Do your dogs/animals sleep in your bed?

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  • poll: My fur babies are allowed on the bed/furniture
    My fur babies are not allowed on the bed/furniture : (20 votes)
    13 %
    My fur babies have conditions of which furniture is okay : (46 votes)
    30 %
    My fur babies do what they want : (89 votes)
    57 %
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    DoubleD :  Haha! That absolutely sounds like what we do. When she gets excited we say “Dixie GO!” And she starts running laps like a little pig and snorts and pants. We call her piggy doggie. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh to be a fly on the wall in our houses, amirite?!! Lol

    ETA: Hubby would murder me if he knew I posted those pics of him. The one with our daughter is a typical night if Kitty is sleeping inside though πŸ™„ Then she comes in at 5am and bats the blinds and meows as loud as possible to wake me up and let her back outside. Needless to say I’m a little relieved when she sleeps out there because I hate getting up early. Lol

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    Our pup is allowed on the couch & our bed. He generally always hangs on the couch with usu (unless we’re up too late & he’ll take himself to bed haha). While we allow him on the bed, he always starts off in his own bed. I presume he gets cold or something in the middle of the night because he’ll usually end up in our bed cuddling next to me or at the foot under the covers.

    This is Jeebus in his new bed that he just got for his birthday. 😊

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    I caught our fur baby in our bed TODAY when I came home for lunch unexpectedly. (Excuse our bedroom, still trying to settle into our new place.) Trying to keep him out at night is more of a hassle than letting him sleep by our feet, so we just gave up and leave the door cracked.

    If we had a dog I’m sure we would let it get up in the bed for cuddles occasionally, but I don’t see it being a viable sleeping arrangement. 

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    I voted “our dogs do what they want”, but Darling Husband and I have both agreed that any future dogs WILL NOT do what they want…lol. Primarily sleeping in bed. When we got our first dog (black lab) she was our spoiled baby and of course we thought she was the best thing ever….and she was! She ruled the house and slept in bed, on the furniture, etc. We had her for 13 years before she passed. In that time we also got a second dog (yellow lab) as a rescue so she was older and we allowed her to sleep in bed as well even though she clearly wasn’t a bed dog before we got her.

    Now here we are many years later and we are so.sick.and.tired. of having a dog in bed. I’m sick of the dog hair in bed, our dogs taking up all the room, the snoring, etc. Darling Husband and I have agreed that our future dogs will not sleep in bed with us. They can sleep with the kids!!!

    I don’t care if they get on the couches, because we have leather and it’s easy to clean. 

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    Busy bee

    They’re only allowed on the bed after going potty and during the day when I’m awake to supervise. They don’t sleep with us at night, they sleep with each other On their bed in the living room. But other furniture they’re completely allowed on- ie the couch. 

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    DoubleD :  We let him run around a bit when it’s warm out (he’s more energetic then) but he’s not out all day, every day. He actually heads back to the bedroom where his enclosure is when he’s ready to go back in lol He’s about 20 years old. 

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    I have two cats, they do what they want πŸ˜‚ They somehow manage to take up as much room on the bed as my fiance and I! Not sure what we’ll do when we get a dog…we have no room left but I’d hate for them to not feel included πŸ˜‚

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    Ha, yeah. 2 medium sized dogs, 1 cat, 2 humans, all of us sleeping on our full-sized bed. The cat goes everywhere & anywhere he wants, and the dogs go on couches, etc. Our nice couch is covered with throws that I wash and use to keep the couch underneath cleaner.

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    I have two big dogs… one of them has her own ottoman and covered spot on the couch for looking out the window. She never jumps on the bed unless invited and isn’t a cuddler. The other one is my baby, blind since birth. He’s always on my lap or on bed curled up behind my knees. I love his cuddles but it does impair sleeping sometimes so I think with any future puppies I will raise them to stay off the furniture. 

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    Our dogs (old black lab and GSD) are trained to ask permission to get up on the couch or bed. There is one loveseat & chair area that they are not allowed on and they don’t even ask or try. Our lab essentially has free access to our large sectional but the GSD asks permission. They sleep in their crate/beds at night but the lab will always join me on the bed after FH leaves for work. It’s pretty high so he will actually lift her into bed now as this has become our routine together. She was never allowed on the bed so regularly until I came around, LOL. It’s our special alone time. The GSD is not allowed up unless invited. So basically, they are trained to be invited up and for the most part will not get on furniture without an invite. The lab once in a while does her own thing and she’s old and may not have too long so I let her do what she wants. We keep a couch cover and I keep an additional throw blanket over our duvet.


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    Mine does. I grew up with pets not being allowed on furniture so this was an adjustment. I tried training him to sleep on a doggy bed next to our bed but it became an all night game of him sneaking onto the bed throughout the night so I gave up. He loves sleeping right inbetween us and under covers.20180910_211049

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    My cat is allowed to sleep wherever she wants, but she’s really nervous about being on the furniture. I suspect she used to get yelled at in her previous home if she was caught, because when we come into the room and she’s on the bed or sofa, she immediately gets up. 

    I’m perfectly happy for her to be on the furniture, I love sitting with her. I try to encourage her to sleep on the bed but she won’t. 

    Our previous cats also slept where they want. Like previous posters have said, it’s hard to control a cat either way!

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    DoubleD :  It breaks my heart to think that someday we’ll lose our fur baby. My mom lost her rottie in April to bone cancer, which is really common in the breed. Our four legged children have great lives though, and we cherish every day with them! 

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    Oops double post

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