(Closed) Do your parents/those who raised you still pay for stuff?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Nope. I’ve been on my own since college. I wouldn’t feel comfortable accepting that as a full fledged adult, and i’d be worried about what strings may come attached to that help further down the line. If my parents wanted to help, i’d much rather that they save all the little bits of money and give down payment assistance for a house or something. I’d feel more comfortable with that than the day-to-day living assistance for some reason.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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My parents do things like…if I say I want to come visit, my dad will offer to buy my plane ticket.  My mom bought me a set of china last year.  But they don’t pay for day to day stuff.  


My fiance works for his dad’s company, so that’s a little different.

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Buzzing bee
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@pokie45:  Heck yeah they do. I work for my dad and he still pays my health insurance, they have bought ALOT of things for my daughter, they have put groceries in my fridge “just because”, and they put gas in my car sometimes because they feel like it. My DH’s parents do too. They pay his phone bill and his health insurance. I will do the same for my kids too. It’s hard being out on your own and my parents see it as “you are doing great with paying your bills and saving up money, so we will pay for some things sometimes and you put the extra in your savings”

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Sugar bee
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I moved back in to my parents house almost 2 years ago because of financial hardship. I don’t let them pay for anything; my dad always wants to though. It is more than enough that they let me move back in. I would feel bad if they paid my bills or for car repairs.

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Busy bee
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I started working at 13 to help my mom pay bills so I definitely don’t get help from my mom I generally am helping her out, same goes for Fiance he sneaks his mom some money whenever he can if we can afford it to try and help her out. To be fair though his mom got breast cancer a few years ago and all of the medical bills have basically wiped her out. If offered I wouldn’t really feel comfortable taking money for either of our parents.

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Honey bee

Wow. Ive been on my own since I was 18 and Darling Husband about the same. His dad usually picks up the tab for family dinners (2 or 3 a year) but thats about it. I can’t imagine my parents paying my student loans or cell phone at this age…or really any bill for that matter.

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Sugar bee
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The only thing my dad has paid for since I turned 16 was my cell phone and health insurance.  Health insurance stopped last year and the phone stops at the end of the month.  Everything else has been on me.

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Busy bee
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@pokie45:  No, my parents dont pay for anything. My mom may take me out to lunch occassionally but neither my fiance or my parents are well off so they aren’t really in a position to support me. Which is the way I prefer it. I appreciate what I have because I had to work for it!

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Honey bee
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I’m a student and still dependent on my parents. I earned enough scholarships and grant money that I don’t have to pay anything for school. They cover my rent and give me a little extra each month. Right now since I am jobless but looking, they are covering a lot more.

My SO is 28 and his parents will give him money whenever he visits. It basically covers all his travel costs, plus a little extra. When he spends time with them and go out to eat or to an event, his parents pay. They also give him money at holidays and birthdays, but that is it.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Not even a little tiny bit.

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Honey bee
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Typically no – I pay for my own life and have since I finished college. The only time that changes if it is something I do for them, and then they insist on helping. Sometimes I can turn it down, sometimes it would be rude. Most recently, I am hosting Thanksgiving (first time!) and they sent a small check to “help with groceries.” But outside of things with them, I pay my own way.


Oh, I forgot. They pay my cell plan, too, because we have a family plan.  That’s going to change as soon as my contract expires, though – Darling Husband and I are getting our own plan.

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Busy Beekeeper
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My Mom loves to buy us gifts (birthday, christmas, mothers/fathers day, big life events, etc.), and my parents always insist on paying if we eat out with them somewhere. If Momma wants to buy me the dishes from our registry as a housewarming gift, I am not going to say “no”. 🙂 But money for actual expenses would be off limits in my book. I have my pride to think about, and after living on my own for this long, uusing parental money to pay for expenses would just feel like a personal failure to me.

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Sugar bee
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No. I got a LITTLE help from them while I was getting established right after college but after that, absolutely not. ESPECIALLY not at 26. I wouldn’t feel right taking my parents’ money for things that are my responsibility.

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Busy bee
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Neither of our parents are all that well off so my SO moved out at 17 and paid his way since and I moved out at 19 and worked 3 jobs. My father and I own a business so our company pays my phone bill and our salaries. My SO’s parents will help out by loaning money which we will pay back rather than paying a bank, or by offering to loan us their car until we got a new one when ours became undriveable. They do things to help us get by but don’t outright buy or pay for our bills or expenses.

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