!! They crack me up!! ๐Ÿ˜น ๐Ÿ˜น

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    Our dogs, Orion and Leo, are not allowed on our bed. They’re 40-50 pounds each, and they like to sprawl. I can’t sleep with animals in the bed, and we wouldn’t have room for them anyway. They like to jump up on the guest bed for snuggles or naps, and they’ve always had free roam of the couches and other furniture. We also have a big dog bed next to the fireplace that Leo adores. We crate-trained them when we adopted them, and now they run to their crates at bedtime each night for their snack and comfy doggie beds and blankets.

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    Bumble bee

    DoubleD :  here’s my youngest fur baby. My old lady doesn’t get up on the furniture… she overheats easily and likes the cool floor. 

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    My dog is allowed on all of the furniture and sleeps under the sheets and blankets curled up next to me. Worth it. 

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    We have a dog and a cat. The cat does whatever the f he wants so there’s no stopping that. 

    Our dog is such a good girl and she’s allowed wherever ๐Ÿ™‚ We would totally have her sleep in our bed but she is a stinky girl and our bed is only a queen. She’s got super long arms and legs and pushes whoever is in her way. So she has her own temperpedic doggie bed on the floor next to her dad ๐Ÿ™‚ 

    But in general we spoil our pets. They’re our babies so we want them to enjoy the furniture too. And our dog especially is really good and knows not the bite, scrape or paw at furniture. So we never have issues. 

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    My dog is allowed wherever he wants but he doesn’t like to sleep with us. He has his own bed beside ours. He only goes on the couch if we invite him up while we are sitting. He gets baths every 2 weeks and I wipe his feet so he’s pretty clean but also I think he has made me healthier so I’m less of a germaphobe. I haven’t got sick in years thanks to my dog! 

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    DoubleD :  I’ve never had animals who wanted to sleep with me ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚ but they’ve all been allowed in the bed and furniture. My GSD would climb into my bed in the morning to wake me up and then lay there until we got up. My cat is the same (though she’s very seasonal – in the winter sometimes she actually sleeps with us all night, to steal our warmth i suspect). But typically, she climbs into bed in the morning to cuddle a bit with Darling Husband (he’s up before me), and then cuddles with me until i wake up (i feed her) and then she climbs back into bed and basically sleeps there all day without us. 

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    Our dog won’t be allowed on furniture. 

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    DoubleD :  Nothing like getting into a bed with freshly washed linens! That’s where we rest and where my husband and I are intimate, so dog hair, drool, eye boogers, and smells really aren’t welcomed at all. I’ve never realized a dog could have acid reflux! I wonder if ours has it… We make her lay down after eating for about 20 minutes otherwise she usually ends up throwing up. She also gets car sick 99% of the time. We’ve seen several vets about it and none of them seem to know what causes it, sadly. 

    Here’s a picture of the both of them before we let them be around each other with less supervision. He creeps her out so she keeps her distance, meanwhile he’ll walk right up to her and loves to mess with her things.

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    I have my one little fur baby, my cat. I got him before FH and I started dating, but he is allergic. I got the cat from a shelter and we suspect he’s mixed with some hypoallergenic breed because everyone who’s allergic has stated that they have had little to no reaction to him. My baby has always slept in my bed, and even on my pillow, but we’ve been trying to encourage him to sleep near the foot of the bed instead, and he’s not allowed on top of kitchen tables or dressers lol

    so, it’s a bit of both, but mostly because of FH’s allergies.

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