(Closed) Do your neighbours annoy you? Do tell!

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Sugar bee
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Haha – I’d be with you on that one.  My neighbors in my apartment used to do something like that. I wouldn’t have cared if they parked in the driveway when I was gone, but they never asked.  So I never felt bad banging on the door and asking them to move their car when I did go over there.

Our current neighbors have at least 5 dogs that bark all the time.  And the guy mows his lawn about once a month, I swear.  Then he “mulches” it so there’s huge clumps of grass that just blow in our yard.  Along with the dandelions I swear he’d cultivating.  You can see them spreading from his side of our yard to the other where the neighbor is super picky about his grass.  We try to stay on top of it and have TrueGreen spray all the time on top of me digging them out and spraying them, but it’s hard next to a field of yellow. 

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Busy bee
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I detested mine, still do!

There would be people coming and going at all hours of the day. They would knock on our door constantly, asking to use the phone to call cabs. They peed on our cars!! (My sister in law gave them quite the lashing for that one, verbally of course). They tried to intimidate my husband while he was barbecueing outside on the patio one afternoon. They had slung their arms over the fence, with a beebee gun in their hands, asking what he was doing. He looked down to flip some burgers and one of them piped “what’ya lookin’ down for?” as if to scare him. Didn’t work, but still. They would have ‘rap battles’ in their back yard (not bad, but very annoying).

And then one day their house was raided by the cops, turns out it was a drug house (which we suspected) and there has not been anyone living there since. (For at least 2 – 2 1/2 years). So now no one cuts the grass, they have a gravel drive way (annoying and ugly as hell) and they probably don’t have home insurance anymore. So yea, they still manage to annoy me even though they aren’t there!!


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Helper bee
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@Ryansgirl:  lol seriously they put their 3rd bag out again?! I wouldve tossed it in their yard too, it is not THAT serious but it is definitely rude.

My new neighbors have been here for maybe a month now. Idk wth is wrong with their car but everytime they crank it up it makes a loud, shrieking noise like a cat being slaughtered. It lasts all the way until the turn on the main street and its the same time every morning she drops her son to school, picks him up and her husband goes to work at night.

I started to ask them if maybe they needed help with a mechanics number but felt that may be pushing it as I dont know their financial issues, if they are able to get the car fixed at this time. And in the first 2 weeks, it was magnified since they would blast the music when they started the car on top of the noise! They seriously wake my Fiance, the kids and me up every morning and i had to change my kids nap time so they wont have to suffer twice in the day, (when she goes to pick her son up from school) uhgggh!!

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Sugar bee
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@Ryansgirl:  UGH. yes. we live in a condo complex. the neighbor across the hall smokes weed ALL. THE. TIME. it makes our place smell like dank snunk, and it makes me SO angry. i’ll probably say something to him in the near future about needing to open all the windows in his place when he smokes or to GTFO. i really felt like calling the cops the other day i was so mad.

he also stands outside (by OUR WINDOWS) and smokes cigarettes, drinks beer and talks on the phone at the same time (yes all three at once, lol) in his work clothes with his sunglasses on backward. he’s just a giant toolbag. i went and played with my dog outside for a couple of hours yesterday when he was out there, and when i came in my dog smelled like weed. i was so, so so annoyed.

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Bumble bee
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@Ryansgirl:  Wow that’s brutal!  When we have “big items” garbage day where we can put out 3 large items, our neighbours have asked if they could put some extra stuff infront of our house since we didn’t have anything, but I can’t imagine if they didn’t even ask!  

The neighbours on either side of us are nice, but our neighbours across the road have really annoying kids.  In the winter we saw them playing on the snowbanks on our yard, and they were literally right up at our front door!  The parents were across the road drinking in the garage and said NOTHING to them.  My Fiance went outside to ask them to please leave, and they asked if they could use our shovel to keep building a fort on our lawn!  I couldn’t imagine doing that when I was a kid, especially at a house with neighbours I didn’t even know.

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Helper bee
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 For the most part our neighbors are pretty nice. We have seen the lady that lives to the right of us once since we moved in in Feb. The neighbors to the left of us have like 3 or 4 families living with them. They constantly block the fire hydrant. We have a lot of fire fighter and EMT friends so this is a big pet peeve of ours. They also have several dogs I mean 7 or 8. They leave one dog in the back yard all the time and he barks NON STOP.. My husband and I cannot go in our backyard and hold a conversation because of this damn dog. I have thought about calling the police non emergency line to file a complaint but I don’t want to cause trouble. It wouldn’t be a big deal but he barks all night right by our bedroom window. Oh and we have a neighbor that smokes weed. I am not sure which one because I haven’t seen them but I can definitely smell it.

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Busy bee
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@Ryansgirl:  Our landlord’s daughters live in the apartment next to us and sometimes they yell at each other pretty loud. Also, they’re in their 30s. It’s annoying and kind of weird, considering how old they are. The worst was a few months ago when they had an argument at 11pm right outside of our window about cars and one of them was blocking in the other person and stuff happened and one of them accidentally dented the garage door…more yelling and so on.

Also, someone always tries to keep the lights in the foyer and hallway off even at night, so sometimes I’ll come at night from work into the darkness and that really bugs me because there’s stairs and stuff and people should be more considerate.

And of course, loud music playing.

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Blushing bee

Ugh, neighbors! One of my next door neighbors has a dog that’s left outside all the time and I think it’s literally psychotic. It not only barks all the time, but it growls and jumps at the fence viscously anytime somebody walks by. I literally think it would eat me if it could. It also likes to do that while my poor little dog is trying to pee in our own backyard. We’re considering filing a complaint with the city but I doubt anything would be done about it.

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Bee Keeper
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YES!  I do not like our neighbors. 


 They put a chicken coop on our shared property line which is like 50 feet from our bedroom window. Mind you one of their borders is against the field,  WTF put it on our property line???


About the time one of the chicks revealed himself as a rooster – the family went on vacation for 2 weeks!  That thing cockadoodledooed at 5:45am everyday.  We were getting very cranky.


Then they got rid of it only after pestering the wife repeated for another 2 weeks when they returned.  Evidentially their bedroom window faces the front yard not the back, so they cannot hear it.


They must have had too many chickens also, because one was obviously stressed and would be very loud.   cuck-cuck-cuck-CAAAWW! Over and over.  For ours.  It drove us batty.


Then one day the stench from the coop was so awful I nearly threw up in my own yard.  It was like a McDonald’s dumpster with 10 rotting corpses in it.  It was that bad.


H and I went to her front door and said she had to do something now – we cannot even open our windows!  She said not now, I have a concert to go to.  They she said, “Oh the kids just got the coop wet, it will dry out.”  Then she was getting snippy – saying our WEEDS are coming on to her lawn!  WTF!  My H, as witty as he is, says, “Well my weeds are not waking you up at 5am, are they??!”


They also have the whiniest, crybaby kids I’ve ever seen.  Someone (one of their 6 kids) is always screaming bloody murder like their hand was just chopped off. Then of course she yells at all of them from the second floor deck outdoors.


Then they got a PUPPY!  The idiots tied that puppy outside and let it scream its little head off.  Turns out they were indoors the whole time.  Drives me batty.


ETA:  So the H of the family is a piano major.  How the hell he can have 6 kids a house while going to school is beyond me.  He liked to open his sliding glass door (which faces our yard squarely) and just wail on that piano.  Typically 10:30pm-12:00am are his prime practice hours.


Dislike!  These are very ignorant, disrespectful people.  Fuckers.

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Our neighbors across the street from us have like, 4 or 5 children, all pretty young. The children, for the lack of a better word – are hellions. They run up and down the middle of the street (Not the sidewalk) screaming at the top of their lungs. Not like “Kids having fun look at us whee!” kind of screaming, but the best way to describe it is “Holy shit a dog is devouring my insides while I’m being pulled into a wood chipper” kind of screaming.

Their parents are pretty noncommittal. They stand in the garage and scream right back at the kids to come back home, stop punching your brother in the face, don’t eat dirt, etc etc etc.

Our house is brick with sound proofed walls. These children penetrate both defenses like they do not exist. On beautiful sunny days, it is impossible to open windows because the shrieking makes it unbearable.

Once I was bringing my husband home from work and the youngest child (Maybe 4?) rode directly out of his garage and in front of my car on his tricycle.

Parents nowhere to be seen, of course.


I’d give my liver to have these neighbors move. I literally cannot handle to screaming anymore. I am going to snap some day soon and go outside to rip them a new one and jesus, they’ll regret it. I’ve also considered calling the cops for a noise ordinance complaint, but OKC’s noise ordinance laws are like trying to do trigonometry in kindergarten.

I hate that family.

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Busy bee
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Our neighbour is an elderly woman who constantly turns her television up to top volume all day, from 8 am to 10 pm.  Her living room is up against our office wall, and it’s so loud, we can hear Fox News and the Golden Girls and Days of Our Lives over headphones and music of our own.  I knew when the newest Pope was elected because I heard it from her television!  We’ve gone to the landlord, but we’ve been told that we have to deal with it ourselves.  The neighbour told us when we moved in that she listens to her television all day and she was never going to stop.  So this is a conversation that’s gone well!


This is the same woman who opened our mail when I got tags from the DMV to make sure they weren’t handicapped so I wouldn’t take “her” handicapped spot.  She freaked out at me when I got home one day, waving the plates at me about how I couldn’t take her spot.  They were just regular ol’ Virginia plates, but she lost her damn mind.  She came over to apologise later, but I’m always worried that she’s going to get into our mail again.

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Busy bee
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ugh! I couldn’t imagine if my neighbors did anything stupid like that. Our neighbors are great, we get along so well with all of them. Than again, we’ve been neighbors for 16years so 🙂 ….I can’t complain at all!

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Buzzing bee
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my apartment almost constantly is bathed in some sort of weed smoke/incense musk thanks to my neighbors.

at least its not cigarettes.

they also fight fairly often. the guy is the nicest, most charming guy ever and his girlfriend comes off as a total bitch. haha.

we’re moving this weekend, lets hope our new neighbors are good!


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Bee Keeper
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YES this type of screaming.  I have it next door too!

“Holy shit a dog is devouring my insides while I’m being pulled into a wood chipper” kind of screaming.


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