(Closed) Do your tattoos have a meaning/do they have to?

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  • poll: Does a tattoo need a meaning?
    Yes, it does! : (45 votes)
    32 %
    Nope. : (23 votes)
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    Mine all have meanings. : (39 votes)
    28 %
    Mine are random. : (4 votes)
    3 %
    Some of mine do, some don't. : (26 votes)
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    Other. : (4 votes)
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    If I were to ever get a tattoo (I want one, but can’t commit!), it would need to have meaning. That’s one thing I love about tattoos, and for me personally, it would be pointless to get one that had no significance.

    I’ve seen plenty of people with beautiful tattoos though that have no purpose other than being a gorgeous design, and I love that. I just wouldn’t put it on my own body.

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    Interesting question.  I think that if they have meaning, you are more likely to be happy with them long-term.  But if they don’t have a specific meaning and you just think they’re pretty, and you think you always will, then that works too!  My three do have meaning – I have a quote around my wrist from Shakespeare that basically means to me that if you can love, you can do anything.  I have an ankh on my shoulder where the top loop is a heart, which means to me, love life.  And I have a redwood tree on my back because that always reminds me of home (we had three in my backyard) – I got it when I lived across the country and was totally miserable. and needed a reminder of home/what made me happy.  Darling Husband and I ended up getting married in a redwood circle 🙂

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    I cannot STAND when people ask “what does it mean?”

    1) it’s none of your business, unless i want to volunteer that information (if there is a significance). 

    2) it’s pretty and i wanted it on my body.


    why is neither one of these an ‘acceptable’ response! grrr.

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    I think it’s very silly when people want to explain some complicated meaning behind all of their tattoos. I don’t mean all of the time, but if you watch one of these tattoo reality shows, you will inevitably see some girl telling this long, scripted story about how the hot pink Playboy bunny on her ankle symbolizes her spiritual journey to find herself.

    I have one tattoo. The tattoo itself doesn’t mean much, but the time and place when I had it done and what it symbolizes to me has meaning. It’s a permanent reminder of being 19. The only way I would consider getting another one is if something happened to SO, so I suppose it would have to have meaning.

    I voted no. Sometimes you just want a particular thing that you like, and it doesn’t have to have a deeper meaning behind it – though hopefully you are really sure you want it on your body forever.

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    I have 3.

    1) my Aries sign  (hHs meaning)

    2) wings around it (I got them 3 years later. No meanng, I just liked them)

    3) Infinity sign (Has meaning – My sisters and I got them together)


    I don’t necessarily think they need to have a meaning. As long as it is something you love you should be fine.

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    Mine all have meanings. They are a journey through my life, in pictoral form…

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    For me, it had to have a meaning. I wouldn’t be happy with something forever on my body if it was just “pretty”. 

    I only have one. A Shakespeare quote around my left wrist with fairy wings. I’m an English teacher and a Shakespeare freak. 

    I was 33 when I got it. Took me that long to find one with the right meaning 🙂

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    I don’t think they need meaning, but for me personally to permanently ink something to my body, it better have a pretty significant meaning.

    I love stars and clovers and palm trees.. but I am not going to tattoo them onto myself. I’d rather wear those things in the form of a necklace or earrings or a t-shirt design.

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    I voted “yes it does!” but that’s only for me. I only have 1 tattoo (a music note inside a heart) that’s very significant to me and how music changed my life. If I were ever to get another tattoo, I’d want it to be very meaningful.

    However, I know a lot of people just like art work and designs, and that’s why they get some of their tattoos, and that’s totally cool with me.

    I am just a big wimp and I couldn’t go through the pain and spend the time/money unless it was VERY significant and meaningful to me lol

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    Mine all have meaning or represent things that are important to me. I don’t think I would ever get a tattoo that didn’t mean something to me, but that’s just me. I think there are some GORGEOUS designs out there. And for people who have tattoos that don’t have any particular meaning, who cares? It’s THEIR tattoo. I couldn’t care less if it meant something to them.

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    To each their own. I can’t tell somewhat what to do with their body, but I personally enjoy hearing stories about peoples’ ink versus just “It’s so cute!”. That said, I have two tats right now. 

    One is a part of the Celtic tree of life that I drew in memory of a friend of mine who passed away when I was in 8th grade. It says “Gra Go Deo” which means forever love in Irish Gaelic. I also have a sparrow carrying a breast cancer ribbon in its mouth in honor of my Aunt who passed from breast cancer years ago. She had given me a sparrow necklace when I was younger.

    I am getting two more on Friday with my best friend, actually. I’ll be getting a bow and she’s getting an arrow. Symbolizing “When life pulls us back, we help each other move forward.” And then I’m also going to get “today, tomorrow, and forever” in a script font in bracelet style on my wrist. Those four words were the last ones of our wedding vows.  

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    I’d say about 10%. By the time I get to most posts I feel somebody has already said what I would have said. No need to be redundant. Even though this post may seem redundant. . .

    I don’t think tattoos need to have meaning, as long as you’re happy with them.

    I have two tattoos and both have meaning.

    I have two crossed smoking pistols on my lower back with wings. My mom has the same tattoo in the same place. The smoking guns signify that even though we’ve been through a lot we’re still holding up our smoking guns. The wings were remind me of my grandpa. He always gave me angel wing pins when I was young. Last Christmas I had three flowers added around the wings. They swirls on the wings are made to resemble leather tooling. I just wanted a little color to make it pop a little more.

    My other tattoo is two blue hibiscus flowers with black swirls on my foot and a hummingbird. I love hibiscus flowers and my mom and Gramma both love hummingbirds. So that tattoo is for the women in my family.


    I want to get another tattoo but I am at a loss for WHAT and WHERE.

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    Most of mine have meaning, the others are just a reflection of who I am. For example, I have an anchor on my foot. I grew up on an island on the ocean and I love the water and I’m a pisces (water sign). I feel a strong connection to nauticle things and feel at home being around anything of that nature.

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    I have 8 tattoos and all but two have meaning. I have a sunflower on my left forearm because sunflowers are pretty, and I have the letter “B” on my right thigh because my name starts with a “B” and I thought “why not get it?”. 


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