(Closed) Do Your Parents Have a Favorite Child?

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Each one of my parents has a favorite child. There’s only two of us so it works out. My brother is my mom’s favorite and I am my dad’s favorite. Although, now that there’s grandkids, neither one of us is a favorite and the kids are haha. 

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I’m an only child, but I do have 3 kids, so I can tell you about them. My oldest has a very similar personality to mine- so we really relate to eachother, but she has always been a difficult child and not always nice. My middle daughters personality is so completely different that sometimes I just don’t “get” her, but she is so easy going and very pleasant to be around. My youngest is only 6 months old- so I don’t know about her yet. So it’s not like I have a favorite. I hope I’m explaining it well.

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Yes, and it’s not me. It gets to me from time to time as I’m the first one to be asked to help with anything but, oh well. Such is life. I’ve survived. smile

I have three children. They are very different people and from day to day I admit I may like one more than the others, but it changes with their attitudes and mine. 

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I have one brother and my parents have always done a great job of not showing favoritism. However, I have always been more of the attention seeking sibling, and when I was living at home I was more apt to go places with my parents while my brother would stay home,  so I was closer to my parents than he was. He’s always been more quiet and I was the loud one who talked all the time.

As far as my DH, he is the eldest (1 sister, 1 stepsister & 1 stepbrother), and he gets the shaft IMO. His sister seems to be his Mom’s favorite, while his stepsiblings are treated better by his dad & stepmom. Like, he was required to buy his own car, pay for insurance, always have a job while he was living here, etc, but his stepsister has use of a car free, doesn’t have to pay for anything herself, doesn’t have to have a job, etc. They even acknowledge that they treated him pretty bad and the other kids have it easier now. He also was in the military for 6 years and none of his family went to visit him, yet his sister is visited all the time and she lives just as far. It honestly really hurts me to see him treated that way, because I feel like he’s done so much for his family and he didn’t cause any trouble like some of his siblings have.

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My brother is the clear favourite for both parents. My mother has actually admitted it before lol I think its because my mother had a very difficult pregnancy, as she lost his twin and was at risk in her last trimester of loosing him as well. Shes always reffered to him as her miracle child so I can understand where that bonding comes from, it just sucks every now and then lol especially as a child when I didnt understand.

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I’m the favorite! (And an only child, so there’s that.) My Fiance has the unfortunate distinction of being the least liked child in his family. He’s sort of the black sheep. 

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I honestly don’t think my parents had a set favorite out of the four of us.  They definitely had/have (my father passed away when I was younger) things about each of us that they don’t like and that they do like so I’m sure at different times and during different circumstances we were treated differently but all in all I don’t think any of us place above the other.  We don’t have any grandparents.  My husband has a somewhat strained relationship with his parents and I do think they are much closer to his sister but they treat them both pretty equally.

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ish.  My parents are more proud of me (to be fair my brother is 6 years younger, he may do more with his life, we just don’t know it yet.. but for now he’s very aimless and irresponsible.  Someone else is always to blame if he forgets to do an assignment, show up to an exam, pay rent, etc…)

But they are 10000000x more protective and supportive of my brother.  He’s 23 and still has never had a job but certainly spends more than I do and has a bigger bank account (i.e. my parents give him tens of thousands of dollars a year), I’m not allowed to argue with him ever, etc.  But tbh, as unfair as that all felt growing up–I think it’s a big reason I’m independent and successful and my brother can’t take responsibility for his actions to save his life.

The only thing that really irks me is that my cousin’s kids have a similar dynamic–the little one can get away with terrorizing the older one because their mom will step in and stop them.  He can also get away with being tantrumy and needy (exactly like my brother, how about that).  That much is fine, what irks me is that my mom criticizes my cousin nonstop about it and about how unfair what she’s doing is.. as if that wasn’t what she did to us our entire lives. *shrug*  Oh well, good thing we don’t live very close.  I love my parents, but they still frustrate me sometimes.

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I have assured my parents for years that it is perfectly okay to admit that I’m their favorite. I’m sure my brother can handle it.

I’ve also told my grandmother for years that I’m clearly her favorite grandchild. I think it’s started to work and she believes me.

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My older brother is the clear favorite. He was the first born grandchild on both sides, and as such everyone has doted on him his whole life. It’s actually a running joke in the family and within us cousins that he has mutliple photo albums dedicated to him, while the rest of us share one. 

Grandmas on both sides doted on him and he was the CLEAR favorite. That being said I am our (childless) great-aunt’s favorite. We’re both in our 30’s and even to this day when we say that he’s our Nan’s favorite and I’m our Aunt’s favorite they both just giggle but neither deny it.


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DanaWeddingGuest :  I feel like my husband’s middle brother is teh favorite.  That dude was in and out of jail and drugs a lot.  And his mother always bailed him out.

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I’m an only, but I have to say that I think my ILs do a great job of treating my DH and SIL equally.

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DanaWeddingGuest :  My parents definitely treat us equally. That said, I don’t think I’m the favorite.  I just don’t have enough in common with my dad for that to be the case compared to my sister.  She likes cars, guns, planes, general fixiness.  Out of all that for me it’s: snore, shoot targets but know next to nothing, snore and only if it’s something of my own.  She also just enjoys hanging out, whereas I get bored.  I don’t have a ton in common with my mom either, but I can’t tell who her ‘favorite’ is… we’re probably evenly balanced. At the same time though, I’m willing to bet they are more proud of me (if they were forced to decide), even if they don’t relate as well.  Although she is surviving and is a great person, I’m the one who made life choices that resulted in less struggle with life.  Ultimately though, my parents are very good at treating us in a balanced manner, welcoming us both in their lives, supporting us as needed, etc, whether they prefer one to the other or not.

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I’m my dad’s favorite. My brother is my mom’s favorite. They would never admit this but my brother and I agree that that is the way it is. It just shows itself in small ways so I don’t see it as a big deal.

My husband’s younger sister is absolutely both of his parents favorite and they are super obvious about it. They wouldn’t admit it either but spending any amount of time with all of them it’s really obvious. That actually annoys me more than my own parents having a favorite because from my perspective it really seems like they don’t see just how awesome and amazing my husband is. He doesn’t seem to care though, I think he likes that he flys under thier radar since they can be really overbearing.

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My siblings and I were all treated fairly and the same on paper, but I have more of a connection with my Dad than my sister and brother do. My dad always tells the story of always wanting to have a little girl, and I didn’t come along until he was almost 50… so he jokes he waited a long time and I was worth the wait!( I also have a younger sister so he did get two) My other siblings also acknowledge and use it it their advantage, too— like ” hey ask Dad to get me ___” or “ask Dad if we can go ___ for dinner” when we’re all together.

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